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7 Best Tried & Tested Cooking Pots, Pans & Skillets To Buy In Singapore As Told By Singaporeans

9 February 2024 | BY

What are the best cooking pots and pans in Singapore? We asked homeowners what their top picks are from WMF to Modori.

7 Best Tried & Tested Cooking Pots, Pans & Skillets To Buy In Singapore As Told By Singaporeans

Ask any home cook and you’ll quickly find that there’s more to cookware than the basic stainless steel pots and pans one can get at neighbourhood shops. Though they are pricier, quality cookware will make cooking so much easier, and not to be dramatic, they’re frankly life-changing.

Which type of skillet is best for everyday cooking?

Choosing the best type of skillet for everyday cooking really comes down to what you’re cooking most often and your personal preferences. Let’s break down the options to make it easier:

Skillet Type Pros Cons Best For
Cast Iron – Excellent heat retention
– Naturally non-stick with seasoning
– Durable, lasts for generations
– Versatile, good for stovetop to oven
– Heavy
– Requires seasoning and maintenance
– Not dishwasher safe
– Reactive with acidic foods
Both Stove and Induction
Non-Stick – Easy to clean
– Requires less oil for cooking
– Great for delicate foods like eggs
– Coating can wear off over time
– Generally not suitable for high heat
– Not as durable as other types
Stove and induction if base is magnetic
Stainless Steel – Durable
– Can handle high heat
– Non-reactive, good for all types of food
– Suitable for browning and deglazing
– Food can stick if not used properly
– Requires more oil or fat to prevent sticking
– Can be more difficult to clean
Both Stove and Induction
Carbon Steel – Lightweight compared to cast iron
– Excellent heat conduction
– Becomes non-stick with seasoning
– Suitable for high heat
– Requires seasoning and maintenance
– Not dishwasher safe
– Can rust if not properly cared for
– Reactive with acidic foods
Both Stove and Induction

What are the best brands of cooking pots and pans recommended by Singaporeans?

Brand Price Range Notable Features
Modori $188.80 for Sodam Cookware set Non-toxic 5-layered ceramic coating, nesting design, detachable handle, dual function as serving bowls
Le Creuset ~$700+ Enameled cast iron, impeccable heat distribution, lifetime warranty, versatile for all stovetops and oven
Staub From $200+ Exceptional quality, durability, heat retention, unique matte black enameled interior for non-stick, novelty designs
Yoshikawa Cook-Pal Ren From $150 Lightweight, durable, thermal-treated steel plate, even heat distribution, good for large flames and wok hey flavour
Ninja Foodi NeverStick $200+ per frying pan Durable ceramic coating, scratch-resistant, 10-year guarantee, requires preheating
Scanpan From $49.90 Patented PFOA and PFOS free non-stick coating, recycled aluminum, oven and dishwasher safe, suitable for all stovetops
WMF From $49 Scratch-resistant, 3-layer non-stick coating, easy cleaning, compatible with metal utensils
Carote $89.66 for 3-piece frying pan set Minimalist design, POFA-free, nesting with detachable handles

We asked Singaporeans about their favourite pieces of cooking pots and pans, and here’s what they recommended.

1. Modori Nesting Pot set 

Modori Cooking potImage credit: Modori Singapore

Price: $188.80 for their Sodam Cookware set

Modori first burst onto the scene with its gorgeous egg shell-coloured handle less pans, and we couldn’t help convince ourselves that nesting pots and pans were what we’d be needing in our lives all along. Beautifully crafted and with impressive features to match, Modori quickly became a homeowner favourite thanks to its non-toxic 5-layered ceramic coating.

Brownie points were awarded for the fact that it came with a matching detachable handle for easy stacking and storage; and its pots and pans looked so good, they could easily pull double duty as serving bowls.

My favourite cookware is the Modori nesting pot set. I bought this secondhand because I couldn’t bear to fork out the full price. The pots have been more than sufficient for all my pasta, fried rice, and instant ramen cooking needs. Having a removable handle means the pots don’t overcrowd my tiny stove and can be packed away easily.

