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We Ask 11 Singaporeans What Their No-Regret Decisions For Their HDB Are

20 February 2023 | BY

Hoping that there could be some guidance when making purchases for your home? We ask 11 Singaporeans what are their no-regret HDB decisions.

No-regret HDB decisions

We all face our fair share of internal struggles when it comes to making decisions for the home, especially if it’s one that comes with a hefty price tag. After all, money doesn’t exactly grow on trees, and no one wants to invest in something that will end up being a white elephant. 

A good purchase for the home, however, could be a game changer that will elevate your standard of living and make life so much easier. Thus, we asked 11 Singaporeans what are the ultimate “no-regret” decisions they’ve made for their HDB, so as to learn from their wisdom.

1. Getting a dishwasher

Image credit: Elecrolux

“I have no regrets getting a dishwasher! We got one of the cheapest ones available and so far it works well. Although it’s not common for Asian households to have a dishwasher, I personally feel that it helps save us a lot of time. And because of the reduced workload, I have a happier marriage!”

Amanda, 31

“I love the convenience of having a dishwasher and have no regrets in getting one. It cleans the dishes better than expected – even my mum, who violently objected to us getting one, is now a convert!”

Grace, 25

2. Installing grab bars in toilets

Image adapted from: Emily Ng

“I have zero regrets installing grab bars in both toilets in our house as part of the HDB EASE programme. It gives me peace of mind about the safety of my elderly mother, which is priceless.” 

Emily Ng, 35

3. Installing invisible window grilles

Image for illustration only.
Image credit: @endogrilles

“Not only do invisible window grilles have a minimalistic aesthetic and look pleasing to the eye, but they also don’t obstruct the view. Most importantly, it keeps my kids and pets safe at home.”

Angeline, 40

4. Having a clothes dryer

Image credit: @kinsmangroup

“For me, it’s having a dryer for my clothes as I do not like my laundry smelling wet and damp. Even though Singapore is a tropical country, the weather can be extremely unpredictable at times. I could do without having to rush home to collect my clothes should there be an abrupt downpour. Owning a dryer is such a life-changer, for sure!”

Sarina Yeo, 33

5. Building a storage compartment next to the washing machine

No-regret HDB decisionsImage adapted from: Amanda Lim

“Since I do not have a storeroom, my biggest challenge is to hide away bulky and unsightly objects. My best no-regret decision is building a customised compartment next to my washing machine. Not only can I store my ironing board here, but I can also hide dusters inside. This compartment was built based on my own design when renovating my place and I am very proud of it!”

Amanda Lim, 52

6. Investing in a full-fledged kitchen storage solution 

No-regret HDB decisionsImage adapted from: Rynna

“I have zero regrets in getting my interior designer to install a full set of storage compartments for my kitchen. It keeps all my cutlery and tableware neatly organised, and also allows me to showcase my collection of tableware. I’ve received lots of compliments for it from friends and relatives.”

Rynna, 31

7. Getting a ventilation fan for the toilet

Image credit: Pinterest

“My best no-regret decision for the house is getting a ventilation fan for our toilet. It helps to air out the toilet quickly so that we don’t need to wait for the odour to dissipate. This allows multiple people to use the bathroom comfortably, one after another, without any down time.”

Jolene, 27

8. Floor-to-ceiling cupboard with a niche

No-regret HDB decisionsImage for illustration only.
Image credit: Weiken

“The floor-to-ceiling cupboard we decided to install was definitely a no-regret decision. It has helped to maximise the entire wall space in our flat and neatly hides away our clutter. The niche was a really nice addition to the overall aesthetic and has been a useful space to put away our everyday items, such as keys and wallets, within easy reach.”

Hazel, 29

9. Knocking down of walls

No-regret HDB decisionsImage for illustration only.

“We knocked down the walls of the original study room to make for a larger living room space. It made our whole flat look a lot more spacious and open. This decision has served us well since we have a rather large extended family, and a larger living room area has allowed us to host them much more comfortably. ”

Mary, 56

10. Getting rid of the bathtub 

No-regret HDB decisionsImage for illustration only.
Image credit: Obbio Concept

“Our flat was a resale and it originally came with a bathtub. We decided to throw out the bathtub so that we could have a bigger shower. It has got to be one of our best no-regret decisions as it also saves water and reduces our electricity bills – nobody has time for a bubble bath in this economy.”

Daisy, 52

HDB no-regret renovation decisions

By taking a leaf out of someone else’s book, you get to receive the affirmation to go ahead with the purchase of an expensive home appliance. Also, you may even stumble upon a quality-of-life upgrade that you never knew you needed. We hope that our guide will let you make only no-regret decisions for your home from now on. 

Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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Cover image adapted from: Rynna, @thorkitchen, Weiken

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