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This 3-Room Condo Has The Dreamiest Neutral Palette, Hidden Entrances & A Hotel-Worthy Walk-In Wardrobe

28 May 2024 | BY

This resale condo home renovation by Darwin Interior beautifully marries aesthetics with practical considerations.

resale condo home darwin interior

The elements of Japanese interior design are not unfamiliar to many in Singapore, but here’s one that deserves a closer look. In this minimalist Japanese home renovation by Darwin Interior, they’ve elevated the design aesthetic to another level, harmoniously marrying the calming visual language with practical considerations. 

What results is a cosy and inviting home that is not only specifically catered to the homeowner’s everyday needs, but also looks good doing so. 

A calming living room with a scenic alfresco balcony

resale condo home darwin interiorImage credit: Darwin Interior

Being busy professionals, the homeowners had wanted Darwin Interior to create a comforting home to return to after a day’s work. With that in mind, this home takes a page from the Japandi style for its palette, using gentle cream shades, complementing them with wood tones to infuse the place with a calming atmosphere.

Vinyl was applied to achieve the same visual effect as regular wood, whilst limestone is used on the walls for a simple look that creates textural depth. This leaves plenty of allowance in the renovation budget for some of the finer details in the renovation, such as curved walls that match the rounded TV console.

resale condo home 3The lovely dark wood post with a lamp is positioned at the side of the living room, providing another element of visual contrast.
Image credit: Darwin Interior

resale condo home 4Image credit: Darwin Interior

This humble abode may be designed for rest, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for lively entertainment. Stationed on the balcony facing the surrounding neighbourhood, this 6-seater table serves as a setting for the homeowners to host alfresco-style dinner parties.

And when there aren’t guests about, this area also functions as a therapeutic way to start any slow mornings, admiring the quiet scenery with a cup of tea in hand. 

Homely & personalised open-concept kitchen

resale condo home 5Image credit: Darwin Interior

The open-concept kitchen was one of the specifications for this renovation, one that necessitated hacking a wall to expand the real estate. As the female homeowner is a baking enthusiast, one particular arrangement made here was to relocate the oven to the dry kitchen.

This way, she has easy access to the island counter, giving her a more conducive workspace when baking.

resale condo home 6Image credit: Darwin Interior

Style isn’t sacrificed on the altar of utility here at all, but is seamlessly integrated as practical features of the house. In the kitchen, it takes the form of stylish fluted panels under the kitchen island, and a space for a coffee pantry. The countertops here employ sintered stone, in an appealing travertine design, for its practical durability.

wet kitchenImage credit: Darwin Interior

Hacking the walls also created more space for heavy-duty cooking in the wet kitchen. Clever use of vertical space allowed the washer and dryer to be integrated into the overall design.

Cleverly concealed hidden doorways

resale condo home 8Image credit: Darwin Interior

The sleek visual language of this 3-room resale condo renovation has also created unique design opportunities for the home. This might look like a regular, tranquil-looking corridor, but there is more to this place than meets the eye.

resale condo home 9Image credit: Darwin Interior

The walls on the left serve as clever concealment for the common bathroom and study room. When not in use, the doorways remain hidden, preserving the sleek profile of the area and the minimalist style of the home.

Serene master bedroom & en-suite with natural stone-esque accents

resale condo home 10Image credit: Darwin Interior

The master bedroom and its accompanying en-suite take on some elements from wabi-sabi design, relying on natural textures and organic shapes to create a serene oasis from the bustle of urban life. Here, more of the travertine-style texture is seen on the headboard, though this time laminate was used to create the effect.

And lovingly contrasting this is the use of a gently curving bedhead, enhancing its visual intrigue.

backlit mirrorImage credit: Darwin Interior

The en-suite is similarly calming. Its simple and minimalist design is aesthetically elevated through the use of an organically shaped, backlit mirror.

showerImage credit: Darwin Interior

A walk-in wardrobe with a vanity corner

resale condo home 13Image credit: Darwin Interior

The sliding doors with rattan-weave blinds give a tasteful peek into the sanctuary which the homeowners requested from Darwin Interior. Past this is a walk-in wardrobe that would’ve been fitting in a hotel suite.

walk-in wardrobeImage credit: Darwin Interior

This small room serves as a peaceful sanctuary for the homeowners to start the day in, secluded from the outside world.

resale condo home 15Image credit: Darwin Interior

With warm lighting and a lit pole-mounted mirror, the walk-in wardrobe has the sophistication of a premium hair salon, whilst also carrying the same soothing atmosphere that defines the rest of this home.

Minimalist Japanese home with calming aesthetics

resale condo home 16Image credit: Darwin Interior

The comparatively modest $78K renovation budget and timeframe of this 3-room resale condo renovation by Darwin Interiors was made possible through the thoughtful selection of materials and closely working with their clients, creating a personalised harmony of form and function within an interior design space.

If you are looking for an interior designer that not only strikes the balance between comfort and style, but also transcends it to create a home that beautifully blends form and function, then Darwin Interior is your answer. Working with them means that you will have a team that will truly work to help make your design dreams come true.

Above all, Darwin Interiors seeks to help translate your vision into reality. It won’t be just an aesthetic space that disregards livability for simple style, but rather one defined by practical sensibilities, that is both beautiful and allows its occupants to enjoy the finer things in life.

Let Darwin Interior translate your interior vision into reality

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Cover image adapted from: Darwin Interior

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