They also stay true to their promise of being non-stick, and have held up over the 3 years I’ve had them – save for some scratches here and there. 10/10 would repurchase.”

2. Le Creuset French oven & pans

Round Dutch Oven | Le Creuset®Image credit: Le Creuset

Price: ~$700+

Le Creuset is a brand so renowned, that even non-Chefs and home newbies know of its existence and want a classic French Oven in their collection. Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron pots have impeccable heat distribution, can last you half your lifetime, and can be used on all stovetops and even be popped right into the oven. All of Le Creuset’s post also come with lifetime warranty – a testament to the quality of their products. You’ll just have to be prepared to shell out for this investment. They also make pans and skillets in the same enameled cast iron for a good cook sesh, no matter what’s on the menu.

“I have a few favourites for different purposes! Le Creuset is best for braising and stewing, Scanpan for frying.”

singaporeans cookwareImage credit: Food52

“The Le Creuset 24cm pan is versatile – I can use it to bake bread, make stews and Chinese soups, and more. It’s a good size for a family of 3-4, and also looks good enough to serve from. As for the Lodge Skillet, it is a really good non-stick pan for dishes such as steak and pasta.”
Si Hui

3. Staub Cast Iron French Oven

Staub pot Image credit: @madaboutpot

Price: From $200+

Staub, like Le Creuset, is another cookware brand that is highly revered in the industry for its exceptional quality, durability and amazing heat retention—making them a top choice for both professionals and home cooks alike. The unique matte black enameled interior of Staub pans is esteemed for its non-stick properties, which improve with use, allowing for healthier cooking with less oil.

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful cast iron pumpkin pot…it’s a Staub. The brand is known for its collection of novelty cast iron pots that you might just find yourself yearning to collect and flex on your guests the next time you play host.

“I’d say my all-time favourite versatile pieces of cookware are the Le Creuset and Staub cast iron French ovens. They can be used for both Western and Asian recipes, placed in the oven, fry amazing steaks, and make great soups. I get mine on sale at Tangs, Takashimaya, or Isetan. They’re also extremely durable.”

3. Yoshikawa Cook-Pal Ren Collection

Yoshikawa Cook-Pal Ren Nitrided Carbon Steel Induction Wok with Two Handles - 33cmImage credit: My Cookware Australia

Price: From $150

The Yoshikawa Cook Pal Ren Collection is a popular Japanese brand of woks that hit the sweet spot between quality and practicality. They are lightweight, making them easy to handle when you’re flipping stir-fries or tossing vegetables, but the brand doesn’t skimp on durability. This means you can count on their woks and pans for daily use without worrying about wear and tear.

The woks are also made from a thermal-treated steel plate that means you won’t have to deal with any rust or peeling. They’re also well-suited for use on large flames, and the collection’s even heat distribution is a big plus, ensuring you’ll get that nice wok hey flavour when you’re frying.

“This wok lasts pretty long if you take care of it. The feel of the wok’s weight gives a solid balance when tossing and flipping food. The heat conduction is very even, and the wok is way too versatile for its own good. When I cook steak in it, the wide brim of the wok allows for the burning off of cooking wine, soy sauce, and other condiments before they season the food.”

4. Ninja Foodi NeverStick pans

Ninja CW102RD Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan, Premium Set with 4-Quart Capacity Pan, Steamer/Strainer Basket, Glass Lid & Integrated Spatula, Nonstick, Durable & Oven Safe to 500°F, Cherry Tart : HomeNinja CW102RD Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan.
Image credit: Ninja Foodi

Price: $200+ per frying pan

The Ninja non-stick pan stands out not only for its performance but also for its durable construction, featuring a ceramic coating that’s designed to last. This ceramic coating is provides a superior non-stick surface that’s resistant to scratches and makes cooking and cleanup a breeze. The pan’s exterior is just as tough, built to withstand the inevitable bumps and scratches that come with regular use in the kitchen. Another selling point of this pan is the 10-year guarantee, underscoring Ninja’s confidence in the durability of its products.

