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8 Most Expensive Estates To Rent In Singapore In 2024 & Whether Or Not They Are Worth It

10 May 2024 | BY

These are the 8 most expensive estates you can rent in Singapore, ideal if you can afford to shell out top dollar to live and breathe premium.

Previously, we covered the cheapest areas to rent homes in land-scarce Singapore. Now get ready for the sequel, where we flip things around to explore 8 of Singapore’s most expensive estates to rent and find out if they’re worth your buck. 

1. Central—Common room from $1,200/month

Image credit: Southbridge

You know the drill: the closer you are to town, the more expensive you can expect property prices and rents to be. And you can’t get closer than the Central area, where average rents range from $1,200—$1,500/month for HDB common rooms.

A sample of the average common room you can rent in the Central area.

Image credit: PropertyGuru

Image credit: 99.co

Expand the scope of your filters and you’ll find that rent for common rooms in condos is even more expensive, averaging between $1,700—$2,550/month. But with the added security and onsite facilities such as swimming pools and gyms, we think this works out to be a better deal overall.

LIV on Sophia is a condo complex that houses a collection of studio apartments.
Image credit: PropertyGuru

For a spot of privacy, the Central area offers a variety of studio apartments, although these range from $2,200—$4,000/month. Opting for a full unit will cost you considerably more than the rent of a studio apartment, with rates for a 3-room HDB flat hovering between $4,500—$5,000/month. 

While rents in the Central area are undeniably pricier, it’s still worth shelling out the extra money for the convenience, especially if you work in the CBD. After all, you get to eliminate the nightmare of daily commutes, which becomes particularly pronounced if you live in a far-flung location like Yew Tee or Punggol.

Verdict: Worth it

2. Queenstown—Common room from $900/month

Image credit: TheSmartLocal

Make way for the queen of Singapore’s real estate space. As Singapore’s first satellite town, Queenstown is truly the dame of real estate as she is home to some of the country’s most expensive properties. Average rents start from $900—$1,300/month for HDB common rooms in this area.

Image credit: PropertyGuru

While we found a couple of listings offering rents between $400—$600/month, these are outliers against the majority that begin from $900/month. Opt for a common room in a condo and you’ll find the average rent almost doubling to $1,400—$1,900/month. 

You can also upsize your budget for a whole HDB flat, which will set you back at least $3,700/month for a 3-bedder. Switch that up to a condo and the rent skyrockets to at least $4,800/month.

So is Queenstown a good place to rent a room despite the costs? The neighbourhood is designed to be a self-contained community, meaning that it’s rich in amenities that are easily accessible. Its proximity to Central Singapore is also a plus point if you work in the area. 

Verdict: Worth it

3. Clementi—Common room from $800/month

Image credit: @dennischongofficial

Near Queenstown is another one of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhoods, Clementi. This vibrant, mature estate is rich in amenities and home to some of Singapore’s best-known green spaces, such as Clementi Forest and the Rail Corridor. 

Rents for HDB common rooms in Clementi are $1,200/month on average.
Image credit: PropertyGuru

On the real estate front, Clementi has experienced significant revitalisation over the years, earning it a spot as one of Singapore’s priciest estates to live in. Rents for an HDB common room start from $800/month, with average rates ranging between $1,200—$1,350/month. While we found at least 2 listings quoting $450—$600/month, these are the exception to the norm.

Common rooms in condos are markedly pricier, averaging $1,300—$1,700/month. In fact, 99.co only has a couple of listings priced around $1,000—$1,200/month, with the rest beginning from $1,300/month.

A glimpse of Heritage View, a Clementi condo where common rooms fetch rents starting from $1,190/month.
Image credit: 99.co

Should you decide to rent a 3-bedroom HDB unit for your family, you’ll find your rent tripling to between $4,000—$4,500/month. Make that a condo and rent start from as high as $5,600/month.

Rents are expensive in Clementi, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Apart from the area’s abundance of amenities and green spaces, it also enjoys close proximity to some of Singapore’s top educational institutions, including the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nan Hua High School.

