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11 HDB Developments With Million-Dollar Sales In 2023 To KIV As An Asset

30 November 2023 | BY

We take a closer look at the million-dollar flats sold in 2023 to figure out the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to considering them as investments.

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We’re well accustomed to seeing DBSS, Jumbo flats, the highly-coveted HDB lofts, and now executive maisonettes surpassing the million-dollar mark. But when regular 5-room HDB flats suddenly start selling over the 6 figure mark, eyebrows are bound to raise.

Naturally, we took a closer look at and tried to determine if these 11 HDB developments with million-dollar sales to see if they are actually worthy of investment.

1. Kebun Baru Court – Ang Mo Kio Street 21

Kebun Baru CourtImage credit: Google Maps

District: D20
Remaining years on lease: ~94 years
Closest MRT station: Mayflower

Kebun Baru Court is one of those new kids on the block having just hit its 5-year MOP period just this year. With only a smattering of units – 283 in total – spread across its 2 blocks, Kebun Baru Court has had 3 separate 5-room transactions over the million-dollar mark, with the highest transacted price being $1.1M. All the sold units came from Block 260B. 

Million-Dollar flats 3Image adapted from: HDB

In terms of amenities, Kebun Baru Court comes with the basics such as a neighbourhood supermarket, an eating house, a laundromat, salon and even a highly-rated Banh Mi shop. Schools wise, there’s Mayflower Secondary School just across the street and a My First Skool located at Blk 229 Ang Mo Kio to give working parents that added convenience.

Million-Dollar flats 4Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.
Image credit: juliantandw.photography

Another plus point would likely be the Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park  nearby. The park itself is great, with plenty of points of interest and would serve as a great place for jogging. It is just unfortunate that due to the way the development is built, you’re likely only going to enjoy an unblocked view of the park from the higher floors of 260B. 

Verdict: All in all, it’s a peaceful neighbourhood, but unless you intend to keep it as a rental property or just love the Ang Mo Kio area, you can do with much better choices on this list.

2. Teck Ghee Parkview – Ang Mo Kio Street 44

Teck Ghee ParkviewImage credit: Kay Lim Holdings Pte Ltd

District: D20
Remaining years on lease: ~94 years
Closest MRT stations: Ang Mo Kio

Another development that has hit its 5-year MOP in 2023, Teck Ghee Parkview is made up of 8 blocks with a total of 576 units. It had 9 million-dollar sales in the last 12 months, 6 of which happened in 2023. The highest transacted price is $1.155M and the units sold are from blocks 455A and 455B.

Million-Dollar flats 6Image adapted from: HDB

Foodies will love Teck Ghee Parkview, with not one but 3 food centres nearby: 409 AMK Market And Food Centre, Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre and Chong Boon Market & Food Centre just across the road.

Million-Dollar flats 7Ang Mo Kio Hub also happens to be close by.

Image credit: L privileges

Whilst not not quite on the scale of Kebun Baru Court, Teck Ghee Park View does enjoy plenty of  great parks. Teck Ghee Neighborhood 4 Park in particular is also dog-friendly, which is a great plus for those with fur children.

Verdict: With plenty of amenities and greenery nearby, this is the better choice of the 2 Ang Mo Kio developments if you’re intent on having a property in this estate.

3. Havelock View – Havelock Road in Bukit Merah

Havelock ViewImage credit: Rick Neo

District: D03
Remaining years on lease: ~89 years
Closest MRT stations: Tiong Bahru and Havelock

Havelock View consists of 7 blocks and 1,218 units, and although it has a modest sales record in the past 12 months with only 2 units sold, there are some unique features to living here that make this development worth considering. The 2 units are from 53 and 56, with the latter clocking the rather impressive transacted price of $1.155M.

Million-Dollar flats 9Image adapted from: HDB

Million-Dollar flats 10Image credit: app116288

Whilst not exactly living vicariously on the set of The Little Nonya, the shophouses lining the front Havelock View can make your day-to-day visits to the groceries feel pleasantly old-school. It also means that you’re actually quite well served with the large number of shops without having to head down to Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Another nice plus is that Beo Crescent Market & Food Centre and Havelock Road Food Centre are also just across the road, which means you can always indulge in hawker fare whenever you feel like it.

Verdict: The mom-and-pop stores available here can give the place a nice heartland vibe that some might want. And if you need anything beyond what the local businesses can offer, 2 MRT stations are just a short walk away.

4. CityVue @ Henderson – Henderson Road in Bukit Merah

CityVueA view of the garden, along with its fitness station and playground at the roof of the MSCP.

Image credit: @singaporehdb

District: D03
Remaining years on lease: ~ 94 years
Closest MRT stations: Redhill and Tiong Bahru

CityVue @ Henderson is a much newer HDB development, being built in 2019. This means that most of them are only 3-6 months out of their MOP. With 1,230 units across 8 48-storey blocks, the sales performance is impressive, with 7 million-dollar sales, 4 of which were priced at least $1.43M. All units sold are from 95C and 95A. 

