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7 Wallpaper Shops In Singapore To Give Your Walls A New Look Without Having To Paint

28 July 2022 | BY

If you’re looking to add dimension, texture or colour to your home, check out these 7 best wallpaper shops in Singapore.


Decorating your home goes beyond just furnishing it well. Beyond plain painted walls, wallpaper is another kind of wallcovering that can help you elevate the look of your home with little cost. Wallpaper designs go beyond simple hues and textures, some even have intricate motifs and caricatures – you can also easily switch up the aesthetic of your home with a different design.

And if you don’t know where to start, we’ve sussed out 7 of Singapore’s best wallpaper shops that offer everything from fire-resistant wallpaper to free application tools for you to upgrade your home. 

1. Honpo Wallpaper – Over 150 brands with European, Japanese and scenic designs 

renovationImage credit: @foongfamilyflat, @atinymodernluxe

Honpo Singapore offers an extensive range of wallpaper designs, including European, Tropical, Japanese-inspired, and kid-themed ones. In total, the brand has over 150 wallpaper brands that hail from all across the globe under its product catalogue.

wallpaperImage credit: @habitamp, @livingdna

For homeowners looking to design a modern and stylish home, Honpo Singapore’s selections include trendy designs such as marble and terrazzo. It also has more realistic scenic options that can make your home look like it’s smack in the middle of a grassy plain, or set under a dreamy galaxy.  

wallpaperImage credit: @poutandchow

Another key feature of this wallpaper store is its DIY service. Not only can you try a hand at installing your own wallpaper, but they also provide workshops that give you a quick training on how to do so – so you can switch up your own wallpaper whenever you want, without the hassle and cost of hiring an installer.

Honpo has a free 3D-installation application online, as well as free tool rental services to make your DIY an easier process. If not, you can always rely on the installation service from this store – its perfect 5-star reviews should say something about the quality of their work.

Price range: From approximately $5 per metre
Telephone: 8455 2471 

Ubi Showroom
Address: 61 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub, #01-31, Singapore 408727

Loyang Way Showroom
Address: 30 Loyang Way, #06-02/03/04, Singapore 508769

Honpo Wallpaper’s website

2. Wallhub Singapore – Customised print options to design your own mural  

renovationImage credit: @homeencounters

At Wallhub Singapore, one can choose from over 10,000 embellishing wallpaper designs from Europe, Korea, Japan, and the US. On top of designs, Wallhub also retails the Londonart Exclusive Italian Wallpaper, a premium water-resistant option for spill-prone areas in the house – say, your kitchen backsplash. 

renovationImage credit: @wallhubsg, @wallhubsg

If you have a mural or design in mind that’s not in Wallhub Singapore’s listings, the store has a Customised Digital Print service that’ll help you achieve your dream look for your homes.

wallpaperImage credit: @wallhubsg

When it comes to wallpaper installation, Wallhub Singapore is yet another store that has received great reviews for its patient and meticulous service. On top of traditional wallpapers, Wallhub provides authentic, textured 3D feature walls – great for homeowners looking to create a realistic brick or natural stone feature wall. 

Price range: From approximately $32 per sqm

Central Showroom (Flagship Gallery)
Telephone: 6980 7706
Address: 18 Sin Ming Lane, #01-08/09/31/32, Midview City, Singapore 573960

East Showroom
Telephone: 6493 7217
Address: 62 Ubi Road 1, #01-38, Oxley Bizhub 2, Singapore 408734
*Temporarily closed for renovation, please contact the showroom for further details.

North Showroom
Telephone: 6909 7245
Address: 2 Gambas Crescent, #01-10, Nordcom II, Singapore 757044
*Temporarily closed for renovation, please contact the showroom for further details.

Wallhub Singapore’s website

3. Goodrich Global – For classy, luxurious wallpapers 

renovationImage credit:, @j.oannemelissa

For homeowners who’re looking for wallpapers to fit their luxury aesthetic, you can turn to Goodrich Global for their marble and gold-gilded designs. The brand has a range of wallpapers guaranteed to make your home look both stylish and beautiful.

renovationHead down to their showroom for a complimentary consultation.
Image credit: @goodrich_global

You can also look forward to a concierge service that includes a 3-year installation warranty, a free consultation, and choose between bespoke hand-painted services or digital printing – added bonuses to ensure that you’re satisfied with both its workmanship and the final outcome of your home reno.

