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This 5-Room HDB Flat Is A Creamy, Minimalist Dream After A $100K Reno

21 November 2023 | BY

It cost $100k for this homeowner to put her own spin on minimalism on her 5-room HDB with Colonial-inspired bathrooms & all white bedrooms.

From this shipping container BTO to Sezairi’s colourful HDB, it’s clear that many aspiring homeowners have diverged beyond the popular minimalist decor palette into styles that are more bold and experimental. Still, that isn’t to say that minimalism is dated and cliché.

In fact, it’s due to its simplicity that it can be easily re-interpreted, allowing this endearing style to be rejuvenated with the homeowner’s flair in a myriad of ways. Case in point, Youtuber and start-up owner @madsncakes has come up with her own rendition of a minimalist abode by fusing Muji-esque, Scandi and all-white elements into her resale unit.

Here’s what we love about her $100k renovation:

Muji-esque, Scandi and all-white inspired

minimalist dining areaImage credit: @/senconcept.id on Instagram

Right from the get-go, Mads already had a preferred layout in mind when house-hunting. Favouring an open-space layout, she wanted the dining and kitchen areas to be parallel to each other and for the bedrooms to be situated next to the bathroom and laundry.

minimalist hallwayImage credit: @/senconcept.id on Instagram

After speaking to several ID firms, she settled on senconcept.id as they understood her vision fully and could work within her budget.

Open kitchen & living area with warm neutral palette

minimalist open kitchenImage credit: @/senconcept.id on Instagram

The kitchen has gone through a major facelift from the original layout; apart from accommodating more working space on the countertops, the previous cabinet has been replaced with a simple shelf for a more organised means to display and store items.

A square kitchen island with a Smeg Induction Cooktop built into it has also been introduced to the space. Not only does it create more arm space when cooking, as opposed to having the stove in front of a backsplash, but it also allows Mads to watch over her 2 kids at the dining table beside them as they do their homework and various tasks.

minimalist living areaImage credit: @/senconcept.id on Instagram

On the opposite side of the open kitchen is the living room, where Mads and her family spend most of their time. 

minimalist living areaImage credit: @/senconcept.id on Instagram

It follows a similar lookbook to the kitchen; light-wooden elements manifest in the furniture and oak herringbone tiles, the latter of which, as Mads describes, creates a cosy feeling that’s nice to walk on.

A warm pendant light over the couch gently brightens up the space alongside the natural light from the windows.

minimalist living area with chair and tvImage credit: @/senconcept.id on Instagram

Several reno changes have been executed in the living room; for starters, the TV is situated on a partition wall, and timber was used to reinforce its wall-mount.

Since it’s situated next to the window, the TV that Mads chose needed to be bright enough to overcome the natural light pouring in. As such, she opted for the TCL C835 Mini LED 4K Google TV

Image credit: MADS on Youtube

Complementing her set-up are the Sonos Arc Soundbar and speakers, which altogether create a cinematic audio experience as the family tunes in for couch potato time.

overview of minimalist homeImage credit: @/senconcept.id on Instagram

Behind the living area stands the study area, both of which are partitioned by a drywall behind the couch.

As a means to make the home look stylistically coherent as a whole, Mads did away with her height-adjustable desk and other popular WFH ergonomic staples for more simple and sleek furniture pieces. Then, she used various IKEA shelves and cabinets to conceal most, if not all, of the items in her possession, along with clutter.

All-white bedrooms with dreamy vibes

white bedroomImage credit: @/senconcept.id

Type “white dreamy bedroom in the skies” onto an AI picture generator, and you may just get an image of the master bedroom in Mads’ home. It’s clear that the ID has done a masterful job of blending the natural light and the colours of the walls and furniture in the room.

white bedImage credit: @/senconcept.id

white furnitureImage credit: MADS on Youtube

The same can be said for the kids’ bedroom. Mads mentioned that the previous owner divided the entire room into a study and closet, meaning that Mads had to take on the colossal task of hacking down those walls for the room to return to its original configuration. It was also the most expensive renovation decision they made for their home.

white furnitureImage credit: MADS on Youtube

Colonial-inspired bathrooms & laundry area

Colonial-inspired bathroomImage credit: @/senconcept.id

Over in the bathrooms, you’ll see that the creamy, minimalist tone of the house takes a slight Colonial turn.

Colonial-inspired bathroomImage credit: @/senconcept.id

Black matte finishings are seen in the faucet, taps, mirror and other fixtures, coupled with tiled walls and fluted panels that make the space reminiscent of the Raffles Hotel aesthetic.

Colonial-inspired bathroom with washing machineImage credit: @/senconcept.id

The laundry area is placed right outside the bathroom, optimising convenience for washing. A similar aesthetic is used in the bathroom, with the display items and washing machine providing nodes of contrast.

Inside a dreamy, minimalist 5-room HDB flat

Beyond the usual Scandi and Muji blueprint, there are many ways to spin your own twist on minimalist decor styles. By incorporating wooden furniture, neutral palettes and many other subtle nuances of styles, Mads was able to create her very own version of a minimalist haven for herself and her family.

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Cover image adapted from: @/senconcept.id

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