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4 Hotel-Worthy Features We Love In This Interior Designer’s Loft Condo

19 June 2024 | BY

This hotel-worthy loft condo is beautifully designed, with a choice selection of decor & furniture adding plenty of texture & style.

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It’s not the Muji Hotel Ginza, but this hotel-worthy loft condo with Japanese stylings might be good enough to give it a run for its money. Defined by a minimalistic sophistication, this home  renovation by Carmen Tang, founder of the Wolf Woof design studio, is beautifully designed, with a small but choice selection of decor and furniture that add plenty of texture and fashion to the loft.

A stylish living room with a dramatic loft

hotel-worthy loft condo 2Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

The ID was asked by her clients to create a home around the concept of ikigai, which is a philosophy that revolves around discovering what truly matters to you, and living a life that sparks joy. And in this manner, a lot of the design elements seen here are focused on creating a home with high livability━one that caters to the specific needs of the homeowners.

hotel-worthy loft condo 333Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

One key feature of this home is the open-concept nature of it, which further enhances the spaciousness of the double-storey layout. The open concept also helps create a sense of fluidity between the various living spaces so they flow seamlessly into one another..

The huge floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of sunlight into this house, whilst also providing an enviable view of the surrounding greenery. And the homeowners are very much having their cake and eating it too, with what seems to be a one-way tinting treatment applied to the windows that helps maintain a semblance of privacy for them. 

forestImage credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

tv consoleImage credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

Alcoves are a design detail that recurs quite a lot in this home, with both the floating TV console and a simple decorative planter housed in a little arched nook in the living room. It helps keep the home feeling sleek, but the curves also very much help add a soft touch to the visual language of the home, appropriate for a room where you are meant to lounge and relax.

Although subtle, the fine metallic edge that lines the TV console does add an understated sense of sophistication to the area.

decorThis home is beautifully adorned with little pockets of ingeniously simple, calming decor.
Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

hotel-worthy loft condo 222Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

There is very much an overarching theme of creams and whites, with angular wooden furniture and built-ins that are reminiscent of Muji-style pieces. But plants are strategically situated around the home to add a splash of colour and visual intrigue. They’re also an extension of the forest outside, bringing a piece of nature into the home.

hotel-worthy loft condo 8Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

The hanging glass pendant lights are a nice centrepiece for the living room, with a warm translucent copper that harmonises with the palette of its surroundings. Its slender design and height, resting right beside the floor of the loft, also helps fill the empty ceiling space, giving the home additional depth whilst also visually elevating the place.

hotel-worthy loft condo 9Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

Up the stairs to the loft is a nice little spot that’ll make audiophiles drool. Here, the homeowners have an area where they can relax, whilst listening to their favourite music with the wall-mounted Beosound Shape audio speakers by Bang & Olufsen. Essentially like the Nanoleaf lights, but for sound, these audio speakers beautifully blend utility and aesthetic.

 When not in use, it almost looks like a modern art installation.

A restful bedroom that opens up to the living room with no door

hotel-worthy loft condo 10Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

The ID very much leverages on the size of this home, keeping the bedroom demarcated, but not cut off, from the other home spaces to keep it feeling highly breathable.

hotel-worthy loft condo 11Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

The ID moved away from the usual flat fluted panels that you often see in bedroom makeovers, employing a convex pattern instead. This decision was aesthetic, but also provided a softer texture and felt more comfortable to lean against. It keeps the wall-mounted lights and fluted panels visually cohesive as well.

hotel-worthy loft condo 12Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

hotel-worthy loft condo 13Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

A cosy study & office with a view

hotel-worthy loft condo 14Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

There was actually originally a second bedroom, but it was converted into an office study instead for the homeowners. The ID confided that part of the challenge was to cater to the homeowner’s desire to incorporate some of the old furniture that they liked. One such example is this old dining bench, fitting snugly within the physical space as well as the visual palette of the room.

hotel-worthy loft condo 15Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

That said, it does still preserve some elements you’d normally associate with a bedroom, such as some wardrobe space. There are plenty of birchwood built-ins, done in a sleek and simple style that is in line with the calming, minimalist vibe of the design theme.

hotel-worthy loft condo 16Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

hotel-worthy loft condo 17Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

hotel-worthy loft condo 18Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

There is also a large window situation right above the study desk, which is great for ensuring the place is well-lit and conducive for work, but also serves as a nice view to rest your eyes with after long hours of staring at a screen.

hotel-worthy loft condo 19Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

hotel-worthy loft condo 20More curved lines, this time in the form of an archway, that soften the look of the home.
Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

A cafe-worthy kitchen & dining area with plenty of “hidden” lights

hotel-worthy loft condo 21Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

The house has  both a dry and wet kitchen, but not in quite the same way that you’d usually expect. Instead of the two areas separated into their own individual rooms, you here  have the kitchens in the same demarcated area, but positioned on opposite ends of it.

In this way, they create workspace separation, whilst also being in line with the open-concept nature of the renovation. The strip lighting plays a large role in the design of the kitchen, highlighting the borders of the kitchen space, keeping the place well-lit, as well as providing illumination for a neat display shelving near the dry kitchen. 

Its warm glow also helps add a bit of refinement and style to the overall atmosphere.

hotel-worthy loft condo 22Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

The dry kitchen was especially done up to cater to one of the homeowners’ desire to bake. This way she has plenty of surface area to knead and make confectionery. 

The backsplash for both kitchens are made using sleek Kitkat tiles, which helps visually lengthen the kitchen space, while the cabinets come with recessed pull handles that further reinforce the very clean and Japanese style kitchen design.

hotel-worthy loft condo 23Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

Another nice highlight is in this hotel-worthy loft condo renovation can be found in what would initially look like a relatively innocuous seating area. And whilst this is definitely a great place to socialise in, the painting that these two paper stools flank is more than meets the eye.

A wonderful specimen of dual-use spaces, the painting actually folds down to form a dining table for two. It is actually a very neat feature, one that not only is consistent with the design approach of minimalist elegance in this home, but also is noteworthy enough for folks to pin on their home inspo boards.

A hotel-worthy loft condo reno

hotel-worthy loft condo 222Image credit: @iamcarmentang_wolfwoof

For many homeowners looking to come up with designs for their next renovation, perhaps it would be nice to look away from the tempting Japandi and wabi-sabi templates for something a little different. 

Instead, by looking towards creating a home that focuses on a lifestyle, mindset or even a philosophy, such as the zen home we’ve covered before, you might yourself with some interesting, highly fashionable renovations.

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