12 Best Interior Design Firms For Budget Renovations Under $50K

11 September 2023 | BY

Home renovations can be costly especially when an interior design firm is involved, however, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Finding the perfect interior design firm to bring the house of your dreams to life is no easy feat, and what makes it more difficult is that many firms charge quite a lot for their services, which might be out of your budget.

Not all of us wish to spend hundreds upon thousands on our renovation. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of Singapore’s best budget interior design firms for your convenience. 

1. 9 Creation – Free 3D visualisation drawings

$33K 3-room HDB reno

A $33K 3-room HDB reno.
Image credit: 9 Creation

One such firm is 9 Creation, founded in 2013 and has completed over 150 projects, according to Hometrust. Although there’s no doubt that 9 Creation has a wealth of experience with interior design and renovation works, what makes them stand out is the price range they’re willing to cater to. 

The vast number of their projects range from $10K to $150K. This may seem like a large range, but renovations are not cheap nowadays. 

They even provide free 3D visualisation drawings for those who make an appointment at their showroom, which many other companies charge for. 

various id styles

Image credit: 9 Creation

While surfing their catalogue, we noticed that they cater to various styles; from contemporary to modern to eclectic, they’ve done it all. For example, the homeowner of a new 3-room HDB wanted a Japanese izakaya-inspired home, which the firm delivered – and quite well, we might add. 

In addition to various types of HDBs, 9 Creation’s portfolio spans a variety of other types of homes, including condominiums and landed properties, as well as both resales and new properties.

What clients loved: Their prompt responses, professionalism, good attitude, and ability to keep to the homeowners’ budgets.

2. Areana Creation – Different design styles from as low as $10K

different id styles

A $39K 4-room reno (upper left), $33K 4-room BTO reno (upper left), $50K 4-room resale reno (bottom left), and a $36.3K 3-room resale reno (bottom right).

Image credit: Areana Creation

Rated by Hometrust as the firm with the best customer service, value-for-money, and designers in 2022, there’s no doubt that Areana Creation’s services have been enjoyed by many. 

Their IDs come with a lot of experience, with 99 projects finished in the past 3 years. Similar to 9 Creation, their price point begins from $10K and ranges all the way up to $132K, making them quite affordable for the average Singaporean homeowner. 

They have also taken on numerous projects of various themes over the years, including modern, luxury, and industrial styles, so it’s safe to say that they have the expertise to take on your renovation project, regardless of design directions. 

pastel blue kitchen reno

The kitchen of a $32K HDB reno project that also features a platform bed.
Image credit: Areana Creation

What clients loved: Their incredible professionalism, commitment and efficiency.

3. Cozyspace Interior – Commendable service with repeat customers

unique id reno

A $50K 4-room BTO reno (left), and a $50K 5-room BTO reno (right).

Image credit: Cozyspace

If you are worried about the large price range that the interior design firms above had, Cozyspace should put you at ease. While their least expensive project was priced at $20K – 2 times higher than the previous companies’ most affordable ones – it seems their most expensive project is capped at $75K. 

They have lots of experience across a plethora of themes, including modern, contemporary, industrial, and vintage. Catering to their customers’ demands, they’ve tackled countless eclectic decor styles, including a Supreme-themed room display and a unique European industrial property complete with a British red telephone booth and lamp post.

living room reno examples

A $40K 4-room BTO reno (left), and a $35K 4-room BTO reno (right).

Image credit: Cozyspace

While, according to Hometrust, they have only taken on 28 projects in the past 3 years and seem to have less experience than the other big-name design firms, their service is still highly lauded. 

What clients loved: How professional, prompt, responsible, and knowledgeable they are. Some even mentioned that they are repeat customers. 

4. D&R Design Reno – Renovations from as low as 4-figures

bedroom and living area reno

An $18K 4-room DBSS reno (left), and a $30K condo reno (right).

Image credit: D&R Design Reno 

Another ID firm that has yet to be commissioned for a 6-digit renovation is D&R Design Reno, which has 5 years of experience and with their project costs ranging from $8K to $90K, finding a project within your budget should be no problem. 

Most of their portfolio revolves around the contemporary, modern, or luxury themes common in Singaporean homes. 

However, their projects still have outliers, such as homes with minimalistic or eclectic styles, so rest assured that they can also handle unique interior designs. 

Many past projects have catered to their customers’ needs, including incredibly low-cost yet aesthetic ones. For example, a new 4-room HDB renovated in a modern style costs merely $8K, which is perfect if you’re looking for a cost-effective renovation without giving up on using an ID. 

