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We Ask Singaporeans About Their Favourite Piece Of Cookware

19 February 2023 | BY

Which cookware brands do Singaporeans prefer? We polled them on their favourite cookware, and here are their picks.

We Ask Singaporeans About Their Favourite Piece Of Cookware

Ask any home cook and you’ll quickly find that there’s more to cookware than the basic stainless steel pots and pans one can get at neighbourhood shops. Though they are pricier, quality cookware will make cooking so much easier, and not to be dramatic, they’re frankly life-changing.

But which pieces of cookware are worth investing in? We asked Singaporeans about their favourite pieces of cookware, and here’s what they recommended.

Modori Nesting Pot set 

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Image credit: Modori Singapore

My favourite cookware is the Modori nesting pot set. I bought this secondhand because I couldn’t bear to fork out the full price. The pots have been more than sufficient for all my pasta, fried rice, and instant ramen cooking needs. Having a removable handle means the pots don’t overcrowd my tiny stove and can be packed away easily.

They also stay true to their promise of being non-stick, and have held up over the 3 years I’ve had them – save for some scratches here and there. 10/10 would repurchase.”


Le Creuset and Staub Cast Iron French Oven

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Image credit: Amazon Singapore 

“I’d say my all-time favourite versatile pieces of cookware are the Le Creuset and Staub cast iron French ovens. They can be used for both Western and Asian recipes, placed in the oven, fry amazing steaks, and make great soups. I get mine on sale at Tangs, Takashimaya, or Isetan. They’re also extremely durable.”


Tefal and Tupperware cookware

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Image credit: Amazon Singapore

“My go-to cookware are from Tefal and Tupperware – my husband works for Tupperware brands. But I don’t use them as much now because I’ve moved to using Thermomix. The fact that Tefal and Tupperware cookware are non-stick is also very important to me.”


Cook Pal Ren

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Image credit: Takashimaya Singapore 

“This wok lasts pretty long if you take care of it. The feel of the wok’s weight gives a solid balance when tossing and flipping food. The heat conduction is very even, and the wok is way too versatile for its own good. When I cook steak in it, the wide brim of the wok allows for the burning off of cooking wine, soy sauce, and other condiments before they season the food.”


Tan Yu pot and Carote saucepan

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Image credit: Tangs Singapore

It’s the Tan Yu pot for me – I love to cook soups and this pot locks in the flavour! But for daily use, I choose the Carote saucepan. The size I got is perfect for my small family, and I can add a steamer basket to cook multiple things at once. The price of the pot is great and it’s durable!”


Moneta Cookware Saute Pans

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Image credit: Moneta Cookware

“I’ve heard that they’re made of stone, and I like these pans because of their non-stick coating. I frequently use Moneta Cookware’s skillet frying pan for things such as grilling meat and stir-frying veggies or fried rice, and it hardly shows any sign of wear and tear despite frequent use.”


Tefal’s Ingenio cookware range

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Image credit: Tefal Singapore

“My favourite is the Tefal Ingenio range of cookware. The cookware set comes with detachable handles, which are an absolute game changer. When it comes to putting away things in tiny kitchens, every inch of space counts. I can now stack all my pots and pans neatly without the handles being in the way. 

They are also dishwasher-friendly and the lack of handles make it easier to fit more pots and pans in the dishwasher.

The cookware doesn’t come cheap, especially since it’s induction stove-compatible, but the quality is pretty decent so far. My husband and I tried Taobao dupes, but they were bent out of shape after a few uses because the metal wasn’t strong enough to withstand the constant clipping and unclipping of the handles.

If I had to replace my cookware again, I’d most likely save up for this Tefal range again.”


Le Creuset cast iron pan and Lodge Skillet

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Image credit: Food52

“The Le Creuset 24cm pan is versatile – I can use it to bake bread, make stews and Chinese soups, and more. It’s a good size for a family of 3-4, and also looks good enough to serve from. As for the Lodge Skillet, it is a really good non-stick pan for dishes such as steak and pasta.”

Si Hui

Lodge Skillet

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Image credit: Lodge Cast Iron 

“The 10-inch Lodge skillet is absolutely your best bet […] especially for steak, pancakes, and french toast, where it blows stainless steel or non-stick away.”

u/WittyKap0 on Reddit 

Ninja pans

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Image credit: Amazon 

“Ninja pans. They lasted the longest amongst all the non-stick cookware I’ve tried. I recommended it to my friends too.”

@the_bai_house on Instagram

Tefal’s Ingenio and Le Creuset cookware ranges

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Image credit: Le Creuset, Amazon

“The detachable handles of Tefal’s Ingenio series makes it so much easier to store neatly without the pots and pans sticking out at weird angles. They are long-lasting as well! Really a life-saver.

For Le Creuset, their cast iron pots are extremely durable and heavy duty. They can double as serving pots as they are really pretty.”



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Image credit: Amazon

“Scanpan can be on the pricier end but the non-stick is not just a cheap piece of coating, so it lasts long. The pans also have a heavier bottom, which is great for cooking. Plus, it’s oven safe too!”


WMF cookware

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Image credit: WMF

“WMF cookware is super hardy and durable! I absolutely love the large pot capacity when making soups and stews for a larger group. The cookware allow room for flexibility and are oven safe too. Plus, they’re very easy to wash.”


Chasseur Cast Iron Round Casserole

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Image credit: Fairprice 

“It holds the heat well and is able to keep the food warm for a long time. I can use it to bake things in the oven too! It facilitates easy cleaning, is super versatile, and can be used for both cooking and serving.”


Le Creuset, Scanpan, and WMF pots

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Image credit: Shop Decor, Scanpan, WMF

“I have a few favourites for different purposes! Le Creuset is best for braising and stewing, Scanpan for frying, and WMF pots for boiling soups.”


Tefal non-stick pan and Le Creuset cookware

“Tefal non-stick is good for frying! I don’t even need to use oil while frying my eggs. Le Creuset is great for cooking soups and stews as the cast iron helps to heat the entire pot evenly.”


Picking the best cookware for your home

Oftentimes, new Singaporean homeowners may feel a little lost and confused when it comes to picking out cookware for their kitchens, but there is little reason to fret. The massive variety of cookware may feel intimidating at first, but as long as you are able to recognise your specific cooking needs, getting the right pieces should be a breeze.

Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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