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This Condo Unit In Marine Parade Has A Soothing Blue-And-White Palette That Gives You Santorini Vibes

17 February 2022 | BY

No flights needed for a beach resort getaway in this 1,518 square foot home.

santorini condo cover

With an unconventional colour palette and spacious layout, this apartment looks more like a resort in Santorini than a home in Singapore. Inspired by a luxe resort vibe, homeowner Joleen modelled her home to be perfect for the rest and relaxation we all need. 

That said, beyond the Pinterest-board look, the home is thoughtfully designed. Details like dust-free storage and multi-functional spaces make it luxurious and livable for a family of four. 

Breezy “Santorini” living room

santorini condo living room 1A teal hammock catches the breeze, perfect for a midday siesta.

Entering the living room, the tasteful pop of colour is not the only thing that hits you. That’s because the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors can be pulled aside completely, allowing for an unobstructed breeze to greet you. 

Even when closed to keep out noise or rain, the transparent sliding doors allow lots of natural light to stream in. The clear view of lush greenery just outside the balcony further extends the visual space, so you can’t exactly tell what’s inside or out. The result? A sun-soaked living room that looks unbelievably spacious. 

The calming blue hues and flowy pieces like the hammock and white curtains add a relaxing visual effect. Not to mention, the pool view from the open balcony that tops off the island escape fantasy. 

santorini condo living room 2Neutral tones in different textures – the wall, couch and rug – add movement to the large room.

If white is a major part of your colour scheme, this is something to note: you run the risk of having your interior look overly sterile or cold. In this case, a custom accent wall does a brilliant job to soften the look of the living room whilst adding subtle detail that draws the eye without dominating the room or clashing with the stronger blue statement pieces. 

The pattern, chosen by the interior designer and designed by hand, gives off the ‘beach’ feel and reinforces the theme of the home, said houseowner Joleen. As a bonus, it dials down the glare from the sunlight. 

Multi-functional living space and kitchen

santorini condo kitchen 1

If you’re wondering how anyone is able to work from home while living in a resort-inspired place, you’ll be happy to know that there are spaces carved out in the house for work. In particular, this unique extension of the dry kitchen also serves as a mini “hot desking” area. 

With the natural light, spacious table and coffee always just an arm’s length away, it’s a much better working environment than an enclosed study room. The vibrant colours are visually appealing as well, especially when lightly accented with matching white furniture for an aesthetic look. 

santorini condo kitchen 2Gold brushes on the tap and cabinet handles subtly elevate the space

There’s more to this beautiful kitchen-island-slash-home-office than meets the eye, as it also triples up as a dining area. “Having different functions and different options is very important,” said Joleen. If anything, the bold, floor-to-ceiling coloured cabinetry and striking quartz island prove that a multi-functional space can still achieve an effortless luxe look.

santorini condo kitchen 3The white island countertop offsets the blue for a striking visual contrast

In the same spirit of practicality, the homeowners opted for an enclosed wet kitchen over an open concept. It may seem like a trade-off, but there’s nothing more priceless than cooking and baking with peace of mind, not having to worry about food odours or getting the living room oily.

Although in a separate area, the wet kitchen retains the bright blue cabinetry that matches the rest of the house. The neutral-toned worktop and splashback work to break up the colour, while the choice of a futuristic-looking Miele hood makes the space more dynamic. The luxurious vibe is certainly not lost, with subtle gold accents and an elegant marble pattern. 

Resort-inspired bedroom enclave 

santorini condo bedroom 1

The warm, dark parquet flooring immediately demarcates the bedroom as a cosier and more private space compared to the other areas of the house. Nothing screams cosy like the corner window sill seat, made even more welcoming with the natural lines of the blue drapes and matching pillows. 

santorini condo bedroom 2Concealed door leads to an ensuite bathroom

Just a peek around the wall – one moment you’re in Singapore, and the next you’re at a resort. The natural wood tones immediately bring to beach destinations like Bali and the Maldives. 

A large bed and wooden bedframe takes up most of the space, so Joleen intentionally chose to have minimal visual clutter that in turn highlights the spaciousness of the room. 

One way that plays out is with the concealed cupboards, most with no protruding handles. With a sophisticated shade and timeless wall moulding design, the space is enhanced with a classy and dramatic finish. It’s a seamless and mystifying visual that cleverly conceals the storage areas, as well as the door to an ensuite bathroom. 

Uncluttered, modern bathroom

santorini condo bathroom 1

According to Joleen, one main inspiration for designing the ensuite bathroom was simply to recreate a ‘hotel bathroom’ ambience. With large mirrors and a tall frosted glass window, this bathroom is quickly elevated to that level. 

While the signature blue cabinets are showstoppers in their own right, the choice of a white marble basin and classic white wall tiles is a subtly effective design element. It maximises the available light, and coupled with the mirrors, keeps the bathroom bright and inviting. 

The cabinets also serve a functional purpose over just being aesthetic. With plenty of storage space inside, most of the toiletries are kept hidden away for a visually-pleasing uncluttered and spacious environment. 

santorini condo bathroom 2Transparent surfaces like glass can help to make the bathroom look bigger

Moving to the standing shower, black marble tiles are the main feature. It makes the shower pop, and at the same time, modernises the space with a contemporary touch. Altogether, the luxe feel of the bathroom is well-balanced with practicality, all while naturally keeping to the overarching resort theme of the house. 

Ideas for a luxe resort-inspired home

In a time when travelling overseas is complicated, this resort-inspired home takes a staycation to the next level. The $110,000 renovation design emphasises the luxury of the space, all while retaining character with matching pops of colour. 

From the airy design of the living room to the cosiness of the bedroom, there are dreamy resort vibes that take you to getaways like Bali and Santorini, something that the homeowners intended from the start. 

That said, the most crucial part in designing a place, said Joleen, is to consider your living habits to design with function in mind. “Ultimately, you need to design a place as to how you would live it,” she said. 

Photography courtesy of Joleen 

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