There does seem to be a decent amount of competition for units here, with the highest transacted price at an eye watering $1.46M.

Million-Dollar flats 12Image adapted from: HDB

Besides the garden at the multi-storey car park, you also get a nice rooftop garden at the top of the flat itself. As the name implies, living at CityVue means that you’d have pretty great views of the city, which also means that you’d probably be able to catch the fireworks during National Day.

Million-Dollar flats 13Image credit: @melody.8jap, @stoch_away

The greenery does not end there; Tiong Bahru Park just across the road, giving you and your kids plenty of outdoor space for jogging and cycling. Other facilities like Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre and Delta Swimming Complex  are very much just a stroll away.

Verdict: Whilst the surrounding amenities are not too impressive, the additional greenery available within the HDB blocks might be attractive enough for you to consider snagging a unit here.

5. Tiong Bahru View – Boon Tiong Road

Tiong Bahru ViewImage credit: Edgeprop

District: D03
Remaining years on lease: ~ 91 years
Closest MRT stations: Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru View is a development made up of 544 units spread across 4 blocks. It achieved its MOP 2 years ago, and experienced 3 million-dollar sales in the last 12 months, all of which are from block 9B.

Million-Dollar flats 15Image adapted from: HDB

As one of Singapore’s first estates, Tiong Bahru is famous for its Streamline Moderne-style aeroplane houses. Having been preserved since the early 1950s, walking past these homes can give you a sense of history that you’d not experience in most other places.

Million-Dollar flats 16Image credit: @marladarwin

When it comes to having the best that Tiong Bahru has to offer, Tiong Bahru View is where it’s at. Besides the obvious benefit of being right beside Tiong Bahru Plaza and also Tiong Bahru MRT station, this development enjoys proximity to the heritage housing and the vibrant food culture that the estate is known for. 

Verdict: With institutions like the famous Tiong Bahru Market, living in this area means that you do enjoy partaking in some of the richest culinary hotspots in Singapore. Combined with the fact that you’re just an 8-minute drive from Clarke Quay, it is easy to see why Tiong Bahru View is arguably the best of the Bukit Merah developments listed here.

6. Clementi Cascadia – Clementi Avenue 3

Clementi CascadiaImage credit: Land.plus

District: D05
Remaining years on lease: ~ 93 years
Closest MRT stations: Clementi

Having just achieved its MOP this year, Clementi Cascadia is made up of 502 units spread across 5 40-storey blocks. It has had 4 sales at about the $1.2M mark, with the highest transaction being $1.28M. Almost all sales are from block 440C, with only one unit sold from 441A.

Million-Dollar flats 18Image adapted from: HDB

Clementi Cascadia gets its name from its rather picturesque set of gardens on levels 2,3 and 4 overlaid on top of one another to resemble a waterfall-like cascade of greenery. There is also a student care centre, which is a neat addition for parents who need someone to take care of their kids whilst they are out at work.

Million-Dollar flats 19Image credits: @cuscadenpeakinvestments

Although not a major shopping mall, not even by heartland standards, Clement Mall is just opposite of the HDB development. You also get the convenience of readily available hawker fare at Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre and a rather extensive amount of sports facilities close by. 

Verdict: Clementi is a somewhat unexpected addition to the list, being in a relatively quiet part of the Heartland. But with the amenities available here, this rather aesthetic development does actually offer quite a lot for its million-dollar price tag.

7. Kallang Trivista – Upper Boon Keng Road

Kallang TrivistaImage credit: @dereksoh

District: D14
Remaining years on lease: ~ 93 years
Closest MRT stations: Kallang

Kallang Trivista, made up of 808 units spread across 3 blocks, reached its MOP last year. As one of the few waterfront HDB developments in Singapore, it’s not hard to see why units here would achieve a million-dollar price tag. That said, only two sales were recorded from the past month here, with both units located at the 8B block and the highest transaction at $1.195M.

Million-Dollar flats 21Image adapted from: HDB

No discussion about properties in the Kallang Area is complete without mentioning the Singapore Sports Hub as well as the large Kallang Wave Mall, which you can walk to via the Kallang Riverside Park. Kallang Trivista also enjoys local fare at the hawker centres to its north, such as the Sims Vista Market and Upper Boon Keng Market.

Million-Dollar flats 22Image credit: @transitevolution 

With Orchard road just 30-minute train ride away and Raffles Place just 15 minutes away, few HDB developments can rival the convenience provided at Kallang Trivista.

Verdict: On the merit of its prime location alone, this might be one of the best developments featured in this listicle.

8. Commonwealth View – Tanglin Halt Road

Commonwealth ViewImage credit: 99.co

District: D03
Remaining years on lease: ~ 91 years
Closest MRT stations: Commonwealth

Commonwealth View hosts 1,099 units in 5 blocks in a peaceful, secluded part of Queenstown. It had 2 sales transactions that crossed the million-dollar threshold at blocks 50 and 53. The unit sold at block 53 was the higher transaction, at $1.17M.

