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9 Clever Space-Saving Furniture Options To Shop If You Can’t Commit To Built-Ins

4 November 2022 | BY

From bedframes with hidden storage to extendable dining tables, these space-saving furniture will help make your home feel bigger.

space saving furniture

Space has become a luxury these days with BTO units getting smaller and shoebox condos becoming commonplace. Thankfully, this has given designers the unique opportunity to dream up space-saving furniture pieces that make the most out of tiny living.

These clever furniture pieces are more than meets the eye, for they have versatile features and extra storage space. Best of all: they’re freestanding so you don’t have to worry about committing to a built-in wardrobe or desk.

1. Multi-purpose coffee tables with storage 

multi-purpose coffee table space-saving furniture at the furniture mallWe’re loving the hidden storage spaces and raisable surface to do our work on.

One of the best parts about owning your own space is getting to invite friends over. But it might be tough finding a seat for all your kakis, especially if your living room is a cramped space. This is where a coffee table with extra storage space will come in handy. You can now keep the small tabletop wares like coasters and console controllers away but still within arm’s reach.

coffee table at the furniture mallThe 2136 Coffee Table from Eco Links.

Some designs, like the 2136 Coffee Table from Eco Links ($1,282.93), can be “lifted up” to reveal hidden storage beneath the surface. The chic coffee table has three different finishes – marble, wood, and stone – to nail that mid century aesthetic.

The raised surface can also double up as a workstation should you need to work from home, so you don’t need to allocate additional space for a full-sized desk and ergonomic chair.

2. Sofas with hidden storage space

sofa bed with hidden storage space-saving furnitureImage credit: Woodbrew

Sofas with a hidden storage space can add a lot of value to your living room. The biggest perk about these sofas are that they can declutter and – dare we say it – “Marie Kondo” your living room. Things like your puffy winter clothes, extra cushions, and other barang barang can be kept out of sight and out of mind. You can also hastily toss things in when guests come over.

You can even kill three birds with one stone if your sofa with storage can be turned into a sofa bed at your whimsy. Your living room can then double up as a makeshift guest room if your friends ever need to sleep over after a long night of mahjong and karaoke.

sofa with coffee table at the furniture mallThe 3743 sofa ($2,280) from Living Solution has a middle seat that drops down to become a coffee table.

There are even some sofas that come with built-in hard surfaces that serve as a coffee table. This is perfect for smaller homes where space for a traditional coffee table is limited. Just be careful to not spill your morning brew all over your leather couch!

3. Extendable dining tables

onyx dining table with sintered stone surface

Extendable dining tables need no introduction. They’re one of the original space-saving furniture options that makes hosting friends and family for hotpot nights an easy affair. There are also many different variants you can pick and choose from depending on the layout of your dining room. 

extendable dining table onyx space-saving furnitureThe extended version of the Onyx-N dining table.

The Onyx-N extendable dining table ($1,190) from Mondi uses the “Butterfly Leaf” extendable where the two ends of the table are pulled apart, and the extension rises into place. Its surface is made of sintered stone with a marble-esque texture for those atas vibes. 

closing a dining tableClosing an extendable-dining table is easy as pie.

Another common style is the “Drop Leaf” table where the extensions are placed to the side of the table and raised up by hinges. This allows for square tables to turn into round tables whilst still being able to be pushed up against a wall.

4. Bed frames with storage space hidden underneath

bed with hidden storage space-saving furniture at the furniture mall

Another OG piece of furniture that has multiple functions is the bed frame with storage space underneath. Yes, you could technically store things underneath any bed as long as there’s room, but these beds are designed with storage in mind to hide otherwise unsightly storage boxes.

One common style uses drawers on the sides of the bed frame, although it might not work as well for smaller rooms where you can’t fully pull out the drawers. If you’re in that boat, a storage bed with a lifting mechanism would make access a lot easier. You can simply raise the mattress up to reveal all the hidden storage chest below.

headboard of ebel designer bed frame

Some, like the Ebel Designer Bed Frame ($2,288 for King Size) from Living Solution give you the best of both worlds as it has both drawers and a hidden storage compartment. Both the headboard and baseboards are also made out of solid wood so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re laying down on a high-quality product.

