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HDB BTO Aug 2023 Tengah Review: Affordable Flats 5-Room Units Next To An MRT

26 June 2023 | BY

Located away from central Singapore, Tengah’s an easier score for those prioritising affordability, proximity to transport, and greenery.

Tengah BTO - cover image

This upcoming August 2023 BTO exercise, Tengah is set to feature once again as one of the estates with sparkling new flats up for sale. If you’ve always been a “West side, best side” kind of person, are on a relatively tight budget for your new home, or are keen to be among the first group of residents in Singapore’s newest town, then Tengah might just be the place for you.

Where are the new flats located?

Tengah BTO - map of Tengah surroundingsImage credit: HDB

For this exercise, Tengah will see 1,010 units being launched across the full suite of unit types, including 2-Room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, and 5-room flats. The inclusion of a 5-room option is very much welcome here because, for this exercise only, Tengah and Choa Chu Kang will feature 5-room flats.

Location-wise, the project will be along Plantation Close, which is a road that will run parallel to the PIE. Those who have been monitoring BTO-related news for a while might recognize this site from the previous May 2023 BTO exercise, where the Plantation Verge BTO was launched just across the road, closer to the highway.

How much will the new flats cost?

Just like any BTO exercise, HDB will announce the selling prices of the flats when the exercise officially launches and applications open. While we wait for that, we can take a look at the recent May 2023 BTO exercise for some reference. Specifically, the nearby Plantation Verge BTO gives us a good idea of the prices we can expect for this new project.

Tengah BTO - Plantation VergeImage credit: HDB

In this instance, the selling prices (excluding grants) of Plantation Verge were:

  • 2-room Flexi: From $125K
  • 3-room: From $238K
  • 4-room: From $350K
  • 5-room: From $454K

We anticipate the selling price for this upcoming BTO to be similar, with a small increase to account for the slightly more favourable location. We’ll dive into that later!

How much competition can I expect?

Since Tengah is a new estate still under construction and a bit farther from central Singapore, we expect demand to be relatively low, especially compared to popular areas like Queenstown and Kallang/Whampoa. In the May 2023 BTO exercise, Plantation Verge had application rates of 0.9 for 3-room flats, 1.2 for 4-room flats, and 1.8 for 5-room flats when competing against Bedok, Kallang/Whampoa, and Serangoon.

Even for 5-room flats, Tengah is likely to have a significantly lower application rate compared to Choa Chu Kang. In the May 2023 BTO exercise, 5-room flats in Plantation Verge had an application rate of 1.8, while those in Bedok were at 3.5, and Serangoon reached an impressive 13.8.

The application rates for other BTO projects in Tengah are relatively low. However, if you’re open to living in a slightly more remote part of Singapore, you have a good chance of securing a new BTO flat. And as expected, 5-room flats are the most popular options for homebuyers, as evidenced by the higher application rates for past projects in Tengah:

Tengah BTO - 5-room flatImage credit: HDB

Application rates for 4-room flats were much lower:

Tengah BTO - 4-room flatImage credit: HDB

While the rates for 3-room flats were roughly similar to that of its 4-room counterparts:

Tengah BTO - 3-room flatImage credit: HDB

Is the location of the new flats worth the money?

It might be a bit challenging to truly assess Tengah’s pros and cons at the moment, but if you take a drive past the area, you’ll see that construction is in full swing.

Tengah BTO - Tengah constructionImage credit: Marcus Sia

Of course, that isn’t to say that you have to go into the application exercise totally blind. Based on the HDB’s site map for the vicinity, there are a few good things that we can pick out:

Right next to future MRT station

This upcoming BTO project will be right next to an MRT station on the Jurong Region Line (JRL), and the route is expected to ply through the new Tengah estate and connect it with the wider Western region of Singapore.

Tengah BTO - Jurong line MRT mapImage credit: Jurong Region Line Construction

Having a MRT station at your doorstep is definitely a good thing. While you might have to contend with the noise at times, having that convenience is a huge win for residents.

Next to 2 future ECs

One more advantage is the close proximity of the site to two future Executive Condominiums (ECs). This offers the potential for your HDB flat to benefit from increased appreciation in home value. Additionally, if you plan to upgrade from an HDB in the future without moving too far, these ECs can be a suitable option for you and your family.

New schools to be built within Tengah

HDB’s map reveals plans for new schools in Tengah estate, including two future primary schools: Pioneer Primary School and Bukit View Primary School. Additionally, there’s ACS Primary, which gained attention in the news. Although not very close, it’s still within a reasonable distance on the other side of the Tengah estate.

Abundance of parks and nature spots

Tengah BTO - green spacesImage credit: HDB

Another notable feature we discovered on HDB’s estate map is the abundance of community green spaces. Tengah estate will have a considerable number of community gardens and parks, creating a pleasant ambiance. The residential properties will be set against a lush green backdrop, giving the place a delightful and nature-inspired atmosphere.

Close to other estates like Bukit Batok

As mentioned earlier, being among the first residents in a new estate comes with the drawback of limited amenities during the initial years of development. This is a common situation for most BTOs in Tengah.

However, there is an upside for this upcoming BTO project—it is conveniently located on the fringe of Bukit Batok. This allows Tengah residents to easily access places like West Mall at Bukit Batok Central for their daily needs such as groceries, food, and other items while they await the development of more amenities within Tengah itself.

Our verdict for Tengah

In our verdict, the Tengah offerings for the August 2023 BTO are highly attractive. Being situated next to an MRT station is a significant advantage. Moreover, its location between Tengah and Bukit Batok provides residents with the best of both worlds. With the availability of 5-room flats and affordable prices, this is one of our top picks among all the options for the upcoming August 2023 BTO exercise.

Looking back at the past, Punggol was once a barren and sparsely equipped housing estate. However, it has since transformed into a thriving town with a large shopping mall and a plethora of activities. The same potential lies ahead for Tengah. Look beyond its current emptiness and anticipate its promising future.

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Cover image adapted from: Marcus Sia, HDB

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