6 Super Aesthetic Altar Designs To Consider For Your HDB Or Condo

31 May 2024 | BY

Yes, it is entirely possible to put together a stunning altar even if you’re tight on space.

altar designs

So, you’re in the process of putting together an altar to pay respect to your ancestors and religion. Or, maybe you’ve started meditation and wanted to up your game at home. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the nicest HDB altar designs so you can get some inspo the next time you want to create your own sacred haven within your 4 walls.

1. Japandi-themed minimalist wall-mounted altar

japandiImage credit: @r.oomable

If you’re a proud owner of a minimalist home, have a look at this Japandi-themed altar. Built with a full-circle cutout that represents the moon, the altar fits the homeowners’ Buddhist religion and belief. On top of that, the white and wood colourway blends in with the home’s aesthetics and creates a sense of zen but stylish and modern at the same time. 

2. Discreet recessed arched niche shelf

recessed wall nicheImage credit: Metier Planner

For tight quarters, a recessed arched wall niche altar might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s minimal, elegant, and space-saving. Install an LED light above or below to create a focus on the main sacred statue or object.

3. Arched altar niche with contrasting wooden panelling

altar designs
Image credit: Thom Signature Design

An arched altar niche can serve as a designated prayer point in compact homes. Although the design is simple, the contrasting wooden panelling backdrop makes it stand out and helps to highlight objects on display. The altar comes complete with a wooden tray as storage space.

4. Fluted wood altar feature with a stowable table & extra storage

altar designsImage credit: Posh Home

If you’re blessed with ample space, spare some for a semi-private altar nook. Make sure you set it up against a fluted wood wall to make the entire shrine all the grander. If you can, install a cabinet and place your spiritual objects on top of it. Bonus if the cabinet comes with a pull-out table that doubles up as extra storage. A stowable altar also works well with homes with not much space.

5. Modern all-white altar

all white Image credit: Dyel Design

A modern altar with a clean all-white aesthetic? Check. A backlit LED that shines bright like diamonds in the sky? Yep. Wall-mounted with a platform for altar decorations and spiritual knick-knacks? You know it. If you’re after a chic, cute, and compact altar design for your lil’ unit, consider it found.

6. Built-in altar with perforated cabinet doors

altar designsThe perforations on the doors add a dynamic visual effect with a touch of mystery and reverence.
Image credit: Exqsite Interior Design

If you’ve got plenty of space and meaningful objects to put on display, opt for a built-in altar with perforated cabinet doors. This multipurpose altar acts as both a spiritual space and storage and can be customised to blend in with the rest of the home’s fixtures.

altar designs
Image credit: Exqsite Interior Design

Plus, the fact that you can close the cabinet doors to conceal the altar as and when you want adds a major sense of privacy. 

Bonus: Private prayer room

altar designs
Image credit: Seven Heaven

For the ultimate privacy, dedicate an entire room to your home altar. A private prayer room suits larger families who’d require more space to put up religious relics, ancestors’ pictures, and offerings. With a private prayer room, you’ll also have more freedom to decorate the space, like putting in a plant for positive energy or a mini fountain to promote a sense of calm and healing.

Best HDB altar designs to KIV for your future home

Truth is, altar designs are a dime a dozen. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to pick one that suits your needs and home aesthetics. When in doubt, have a look at the stunning altar designs above. Hopefully, soon, you’ll be able to transform a corner or room in your home into the little spiritual nook you’ve been dreaming of.

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Cover image adapted from: @r.oomable, Posh Home & Thom Signature Design

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