Looking ahead, Clementi’s property landscape will only continue to evolve, with more new launch projects coming soon.

Verdict: Worth it only if you’re working in the vicinity and enjoy hiking along the Green Corridor. Otherwise, it might be best to look elsewhere for more affordable rent.

4. Bukit Timah—Common room from $850/month

Image credit: HDB

Just whisper the name Bukit Timah and the words “premium”, “exclusive”, “expensive”, and “wealthy” immediately come to mind. This comes with good reason, given the many luxurious condos and landed properties lining Bukit Timah’s landscape, alongside the cluster of top local and international schools in the area.

Renting an HDB common room in Bukit Timah will cost you at least $850/month.
Image credit: PropertyGuru

With HDB flats faring few and far between in Bukit Timah, rents naturally start at a higher rate from $850–$1,500/month for a common room. Choose to rent a condo common room, and this rate is bumped up to a minimum of $1,000—$2,000/month.

An aerial view of Gardenvista, one of many premium condos located in Bukit Timah.
Image credit: PropertyGuru

And if you’re thinking of renting a whole unit, a 3-bedroom HDB flat will set you back between $3,700—$5,500/month. Rents for condos in Bukit Timah fall within a similar range, typically between $4,500—$6,000/month for a moderately-furnished 3-bedder. 

Do note that the above range for condos is drawn from 99.co. We found that listings for 3-bedroom condos are more expensive on PropertyGuru, with rates starting from $6,000/month onwards.

While Bukit Timah is rich in history and nature, we don’t think that the exorbitant rents here are worth it. With relatively more affordable estates near Bukit Timah and closer to Central Singapore, your money is better spent on renting a property in these places instead. That said, depending on your priorities and needs, Bukit Timah may just be the right option for you.

Verdict: Not worth it

5. Pasir Ris—Common room from $800/month

A photo of 187 Pasir Ris.
Image credit: 99.co

Head on over to the eastern reaches of Singapore and you’ll find that Pasir Ris is one of the more expensive estates in the region. Famed for its beaches, chalets, and unorthodox recreation activities such as fish farming and horse riding, this estate recently gained a reputation as an enclave for high-end living.

Rents in Pasir Ris are, therefore, on the higher end of the scale, averaging between $800—$950/month for an HDB common room. Opt to rent a condo common room and the average rate is bumped up to between $1000—$1,200/month. If you’d rather take a more private route, studio condos are available at rates ranging between $2,000—$2,500/month.

And if you choose to rent a whole unit, expect rates to be quadrupled—a typical 3-bedroom HDB flat in Pasir Ris has an asking rate of $3,600—$4,000/month. Select a condo and you’ll see the rates bumped up to a range of $4,000—$4,500/month. 

Image credit:TheSmartLocal

It’s evident that Pasir Ris commands fairly exorbitant rents across the board. But don’t let this deter you from taking up residence here as Pasir Ris is unique for its beachfront location, which provides easy access to the beaches and the sea from almost every residence in the area.

Pasir Ris is located all the way in the eastern fringes of Singapore, making it far less crowded than the Central areas – definitely ideal if you’re looking for a more laid-back and relaxing place to live in.

Verdict: Worth it if you’re a fan of the beach, travel overseas frequently, and have a soft spot for the East side of Singapore.

6. Marine Parade—Common room from $700/month

Image credit: @lucianteo

Surprise, surprise—Marine Parade is on this list and it’s not hard to see why. Best known for the 15km-long East Coast Park that provides residents with exclusive sea views, this coastal estate has long held the reputation of being one of Singapore’s atas residential zones.

Image credit: PropertyGuru

Rents in Marine Parade thus do not come cheap, with a simple HDB common room asking for $700—$1,000/month. The asking rate jumps to a cool $1,000—$1,600/month if you’re seeking a condo common room. 

For something more private, 1-bed condos are available for rent, although these are costlier with average rates ranging between $2,500—$3,600/month.