5. Consoles with large storage compartments

art deco console

A chic console is something that can elevate any wall or corner, particularly because there’s no right or wrong way to use it. It can hold anything from your books to keys to makeup whilst maintaining a clean aesthetic. Best of all, they usually don’t take up too much space. But to make the most out of it, shop around for consoles with bigger storage compartments.

royce cabinet the furniture mallThe chic Royce cabinet ($2,299).
Image credit: The Furniture Mall

This allows you to still keep some things out of sight. Think dirty laundry, your Dyson vacuum accessories, and other knick knacks that might be an eyesore.

6. Standing bar cabinets with storage

standing bar cabinet with storageImage credit: The DIY Playbook

Having your own bar at home is a sign that you’re quickly becoming a sophisticated adult. But it comes with some caveats, mainly the need to have different glasses, wine stoppers, and a place to put all your bottles.

If you fancy classic furniture pieces, a solid tweakwood bar counter ($1,900) like this one from Solid Wood will do just the trick to store all of your bar necessities nicely and hide them away when needed.

7. Kitchen islands with pull-out drawers

kitchen island with drawers

Kitchen islands don’t have to be built into your kitchen wall. Freestanding islands are increasingly trendy especially for homes with limited cooking space. We recommend looking out for a freestanding island with pull-out drawers so you have extra space for dining accessories like napkins and bottle openers.

To “future proof” your kitchen, you can also opt for one with wheels so you can easily push it out of the way. It’ll also make moving houses in the future infinitely easier when you can just wheel your furniture out the door.

8. Ottomans with storage

ottoman with storage at the furniture mall

Ottomans can be more than just a surface for you to prop your feet upon. Some designs also include a little storage bin hidden away underneath the seat, so you can store things from extra TV remote batteries to extra cushions and throws.

Is it another excuse for you to buy more things? Perhaps, but having the option to tuck any miscellaneous homeware away is always better than panicking about having no storage space.

9. Entryway or bedside storage benches

storage bench by entryway and dining table

The space underneath your benches and chairs doesn’t have to be empty. Savvy homeowners like Annette Lee know how to utilise every single nook and cranny to its fullest potential. While she has a built-in storage area beneath her dining room’s bench, that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

There are plenty of standalone benches that come with storage space. You can opt for versions with drawers to keep things tucked away, or have the storage exposed for easy access to shoes and flip flops.

Space-saving furniture to have at home

In a land-scarce Singapore, homeowners have to think twice before committing to bulky furniture and built-in cabinetry that takes up too much room. With clever space-saving furniture, lack of space becomes a blessing in disguise.

mahogany escritoire by jasper home at the furniture mallSome pieces at Jasper Home like this mahogany escritoire ($1,390) evoke the classic style while boasting plenty of hidden storage compartments.

To find pieces of furniture like the variety above, you can head down to The Furniture Mall to solve all your tiny living needs. Their 60,000sqft showroom in Jurong East has a plethora of household items that range from bedding to TV consoles. Those who are seeking out classic pieces of furniture will also feel like they’re in home and living heaven.

shopping at the furniture mall

You can expect to find brands including King Koil, Living Solutions, Eco Links, and Solid Wood all within their grounds.

the furniture mall

In celebration of their birthday month and to send off 2022 in style, The Furniture Mall is also holding a lucky draw with a grand prize of $8,888. Every $280 spent with them will grant you one ticket in the draw. Entries close on 31st December 2022, and the draw will take place during the first week of January.

This is just one of The Furniture Mall’s many seasonal events. Keep an eye out on their Facebook and Instagram pages for more of such giveaways during the peak festive periods like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Take part in The Furniture Mall’s lucky draw

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