8 Best Interior Designers For Japandi-Themed Homes In Singapore

25 July 2023 | BY

If you’re a huge fan of Japandi homes, have a look at our top 8 local interior designers to hit up for a Japandi home makeover.

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Finding the perfect interior designer to bring your dream home to life is nothing short of tricky. One way to narrow down your choices is to decide on a theme. If you’re captivated by the tranquil charm of Japandi, you’re in luck as we’ve done the research and curated a list of the 8 most outstanding Japandi interior designers to consider.

What is Japandi?

Japanese and scandi living room UchifyImage credit: @houseofchais

It’s pretty straightforward – Japandi is simply a portmanteau of “Scandinavian” and “Japan”. In other words, it combines the minimalism and functionality of Scandi style with natural materials such as wood, which is characteristic of Japanese design. The result is a streamlined space filled with warmth, and texture, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity. 

Singapore Japandi Interior - organic living spaceImage credit: @iconinteriordesign

1. The Local INN.terior – Clean and timeless design

arched wall nicheImage credit: The Local INN.terior

Finding a design that stands the test of time can be challenging, which is why the timeless Japandi style is so popular in Singapore.

Singapore Japandi Interior - attention to detailImage credit: The Local INN.terior

The Local INN.terior specialises in crafting clean and timeless interpretations of Japanese-Scandi spaces. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that the chosen colour palette, layout, and materials means that your reno will look brand new for years to come. 

2. TE-EL – A sense of serenity 

Singapore Japandi Interior - adding black accentsImage credit: TE-EL

Tranquillity reigns supreme in Japandi homes and is often achieved through light wood and natural elements. However, TE-EL designers took a bold step by introducing black accents into their Japandi projects, elevating the style while maintaining the essence of calmness.

wabi sabi living roomImage credit: TE-EL

While light wood tones are traditional, black offers a sophisticated alternative to enhance your home’s aesthetics without the challenges of maintaining an all-white space, especially with kids and pets around.

3. Hock Hoon – Mindful living concept

Singapore Japandi Interior - Mindful living conceptImage credit: Hock Hoon

Japandi, with its foundation in Japanese-inspired style, embodies a mindful way of life that urges homeowners to embrace minimalism. At Hock Hoon, their main design concepts are deeply influenced by minimalism and a dedication to create a tranquil environment.

With a shared appreciation for simplicity and organic design, Hock Hoon effortlessly creates spaces that exude the serenity and elegance synonymous with the Japandi style.

4. The Interior Lab – Nature-inspired textures

Nature-inspired textures in living roomImage credit: @theinteriorlab

Nature-inspired textures extend beyond one-dimensional wood panels. There are numerous creative ways to infuse the essence of nature throughout your home. Instead of relying solely on wooden wallpaper overlays, The Interior Lab introduces a captivating interplay of textures.

Singapore Japandi Interior - interplay of texturesImage credit: @theinteriorlab

By incorporating fluted wall panels and perforated surfaces, they achieve stunning visual aesthetics that cast delicate shadows, lending a radiant glow to your spaces, particularly during the enchanting golden hours.

5. Studio FortyFour – Neutral wood palette

Neutral wood palette tableImage credit: Studio FortyFour

Chances are, you’re already acquainted with the beloved all-wood furniture from Muji. While Muji itself may not offer home renovation services, Studio FortyFour comes a close second. With their expertise in design and a shared affinity for Muji-inspired concepts, they can bring that coveted aesthetic to life in your home.

Singapore Japandi Interior - optimise space functionalityImage credit: Studio FortyFour

Studio FortyFour draws inspiration from the seamless blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, and their focus on simplicity and aesthetics that optimise space functionality will resonate with any Muji fan.

6. Brickwood Studio – Elegant elements

Singapore Japandi Interior - elegant elementsImage credit: @brickwoodstudiosg

In the dining area, a feature wall doesn’t have to be limited to a simple shelf adorned with trinkets. Brickwood Studio demonstrates an innovative approach by creating a statement wall with irregularly shaped niches, creating an alluring play of depth and dimension that goes beyond static visual appeal.

Singapore Japandi Interior - simplicityImage credit: @brickwoodstudiosg

Every element in your home contributes to the overall atmosphere. Selecting timeless and classic forms that strike a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics is key. With a visually stunning home curated by Brickwood Studio, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your future guests.

7. Kozé Studio – Minimalist simplicity

Singapore Japandi Interior - Minimalist Image credit: @koze_studio

For those who seek a simpler and truly minimalistic approach, Kozé Studios is a perfect choice. Embracing the mantra of “less is more”, this design studio excels at creating tranquil sanctuaries without the need for overwrought concepts.

Singapore Japandi Interior - wabi-sabi furnitureImage credit: @koze_studio

Instead of relying heavily on furniture and decorations to convey the Japandi concept, Kozé Studios utilises the walls in every room. By turning sharp edges into curves and splashing on limewash paint, these raw walls set the stage for Japandi and wabi-sabi furniture.

8. Three Haus Works – Sophisticated living spaces

Singapore Japandi Interior - Sophisticated living spacesImage credit: @threehausworks

Who says you need trendy decorations and bold colours to make your home stand out? Three Haus Works proves that simplicity and neutral colours can work wonders, crafting a refined interior that exudes timeless elegance.

Singapore Japandi Interior - embracing clean lines Image credit: @threehausworks

Rather than relying on extravagant decor, the key lies in embracing clean lines and strategically focusing on one to two textures. Not only can this approach elevate your home, but it can also give it a polished appearance that suggests careful consideration of every detail. 

8 Interior design experts for Japandi-theme homes

It’s not easy to replicate the captivating essence of Japandi design as you have to ensure that the ID shares the same passion for tranquil living spaces. Rest assured that the 8 local interior designers on our list not only possess meticulous attention to detail, but also the artistic flair to replicate the Japandi aesthetic.

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