What clients loved: Their attitude, cost, responsiveness, and how they balance the practicality of their decor with aesthetics. 

5. Design 4 Space – Experienced ID firm with over 400 projects

different reno styles by id firm

A $20K 4-room resale reno (upper left), $10K resale 4-room HDB reno (upper right), $34K resale condo reno (bottom left), and a $45K new condo reno (bottom right).

Image credit: Design 4 Space

Founded in 2012, Design 4 Space boasts 11 years of experience and over a whopping 400 projects in the past 3 years alone. The firm has even been lauded as the company with the best designs and customer service by Hometrust, which is a major indicator that you won’t be disappointed by the services provided by the firm.

As one of the big names in the industry, it’s no surprise that past renovations done by them have a large price range, from a surprisingly low $3K to $1.2 million. 

hello kitty reno

A $20K new 4-room HDB reno (left), and a $10K resale 3-room HDB reno (right).

Image credit: Design 4 Space

They have taken up plenty of unique and low-cost projects before and don’t shy away from a challenge. For example, they designed a Hello Kitty-themed home with a matching TV feature wall, all for $20K. 

What clients loved: Their incredible experience and insight into their field, as well as how they go the extra mile for their customers.

6. Ecasa Studio – Specialists in pairing style alongside technology

smart home id firm experts

An $11K new condo reno (left) and a $21K resale condo reno (right).

Image credit: Ecasa Studio 

Ecasa Studio is an interior design firm that is able to match its customers’ budget and with sufficient experience to boot, with 39 projects under its belt, each falling between $11K to $120K.

Some prime examples include the $16K chic minimalist condominium below and the $21K modern contemporary condominium displayed above – presenting stunning results despite a limited budget. 

maisonette reno

A $36K new condo reno (left), and a $16k resale condo reno (right).

Image credit: Ecasa Studio 

Meanwhile, they have also made it their goal to pair style alongside technology to elevate your home living experience. Although smart homes tend to be expensive for those looking to set up their own without compromising their budget or aesthetics, Ecasa Studio is a specialist at it. 

What clients loved: Their professionalism, value for money, and design choices.

7. Elysian Design Studio – Transparent pricing and no hidden costs

kitchen reno

A $45K resale condo reno (left), and a $45k new 4-room HDB reno (right).

Image credit: Elysian Design Studio  

Sweeping countless awards from Hometrust in 2022, including best design, workmanship, customer service, and value-for-money, it’s hard to nitpick Elysian Design Studio’s services as they really do have it all. 

Despite having a smaller team of 11 designers compared to other interior design giants in Singapore, they have amassed a portfolio of over 350 projects in just over 4 years. Their projects have amounted to roughly $25K to $100K each, allowing it to land a place amongst Singapore’s more affordable interior design firms. 

While the majority of their projects seem to follow the modern, contemporary, or Scandinavian styles so commonly seen in Singaporean households, it’s not to say that they haven’t ventured outside of this mould. 

For example, the $45K resale condominium shown above used brick veneers, elements of nature, and sleek black surfaces to create a homely industrial-chic apartment. Alternatively, a new 4-room HDB was transformed into a Santorini-esque modern home for the same price. 

mickey mouse reno

A $40K new 4-room HDB reno (left), a $40K new 5-room HDB reno (upper right), and a $35K new 5-room HDB reno (bottom right)

Image credit: Elysian Design Studio

Eclectic homes aren’t far out of reach, either. The studio transformed the 4-room HDB above into a Mickey Mouse-themed home with posters, a table, and even a custom recessed ceiling light – all for $40K.

What clients loved: Their designs, sound advice, workmanship and the lack of any hidden costs.

8. Great Oasis Interior Design – Internationally acclaimed firm

award winning id firm

A $32K resale 5-room HDB reno (upper left), $30K new 4-room HDB reno (upper right), $17K new condo reno (bottom left), and the Muse Design Awards 2021 Gold Award (bottom right).

Image credit: Great Oasis Interior Design

Established in 2004, Great Oasis Interior Design’s works have changed with the times, leaving many of their customers happy with the aesthetics of their new homes. While you’d think that top-notch design service almost always equates to sky-high prices, it’s not the case for this firm as their prices range from $17K to $76K.

Their past projects include a rustic contemporary 5-room HDB for $32K. In addition, a 4-room HDB was renovated into a minimalist home revolving around geometric shapes, all for $32K. 

Furthermore, the firm has clinched an illustrious international award, the Muse Design Awards, in 2021.

What clients loved: Their practical advice, workmanship and pricing.

