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Munic Mall Is An Online Store That Has Custom Outdoor Furniture To Make Your Balcony More High SES

25 March 2024 | BY

Elevate your balcony or patio with a chic curation of outdoor furniture from Munic Mall including sofas, swings, and parasols.

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Shopping for outdoor furniture is no easy feat, and oftentimes we have to take time out of our day to hunt these shops down in person. Thankfully, more online furniture stores are popping out of the woodwork, one being Munic Mall, an online furniture retailer that specialises in outdoor furniture.

From daybeds for your balcony to swings that will give your home a touch of whimsy, Munic Mall has a wide selection of outdoor furniture that you can browse from the comfort of your home. What’s more, they offer customisation services so each piece of furniture can match the colour scheme of your home, too.

PSA: If you’re thinking of getting a set of customisable furniture from Munic Mall, you can save 5% of your total spending by using the promo code <UCHIFY5> when checking out.

Outdoor sofas, daybeds & parasols to make your balcony a hangout spot

Condos and HDBs don’t often come with large balconies, which means that outdoor furniture that can fit into a balcony should come in compact or modular configurations to make the most out of the space available. Munic Mall has plenty of outdoor sofas and daybeds that come in all shapes and sizes to fit balconies that are long, thin, round, and small. These include modular sofas, loveseats, and even rocking chairs.

tifiano dining set outdoor furnitureImage credit: Munic Mall

For those with a smaller balcony, furniture sets like the Tifiano Dining Set ($1,283) were designed specifically for them. Both sides of the sofa set can be stored underneath the table so you’ll save a ton of space when you’re not chilling on the balcony. It also comes in 5 different colours so you’ll be able to pair it easily with most interior aesthetics. Alternatively, you could also request Munic Mall to customise the colour of your chair, table, and cushions for a small fee. But more on that later.

Munic Mall outdoor furnitureImage credit: Munic Mall

Another option is the Clover SpaceUp Compact Outdoor Dining Set ($1,338). Sporting a clover shape, it’ll be a whimsical addition to any patio that will be the setting of twilight dinners and weekend hangouts. Similar to the Tifiano Dining Set, all the chairs can be pushed in and stowed away when not in use, allowing you to make space for other furniture.

outdoor furnitureImage credit: Munic Mall

Homeowners who have a larger balcony can look at chic daybeds like the Corda Outdoor Retractable Sofa Day Bed ($2,471). At its base is a retractable platform so you can switch it up between a sofa and a day bed at your leisure. There’s also a shade that can be raised to shelter you from the rain or the shine, too.

BTW, the cushions for the outdoor furniture are all weatherproof, meaning that it’s water and stain-resistant. It’s also made out of pet-friendly materials, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends scratching your new pieces of furniture. 

titan parasol with a dining table outsideImage credit: Munic Mall

With all that said and done, we can’t forget the trusty parasol to shade us from the elements, whether it’s rain or shine. Munic Mall has a selection of parasols starting from $581 to keep you shaded and cool whenever you feel like hanging out in your backyard or patio. 

The Titan Parasol (from $1,045) comes in 3 different sizes and 4 different colours. What we appreciate about its design is that the stand is placed to the side and not squarely in the middle, allowing you to converse with your friends and family without an aluminium beam in your face.

Customisable colours for furniture & cushions

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Anyone who has ever shopped for furniture will know the pain of seeing a piece that you love but it doesn’t come in the right colour. To remedy this problem, Munic Mall offers customisation for a number of its pieces including sofas, swings, and cushions.

For a small additional fee, you’d be able to pick a colour of choice for your sofa frame or swing set. The cushions for your outdoor sofas and swings can also be swapped out for up to 2 colours of your liking. 

Prices for the custom cushion covers start at $203 for a single swing and go up to $635 for the round daybed. You can also customise sofas from just $149, and each set comes with covers for the seat, back cushion, and a small cushion. Plus, if you’ve already bought furniture from Munic Mall, you can order extra covers for your furniture at a discounted price.

Freestanding & mounted swings for chill indoor playground vibes

You don’t need to be in a playground just to enjoy the childlike whimsy of swings; you can add one to your balcony as well to turn it into a bonafide lepak corner that your friends wouldn’t mind hanging out at till the wee hours. Munic Mall stocks both mounted and freestanding swings that come in a variety of styles and sizes.

estrella swing inside an hdb flatThe double-sized version of the Estrella swing.
Image credit: Munic Mall

The Estrella Outdoor Swing (from $743) is perfect for homeowners with tiny balconies who don’t mind installing a permanent swing in their home as it’s offered in both a single and double size. Another mounted swing option is the Danz Hanging Swing Sofa Bed (from $888) that comes in a Single size up to a King size bed, so you can take afternoon siestas on your balcony and laze in the sun.

Munic Mall also offers installation services for their mounted swings. But should you want to put your handyman skills to the test, they’ll provide you with all the necessary tools and accessories to install the swing by yourself.

mexx swing chair Image credit: Munic Mall

For those who are renting or don’t want to drill a hole in their ceilings, the freestanding swings like the Mexx Swing Chair ($755) will be a great addition to any balcony or patio. The rattan-weave aesthetic that it has will also fit into Balinese-styled homes that are all the rage these days.

Highly rated on Carousell with 5 stars

munic mall on carousellImage credit: Carousell

With customers being savvier these days, real reviews by customers are what’s often being taken into account when doing online shopping. For Munic Mall, this is one avenue where they’re excelling in, as they’ve amassed nearly 70 5-star reviews on Carousell at the time of writing.

Plenty of buyers have commended Munic Mall’s swift delivery and responsiveness to questions and queries.

Shop a wide range of outdoor and indoor furniture at Munic Mall

It can be hard to find fitting outdoor furniture that matches your home’s interior aesthetic. But this niche is also Munic Mall’s speciality. Not only do they offer a wide selection of outdoor furniture from sofas to loungers and even dining sets, but you can also customise the colour of the furniture and the upholstery it comes with, and it can all be bought at an affordable price.

Aside from their outdoor furniture collection, they also have indoor furniture available including sofas in unique silhouettes, tables made from wood and sintered stone, and swings that will inject some character and charm into any home.

long acrylic wooden tableThe sleek Zango Wooden Table looks like it’s floating thanks to the acrylic legs.
Image credit: Joja Interior Studio

Our pick of their indoor furniture offerings might very well be the selection of tables that they have, especially the Zango Wooden Table ($1,079) which gives an illusion of floating in mid-air. And true to Munic Mall’s ethos of offering customisable furniture, you can get the tabletop in any colour and size you desire.

To add a finishing touch, Munic Mall also offers private labelling for some of its collections. Even though those labels might be out of sight, you can be sure that they aren’t out of mind as you sit on your outdoor sofa in your balcony. The cherry on top is that a portion of Munic Mall’s monthly sales goes to charities via, too.

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This post was brought to you by Munic Mall.
This article was first published on 15th February 2024, and updated on 25th March 2024. 

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