Just take note that preheating the pan is an essential step to fully leverage its capabilities, but once you have that down, you get uniform cooking and browning, whether you’re flipping pancakes or searing steaks. All in all, the Ninja non-stick pan is a solid investment for anyone serious about their kitchen tools.

“Ninja pans. They lasted the longest amongst all the non-stick cookware I’ve tried. I recommended it to my friends too.”

5. Scanpan fry pans

ScanpanImage credit: urbansource1

Price: From $49.90

Scanpan really stands out in the kitchen scene for a bunch of reasons. First off, their non-stick coating is legit patented and free from nasties like PFOA and PFOS, so you can cook your heart out without worrying about harmful chemicals. Their pans are from recycled aluminum, which is a big win if you’re trying to keep things eco-friendly.

The fact that you can chuck these pans in the oven and the dishwasher makes them super practical, whether you’re whipping up a fancy bake or just hate the cleanup after. They’ve also got a wide range of products that work great on both traditional fire and modern induction cooktops.

“Scanpan can be on the pricier end but the non-stick is not just a cheap piece of coating, so it lasts long. The pans also have a heavier bottom, which is great for cooking. Plus, it’s oven safe too!”

6. WMF cookware

WMF pots and pansImage credit: linso.home

Price: From $49

WMF pans are solid. They’re scratch-resistant, so go ahead and use your metal utensils without worrying about messing them up. They last ages and are a breeze to clean, thanks to their 3-layer non-stick coating. Basically, whatever you cook, it slides right off, making cleanup almost too easy. If you’re in the market for new pans, WMF is definitely worth a look.

“WMF cookware is super hardy and durable! I absolutely love the large pot capacity when making soups and stews for a larger group. The cookware allow room for flexibility and are oven safe too. Plus, they’re very easy to wash.”

7. Carote non-stick pans

CAROTE 11-Piece Nonstick Kitchen Cookware Set with Detachable Handles - Mixed ColorsImage credit: Carote

Price: $89.66 for 3-piece frying pan set

Carote’s non-stick pans are all about blending style with functionality.  They’ve got this minimalist vibe, coming in muted pastels that’ll look good in any kitchen setup. Taking a leaf out of Modori’s book, Carote pans are made to nest neatly in your cupboards, thanks to their smart design and detachable handles.

Globally, people are loving these pans, giving them top marks for both their looks and their performance. Plus, they’re POFA-free. Whether you’re a cooking novice or a seasoned chef, Carote’s non-stick pans are a solid pick for making meal prep easier and more stylish.

For daily use, I choose the Carote saucepan. The size I got is perfect for my small family, and I can add a steamer basket to cook multiple things at once. The price of the pot is great and it’s durable!”

How often should I change out my cooking pots and pans?

The lifespan of your cooking pots and pans largely depends on their material, how often you use them, and how well you maintain them. Generally, non-stick pans might need replacing every few years, as the coating can get eroded off with use.

Cast iron skillets and stainless steel pots, on the other hand, can last a lifetime with proper care, including regular seasoning for cast iron and gentle cleaning for stainless steel. It’s a good rule of thumb to assess your cookware’s condition regularly. Look out for signs like warping, which can affect heat distribution, scratches or peeling in non-stick pans, or rust on cast iron.

Also, consider upgrading if you notice changes in cooking performance, like food sticking more than usual or uneven cooking. Investing in high-quality cookware and taking good care of it—by avoiding metal utensils on non-stick surfaces, using proper cleaning techniques, and storing items correctly—can extend the life of your pots and pans, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Picking the best cooking pots and pans for your home

Oftentimes, new Singaporean homeowners may feel a little lost and confused when it comes to picking out cookware for their kitchens, but there is little reason to fret. The massive variety of cookware may feel intimidating at first, but as long as you are able to recognise your specific cooking needs, getting the right pieces should be a breeze.

Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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