9. Juz Interior – Exceptional reviews from past customers

minimalist hdb reno

A $40K new 5-room HDB reno (left), and a $45.5K new 4-room HDB reno (right).

Image credit: Juz Interior Pte Ltd

It’s no simple feat to get 5 stars on any platform. Yet, Juz Interior has managed exactly that on Google reviews. Boasting stellar reviews and affordable pricing with their extensive portfolio, it’s no wonder they’ve left so many of their customers happy. 

While they have done plenty of the regular interior design styles seen in Singaporean homes, they have also been known to go the extra mile with unique decor. 

Take their work on the $40K new 5-room HDB shown above, for example, where they created a feature green wall and a decorative piece modelled after trees adorning the apartment to beef up the otherwise plain Japandi home. 

What clients loved: Their practical suggestions, ability to stick within a budget, sense of aesthetics and reliability.

10. Mr Designer Studio – Renos starting from $10K

dining area reno

A $35K resale 3-room HDB reno (left), and a $24K new condo reno(right).

Image credit: Mr Designer Studio

Mr Designer Studio, an interior design firm founded in 2018, has a large client base despite its young age. Over these few years, they have already racked up close to 90 completed projects. 

They’ve been known to be able to cater to smaller budgets for their interior designs, with their least pricey interior design encompassing a single room’s renovation and built-ins costing only $10K. 

condo reno

A $15K resale condo reno (left) and a $10K resale condo reno (right).

Image credit: Mr Designer Studio

On the other hand, they’ve also designed a modern luxe condominium for $15K, which is well worth the price given how stunning the resulting property is. 

The firm has won multiple awards for its service, including the Singapore Trusted Enterprise Award and Singapore Prestige Class in 2020 to 2021. They have also been acclaimed as being among the best in design, value, service, and workmanship by Hometrust in 2022. 

What clients loved: Their eye for aesthetics and professionalism.

11. Space Atelier – Experts in a variety of home styles

living area reno

A $30K new condo reno (left), $21.8K new condo reno (upper right), and a $25K new condo reno(bottom right).

Image credit: Space Atelier 

The condos and HDBs renovated by Space Atelier have managed to nail the modern contemporary, luxury look at only $30K, tops, and it comes with their experience of over 150 projects under their belt. On top of that, they were awarded the best customer service and design accolades by Hometrust in 2022. 

Victorian Coastal HDB reno

A $43K new 3-room HDB reno.
Image credit: Space Atelier

They’ve partaken in several stunning projects, including the 3-room Victorian Coastal HDB featured above, which cost $43K. There’s definitely a lot of thought put into the interior designs, even into little details such as the unique TV console-cum-wardrobe to hide the TV away to create seamless decor when not in use.

What clients loved: Their communication, practical advice, workmanship, and competitive pricing.  

12. Starry Homestead – Experienced ID firm with over 250 completed projects

four different reno styles

A $49.8K resale 3-room HDB reno (upper left), $40K new 3-room HDB reno (upper right), $10K new 4-room HDB reno (bottom left), and a $45K new 4-room HDB reno (bottom right).
Image credit: Starry Homestead

Oriental, Scandi-Boho, modern, or luxury – you name it, Starry Homestead will ace it. Their experience spans over 250 projects, so there’s little doubt that the ID firm has the experience to support their claim of providing perfection at every step. With projects starting from as low as $10K, it’s no wonder they’ve been met with such popularity. 

2 different living area reno designs

A $30K resale 4-room HDB reno (left), and a $45K resale 3-room HDB reno (right).

Image credit: Starry Homestead

They’ve pulled out all the stops even when taking up unique interior designs under $50K, such as the modern oriental 4-room HDB and industrial vintage 3-room HDB shown above. 

In addition, they’ve won several awards, such as the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2018 and the 2019 overall winner for the Pulsar Category of the Women Entrepreneur Awards. They’ve even gone on the Mediacorp programme House Everything? (家简尘除), a show about home transformation. 

What clients loved: Their customer service, industry knowledge, and workmanship.

Best interior design firms for budget renos under $50K

With the sky-high prices of Singapore properties, it’s no wonder that people are choosing to cut back on the budget for their home renovations. While a smaller budget sometimes means compromising on quality, plenty of firms out there are able and willing to deliver top-notch interior design services at lower costs.

Of course, just as property prices depend on factors such as the house type, you should remember that renovation costs primarily depend on what you have in mind. Nonetheless, we hope this list of the best ID firms for budget renovations piques your interest and that you now have better options that match your budget or style.

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Cover image adapted from: Elysian Design Studio, Design 4 Space, Space Atelier

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