We Used AI To Create Rooms Based On The Hottest K-Pop MVs 

5 June 2023 | BY

The topic of AI has been on the rise in recent times, but have you ever thought about making use of it to create K-pop inspired rooms? This may have seemed far-fetched years ago, but all it takes now is a single prompt – and the AI tool will do all OF the hard work!

K-pop inspired AI rooms - cover image

The rise of AI has been a hotly debated topic as of late, and for the uninitiated, the subject matter can be an intimidating one. However, AI doesn’t always have to be about serious business, optimising workflows and increasing profits. Case in point: we used AI to generate rooms based on the hottest K-Pop MVs, just because we can and we were bored.

Gangnam Style by Psy

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Psy saunaImage credit: Stable Diffusion, @officialpsy 

Gangnam Style by PSY is one of the most renowned K-pop songs of the 2010s, garnering a staggering 4.7 billion views on their music video (MV) on Youtube. Till this day, the whole video feels like a fever dream. Did we really watch a suited Korean man dance in a stable?

It was no simple feat to replicate all the key moments in the Gangnam Style MV. Drawing from the horseriding dance and the scene where Psy leans on an actor’s shoulder in a wood-panelled sauna, we prompted Stable Diffusion to create a farmhouse-style apartment with lots of wood elements.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Psy dance-offK-pop inspired AI rooms - Psy dance-offImage credit: Stable Diffusion, @officialpsy 

One of the most notable parts of the MV was the dance-off between Yoo Jaesuk, a beloved emcee in Korea, and PSY. Since they were wearing yellow and blue respectively, we decided to include these two colours as accents in some of the rooms.

In addition, we asked for LED lighting to be added to one of the rooms to mimic the club-like atmosphere towards the end of the MV. However, no matter how we worded the prompt, the AI just couldn’t get it right.

Video credit: @officialpsy 

Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Blackpink opening sceneImage credit: BLACKPINK  

While DDU-DU DDU-DU is BLACKPINK’s most viewed music video on YouTube, we were particularly eager to integrate the giant organ in Kill This Love. Besides, with a grand total 1.7 billion views on YouTube, it’s not like Kill This Love lacks popularity either.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - BP organ centrepieceImage credit: Stable Diffusion

We’ll have to say that the AI truly killed it – the above images speak for themselves.

Since black and pink are representative of the group’s name and signature colours, we prompted Stable Diffusion to incorporate them. In a luxurious room that expresses the grandeur of the MV, we also honed in on the giant organ instrument seen in the MV and prompted the AI to use it as the rooms’ centrepiece, adding to the decor’s opulence.

To represent the trumpets in the song itself, we added the instrument in our prompts, and the AI incorporated it into one of the rooms generated.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - BP toned down roomSomething a little less in-your-face.
Image credit: Stable Diffusion, BLACKPINK 

We also asked the AI for something a little less in-your-face, and it definitely delivered. While it kept the organ instrument as a key element, it opted to make use of more white and dialled down the pink.

Video credit: BLACKPINK  

Boy With Luv by BTS

K-pop inspired AI rooms - BTS dinerImage credit: HYBE LABELS, BTS (방탄소년단)

This list definitely wouldn’t be complete without BTS, whose Boy With Luv music video has hit a grand 1.6 billion views on YouTube.

The first thing that came to mind when we thought about the MV was its distinctive retro American diner theme. And this is exactly what we asked Stable Diffusion to recreate in a home kitchen.

K-pop inspired AI rooms BTS kitchenImage credit: Stable Diffusion

It’s like Stable Diffusion read our minds – the vibrant colours from BTS’ MV are aptly reflected in the AI-generated image even though we only asked for pastel colours.

Dominated largely by shades of pink and supplemented by touches of red and yellow, these images replicate the feel of the MV down to the outfits worn by the members.

These AI-generated kitchens may look a little less photo-realistic than the results from the previous two prompts. However, we still have to say that the AI has managed to capture the essence of Boy With Luv.

Video credit: HYBE LABELS


K-pop inspired AI rooms - Twice scenesImage credit: JYP Entertainment 

Set in what looks to be a spooky suburban home in the US, TWICE’s TT music video is a staple in the playlists of Onces in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Hence, we tasked the AI to generate a home that captures the horror movie – but make it cute – vibes of the MV.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Twice roomsImage credit: Stable Diffusion 

We asked for wood-panelled walls, but sadly, Stable Diffusion only used it in one image despite it being the main prompt. Still, other parts of the prompt were reflected. This includes a rustic European house with wooden furniture, Halloween decorations, antique trinkets, as well small toys strewn about.