Million-Dollar flats 24Image adapted from: HDB

Compared to the rather strong showcases from the developments above, Commonwealth View is comparatively much less amenity-rich. You do get some of your daily necessities at the shops along Blk 49, as well as a Sheng Shiong supermarket at Blk 88, but otherwise you are generally quite isolated.

Million-Dollar flats 25Image credit: @kieranluo0308 

The good news is that you are a 3-minute walk from Commonwealth MRT station, and that Holland Village is a 13-minute train ride away, where you can enjoy the rich culture of cafes, pubs and music. 

Verdict: Commonwealth View is more suited for those wanting somewhere quiet and isn’t bothered by having to take a train to get anywhere. Otherwise though, these units might not be worth the high price tags.

9. Skyville @ Dawson – Dawson Road

Million-Dollar flats 26Image credit: @woha_architects

District: D03
Remaining years on lease: ~ 91 years
Closest MRT stations: Commonwealth

Skyville @ Dawson is probably the most architecturally creative of the million-dollar HDB developments here, with 960 in 3 blocks, all linked together with plenty of link bridges and gardens every few floors. It is definitely one of the more highly-transacted developments here, with 7 million-dollar sales from blocks 86, 88, 90 and 93. The highest transacted price is $1.27M.

Million-Dollar flats 27Image adapted from: HDB

In theory, Skyville @ Dawson is one of the most aesthetically pleasing HDB developments available right now. In practice however, the additional structures built meant that less light filtered through to the lower floors. This results in gloomy corridors, void decks and ultimately gloomy homes as well. 

Million-Dollar flats 28Alexandra Canal Linear Park.
Image credit: @onebusysloth

You do get to enjoy the scenic Alexandra Canal Linear Park nearby, and Margaret Drive Hawker Centre, but beyond that you’d need to rely on the convenient 11-minute walk to Queenstown MRT for everything else.

 Verdict: Skyville @ Dawson is a rather unique development with compelling features in the development, but is let down by the lack of nearby amenities. 

10. Mei Ling Street – Queenstown

Million-Dollar flats 29Image credit: @bennysaik

District: D03
Remaining years on lease: ~70 years
Closest MRT stations: Mayflower

With their leases hanging around the 70-year mark, the 754 units across 7 blocks at Mei Ling Street are the oldest of the entire listicle. Unlike the other developments in this listicle, sales at this unit consists of mostly executive units, with only 2 5-room flats listed as part of the million-dollar transitions in the past 12 months. 

The highest transacted price is $1.26M, with units sold from blocks 146 to 150.

Million-Dollar flats 30Image adapted from: HDB

Million-Dollar flats 31Image adapted from: HDB

The benefit of these flats is that they’re larger than your newer HDB developments, which is a something most homeowners are prioritising these days.

Million-Dollar flats 32Image credit: Queenstown ActiveSG Stadium

Mei Ling Market & Food Centre is located within the development, which is a nice plus. Another perk to Mei Ling street is that you also enjoy close proximity to some ActiveSG sports facilities, which can be nice for an evening swim or a jog.

Verdict: With its relatively healthy remaining lease, Mei Ling is a decent investment for the size of its flats, and might – though not guaranteed – be a smart investment for the fact that it might eventually be selected for SERS.

11. Ghim Moh Valley – Ghim Moh Link

Million-Dollar flats 33Image credit: @plau333

District: D10
Remaining years on lease: ~94 years
Closest MRT stations: Buona Vista

Rounding off our listicle is Ghim Moh Valley, a development with 1,393 units in 5 blocks. This development has a total of 8 million-dollar sales, but consists almost entirely of 4-room flats. Spread across blocks 22 to 32, the high transacted price is $1.223M.

Million-Dollar flats 34Image adapted from: HDB

Million-Dollar flats 35Image adapted from: HDB

Besides the amenities available at The Star Vista, you also get to enjoy hawker fare by crossing the Canopy Bridge at the nearby Ulu Pandan Park Connector. Holland Village is relatively close as well, being just a 17-minute train ride from this development.

Million-Dollar flats 36Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Image credit: @marblesnbubbles

One of the main draws of Ghim Moh Valley though, might be its proximity to schools like Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore Polytechnic and to an extent, National University of Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Technology. This gives you the possibility of holding on to units here to sell or rent out to families with schooling kids.

Verdict: The combination of attractive amenities nearby, convenience as well as its distance to good schools mean that you can easily acquire a unit here either for personal use or for passive rental income.

HDB developments with million-dollar sales in 2023

The hiking prices across the property market can be concerning, and inspires a fearful rush to acquire your own unit as quickly as possible before it rises yet again. But some units are definitely more worth the price they command than others, and hopefully this listicle can serve as a guide if you’re looking to acquire one of these million-dollar HDB units.

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