Meyer Residence is a condo that is just a stone’s throw away from Katong Park MRT.
Image credit: PropertyGuru

At these rates, you may as well go for a 3-bedroom HDB flat, with fully furnished units typically ranging between $3,700—$4,200/month. Condo units are even pricier at $4,500-$6,900/month.

Marine Parade is definitely one lavish lady, but are the high rents justified? You could argue that the gorgeous sea views here are unrivalled, as is the self-sufficiency of the area. Marine Parade benefits greatly from being a smaller estate, which means that amenities such as food and shops are easily accessible on foot.

Marine Parade is home to at least 6 shopping malls, including the iconic Parkway Parade and i12 Katong, all of which are located within walking distance of each other. This is not counting the many markets and hawker centres scattered across Marine Parade, providing quality food at affordable prices.

Verdict: Worth it if you’re a fan of good food, picnics at East Coast Park, and living on the fringes of the city.

7. Bishan—Common room from $700/month

Image credit:TheSmartLocal

While the rents at Bishan may not be as exorbitant as the previous 5 estates in this article, they’re still pricier compared to less popular areas in Singapore including Sengkang and Punggol. 

Image credit: PropertyGuru

For starters, rents for an HDB common room in Bishan start from a cool $700/month, with some rooms going up to $1,500/month. Choose a condo common room and you’ll find the average rates spiking between $1,200—$1,500/month. If you seek privacy, rent is tripled for a 1-bed condo in the area, ranging between $3,000—$4,000/month.

Renting a whole unit doesn’t come cheap either, with a 3-bedroom HDB flat costing between $3,700—$4,300/month on average. Opt for a condo unit and rents will peak between $5,200—$5,700/month.

Once the site of one of Singapore’s largest cemeteries, Bishan has since been rejuvenated into a desirable, self-contained suburban heartland that boasts a wealth of amenities such as Junction 8 while also enjoying close proximity to town. And if you’re in the mood for a relaxing stroll through nature, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and MacRitchie Reservoir are just nearby. 

Bishan is also right smack in the middle of Singapore’s map, giving you easy access to the rest of Singapore without the hassle of long train and bus rides. The NSL and Circle Line also pass through this part of Singapore, with places like Paya Lebar and the Botanic Gardens located just a few stations away.

Combined with its lower rents relative to Central locations, Bishan may prove to be a top choice for you. 

Verdict: Worth it

8. Serangoon—Common room from $800/month

Image credit: @jeannieangproperty

With a smattering of MRT lines and bus routes criss-crossing this central location, combined with its larger and higher-quality properties, Serangoon remains steadfast as a popular residential estate in Singapore. And who can forget that it’s also home to Nex, one of Singapore’s most iconic shopping malls with a staggering array of amenities under one roof?

Fully furnished HDB common rooms can be rented from $800/month at Serangoon.
Image credit: PropertyGuru

Despite its glowing reputation, rents at Serangoon aren’t necessarily the most expensive. Similar to its neighbour Bishan, rents for an HDB common room in Serangoon range between $800—$1,100/month. Opt for a condo common room and watch the rent increase to an average of between $1,300—$1,800/month. Studio apartments range between $2,100—$3,000/month.

As for whole units, a 3-bedroom HDB flat will cost you between $3,800—$4,200/month on average. A condo of similar proportions will set you back between $4,500—$6,000/month.

Overall, Serangoon is a decent estate to take up residence. With rents in Serangoon being relatively cheaper than its central counterparts, along with how well-connected the area is to the rest of Singapore, it’s safe to say that the location is well worth the extra moolah you pay for your monthly rent.

Verdict: Worth it

Most expensive estates to rent in Singapore in 2024

With land scarcity and high demand in play, it’s no wonder that rent in Singapore is remarkably steep. And as the 8 estates covered in this article demonstrate, premium locales in the country turn up the renting heat by several notches, demanding that you pay a pretty penny to enjoy greater convenience and accessibility.  

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This article was originally published on 8th September 2023, and was updated on 8th May 2024.

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