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10 Best Smart Home Products Under $50 To Get For Your Crib

16 July 2024 | BY

Making your home smarter doesn’t have to be an expensive feat.

Whether you’re renovating your first BTO flat or just giving your crib some upgrades, integrating smart home technology might seem like a pricey endeavour. But fear not—we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you the 10 best smart home products under $50.

From smart bulbs that can change the mood of your living areas with a tap, to smart switches that can let you live the laziest couch potato life, our picks are not only affordable but also practical and easy to set up. 

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Smart Lights

TP-Link Multicolour Smart Light Bulb–$11.90

rgb lights

Image credit: MrCrum/Amazon

If tri-tone lights from Taobao are not enough, you can opt for these affordable multi-coloured smart light bulbs from TP-Link. At only $15.90 per bulb, it’s a lot cheaper than the popular alternatives like Philips Hue. There is also a bundle deal of 2 for $25.90 if you know you’re going to get more than one bulb eventually.

The bulb can support over 16 million colours and also lets you save presets to set the room’s ambience with just a tap on your smartphone. Or if you prefer, you can also switch on the lights by issuing a voice command if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Price: $11.90 (U.P. $35.90) on Amazon

Buy the TP-Link Tapo L530E from Amazon.

Govee 5M-long LED Light Strip—$27.74

led light stripsImage credit: Doug/Amazon

LED light strips might’ve been considered tacky 5 years ago, but today they’re an accessory that adorns plenty of WFH setups and home theatres. They instantly create a different vibe to any room that they’re installed in by bathing the space in the colour of your choice without being too harsh.

These Govee LED light strips come in a set that’s 5m-long and can even be synced up to the music playing from your phone, transforming your living room into a grooving club if you’re having friends over for a celebratory occasion.

Price: $27.74 (U.P. $43.99) on Amazon

Buy the Govee LED Strip Lights from Amazon.

Smart Plugs

Universal Smart Surge Protector Power Strip–$19.88

A power surge is the number one enemy of your electronics, and you’re better off being safe than sorry to ensure your computer and other appliances don’t get damaged internally. Or worse, have a surge start a fire in your home. This Universal Smart Surge Protector Power Strip is less than $20 and sports 4 power points and 2 USB-A ports, letting you charge and power up plenty of devices without requiring a multi-plug.

As an extra step, the power strip also has a smart app that allows you to set timers so it turns off and on at specific times. This helps to prevent any overcharging of your devices too.

Price: $19.88 on Amazon

Buy the Universal Smart Surge Protector Power Strip from Amazon.

Meross Smart Sockets—$34.30 for 2

smart home products under $50 - meross smart plugImage credit: Meross

One way to make a “dumb” appliance “smart” is to plug it into a smart socket like the ones from Meross. At just $42.99, it might be the more economical option than to purchase a brand new appliance, especially if your fans or floor lamps are still in good condition.

The Meross Smart Sockets work with Siri, Google Home, and Alexa, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It also sports a small silhouette within a fire-retardant housing and overload protection so you can rest easy knowing that it’s less likely to cause a fire hazard.

Price: $34.30 (U.P. $42.99) for 2 on Amazon

Buy the Meross Smart Sockets from Amazon.

Smart Hubs

SwitchBot Mini Hub—$45

switchbot mini hub - smart home products under $50Image credit: Francesco Aluffi/Amazon

Every smart home needs a brain, and that is the smart hub. The SwitchBot Mini Hub at $45 is nearly half the price of the Philips Hue Bridge that is $84, and does almost everything that it can do, including control your television, air conditioning, and other smart devices. It’s also compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and the IFTTT apps.

It comes as a small box that can fit almost anywhere, including being mounted on a wall so you can save some counter space where your router is placed.

Price: $44.97 on Amazon, $49 on Shopee

Buy the SwitchBot Mini Hub from Amazon and Shopee.

BroadLink RM4mini Smart Remote Hub—$23

Another smart hub that works with plenty of devices that require a remote control is BroadLink’s RM4mini Smart Remote Hub. From your air conditioner to your soundbar, home stereo to fans, you can add any appliance to the BroadLink app and control them from your smartphone, rather than having to work with multiple remotes that might go missing in between your couch cushions.

Price: $23 on Shopee, $34.90 on Amazon

Buy the BroadLink RM4 mini Smart Remote Hub from Amazon and Shopee.

Smart Cameras & Motion Sensors

TP-Link Tapo C100 Home Wifi Camera—$21.90

smart home products under $50 - wifi cameraImage credit: Amazon

If you have pets, younger children, or simply want to ensure no unwelcome visitors enter your home without your knowledge, having a wifi camera watching over your abode is a must. This TP-Link camera is only $21.90 and can record video in 1080p so you won’t be left staring at fuzzy pixels on a screen. It also has advanced night vision of up to 30ft, so you’ll also be able to monitor your home when night falls.

Packed inside its small frame are also features like motion detection, a sound and light alarm, and 2-way audio with a microphone and speaker so you can talk to whoever—or whatever—is in your home.

Price: $21.90 on Amazon, $28 on Shopee

Buy the TP-Link Tapo C100 from Amazon and Shopee.

TP-Link Tapo T100 Smart Motion Sensor—$25.90

A motion sensor alone won’t make a home smart. But pair a motion sensor with an array of other smart devices like smart lamps and switches, and your home will gain 100IQ overnight. This TP-Link motion sensor can be placed in an inconspicuous spot like in your hallway or by your foyer to trigger actions like turning on lights or notify you if a door that’s supposed to be closed is suddenly opened.

Price: $25.90 on Amazon

Buy the TP-LinK Tapo T100 motion sensor from Amazon.

Other Smart Devices

SwitchBot Switch Button Pusher—$39

switchbot button pusherImage credit: SwitchBot

It can be troublesome to make your entire home smarter, which is where smart button pushers like this come in handy. They can be placed on any rocker switch so you can turn them on and off from the convenience of your phone. It can even be stuck on machines that you use daily like your coffee machine.

smart home products under $50 - button pusherImage credit: SwitchBot

Gadgets like these are especially handy for those who don’t want to make permanent changes to a home like renters. However, the button pusher is only compatible with a few types of switches, so check out SwitchBot’s website to see if your home is outfitted with the right switches before jumping the gun to buy it. 

Price: $39

Buy the SwitchBot Switch Button Pusher from Amazon.

TP-Link Tapo T110 Smart Contact Sensor—$23.90

smart contact sensorImage credit: TP-Link

Smart contact sensors might seem redundant for most, but it’s one of those nifty gadgets that will give you a quality-of-life upgrade at home. For one, you can attach them to your closet doors to trigger a “lights on” automation when they’re open, and turn off the lights when you close your closet.

You could also attach it to your windows and set it up so that your air conditioner turns off when the smart contact sensor notices that the windows are open.

Price: $23.90 on Amazon

Buy the TP-Link Tapo T110 Smart Contact Sensor from Amazon.

Best smart home devices to buy under $50

Making your home smarter doesn’t have to be an expensive feat. You can get plenty of nifty new-age gadgets online that cost less than $50 so you won’t break the bank just to upgrade your home.

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Cover image adapted from Amazon and SwitchBot.
Originally published on 4th July 2024. Last updated on 16th July 2024.

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