Price range: From $18 per metre
Telephone: 6788 6868
Address: 8 Changi South Lane, #01-01, Goodrich Building, Singapore 486113

Goodrich Global’s website

4. Craft Axis – Has fire- and water-resistant options

wallpaperImage credit: @irninat

From colourful safari-themed wallpapers to abstract-art ones, Craft Axis retails the high-end designer Italian brand, Tecnografica which has up to 6 different types of support to choose from:

  • Soundproof – absorbs noise and sounds, softening the ambience at home
  • Fabric – has a realistic fabric surface
  • TNT – has a structured spatulate effect that adds texture to your home
  • Skin – has a smooth, vinyl-like finish
  • Natural – these are water-based wallpapers that doesn’t have chemical solvents, meaning that application and disposal is hassle-free
  • H20 – water resistant and can even be used in bathrooms, including the inner areas of your shower

Besides traditional wallpapers that come with smooth or slightly textured finishes, the Tecnografica line includes fire- and water-resistant options like H20. So if you’re worried about your kids making a mess with spills and doodles, you can make quick work of cleaning up after them without risking a torn or soggy wallpaper.

wallpaperImage credit: @lynxling

While scrolling through Pinterest, you might stumble upon a design you think is perfect for your home’s walls. Before you get disappointed from the lack of similar designs at local wallpaper stores, Craft Axis has a custom mural wallpaper service to make your wallpaper dreams come true.

This wallpaper store is also known for receiving great reviews on Facebook, as well as shout-outs from Singapore celebrities and influencers on Instagram.

Price range: From $18 per sqm
Telephone: 6850 5035
Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Lobby D, #01-66, Ubi Techpark, Singapore 408564

Craft Axis’ website

5. Softhome – For a Japanese-inspired aesthetic

wallpaperImage credit: @akn.myhome

Softhome specialises in premium Japanese wallpaper that’s simple and stylish. Its minimalistic and authentic Japanese wallpapers are great for homeowners looking to build a Japandi or Muji home. 

wallpaperImage credit: @hana9ca_e_, @tsu_ki_hi

There’s a broad range of hues and textures to choose from – you can refer to its online catalogues that recommend wallpaper designs and types according to a homeowner’s reno experience and aesthetic. 

Price range: From $44 per sqm
Telephone: 9221 9632
Address: 48 Tannery Lane, #04-00A, Tailoo Building, Singapore 347795

Softhome’s website

6. The Wall Story – To give your home a Bridgerton makeover

renovationImage credit: @the_wallstory, @the_wallstory

Fans of the Netflix originals, Bridgerton and Persuasion can look forward to the classical designs at The Wall Story. They have fancy and timeless designs that are characterised by floral motifs and arabesques, making you feel like you just stepped into a scene in a Jane Austen novel.

wallpaperImage credit: @the_wallstory

Adding on to the luxe selection, The Wall Story also offers trendy designs like marble, quartz, and metallic ones.

renovationMilky way (left) and comic-themed (right) wallpapers.
Image credit: @alexis.interior, @the_wallstory

Many of The Wall Story’s designs also have a 3D effect, such as hyper-realistic block patterns that look like actual Peranakan tiles. Other designs range from dreamy galaxy murals and animal prints to ones that make your room wall look like a street poster wall.

Price range: From approximately $11.50 per metre
Telephone: 88688636
Address: 756 Upper Serangoon Road, #02-13A, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore 534626

The Wall Story’s website

7. Hello Circus – Abstract, art deco and tropical styles available 

renovationImage credit: @ethereall__@zoeandjake, @annnyesh

This wallpaper store might just be a fan favourite among households with young children. Hello Circus has a collection of playful, artistic designs that are a perfect blend between comforting and fun. 

On top of murals that look hand drawn and abstract watercolour artworks, Hello Circus also caters to older customers with mid-century modern and art deco styles that’ll give your home an old Hollywood glam look.

wallpaperFrom the Hello Circus x House of Chais line.
Image credit: @houseofchais

They’ve also collaborated with local interior design influencers, HouseofChais to create a line of minimalistic wallpapers that would fit in perfectly with the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Price range: From $95 per sqm
Address: 285 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427535

Hello Circus’ website

Best wallpaper stores in Singapore

Finding the right wallpaper stores in Singapore is a tricky affair for many – not only do you have to worry about price, but a botched installation job is also a misfortune you wouldn’t wish on anyone. 

Don’t even start on the designs – for many homeowners, this might feel like picking a needle from a haystack. What worse is if no design is right for you and your home. Word of advice: think about your needs before your wants. That should help you to narrow down your choices.

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Cover image credit: @alexis.interior, @zoeandjake, @the_wallstory  

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