In addition, the AI picked up on the brick wall present in the background of the scene where Jeongyeon acted like a marionette.

Video credit: JYP Entertainment 

Love Scenario by iKON

K-pop inspired AI rooms - iKON scenesImage credit: iKON 

To us, iKON’s Love Scenario seems to depict regret and acceptance of something that can no longer be changed – iKONics please correct us if we’re wrong. A heavy sense of nostalgia permeates the MV. This is even visually depicted in the act of reminiscing the part through elements such as old-time film strip projector wheels, old-school CRT TVs, and an abandoned gas station.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - iKON roomsImage credit: DALL-E, Stable Diffusion

While not 100% spot-on, these rooms generated by AI such as Stable Diffusion or DALL-E do channel the retro vibe of the MV. We tried running the prompts numerous times with different keywords. However, this was the best the AI could do to replicate the nostalgia and melancholy of Love Scenario.

Video credit: iKON 


K-pop inspired AI rooms - MOMOLAND Stable DiffusionImage credit: 1theK, Stable Diffusion

One of the trendiest songs in 2019 was MOMOLAND’s BBoom BBoom. The catchy, addictive melody of the song is well-complemented by the bright and cheerful MV.

Bold splashes of red and yellow are used throughout the MV, so we prompted the Stable Diffusion AI to generate rooms incorporating the colour scheme and meshing it with eclectic decor. The AI delivered rooms that did just that. Even the couches, rugs, cabinets, and decor sported yellow and red.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - MOMOLAND DALL-EImage credit: 1theK, DALL-E

Stable Diffusion’s results were impressive enough, but DALL-E was able to do it even better.

In addition to the red and yellow hues from the MV, these rooms also made use of vintage standing microphones, softly glowing blue LED lights, as well as sporty motifs that represent the collegiate sweaters worn by MOMOLAND. Perhaps DALL-E is secretly a Merry-Go-Round?

Video credit: 1theK

Love Shot by EXO

K-pop inspired AI rooms - EXO roomsImage credit: SMTOWN, Stable Diffusion 

EXO’s Love Shot MV looked straight up luxurious, and we were pleased that the model home created by AI replicated the same swanky vibe. The white palatial walls, wooden bannisters, and even chandeliers in the MV were captured by the AI generator.

In fact, it went above and beyond by adding splashes of red. This brought to mind the outfit worn by Kai and the scene where EXO members were seated in an otherwise empty theatre.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - EXO theatreImage credit: Stable Diffusion, SMTOWN 

Thrilled, we went ahead to prompt Stable Diffusion to recreate the theatre scene in the form of a small home theatre.

We also tried asking for rooms that reflect the gas station scene in the MV. However, the AIs kept producing images of graffiti-filled rooms or completely unrelated images, so we had no choice but to give it a rest.

Video credit: SMTOWN

God’s Menu by Stray Kids

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Stray Kids kitchenImage credit: JYP Entertainment, Stable Diffusion 

Where else would we cook up God’s Menu but the kitchen? After all, the song is about cooking up an exquisite spread to appeal to everyone, with the menu in question likely being a metaphor for their discography.

With just a couple of prompts from us, Stable Diffusion was able to recreate the metal pots and pans seen in the backdrop of Han and Changbin’s solo scenes. While large industrial-style kitchens are seldom seen in home kitchens, we did ask the AI to include metal countertops and shelving.

Though the crows may seem out of place to non-STAYs, the song’s lyrics say that “even passing travellers, pigeons, magpies, and crows” enjoy what Stray Kids serve. We were pleasantly surprised when two of the pictures generated included crows in the kitchen.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Stray Kids roomImage credit: Stable Diffusion

Another memorable motif in the MV was car racing. In the MV, the Stray Kids members were shown dancing on a racing track. The group’s name is also emblazoned on the side of a racing car and its car plate.

As such, we asked for an eclectic racing car-themed living room – and Stable Diffusion delivered.

Video credit: JYP Entertainment


K-pop inspired AI rooms - MAMAMOO roomImage credit: DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, MAMAMOO 

MAMAMOO’s Hip is a confident anthem about loving oneself even when naysayers try to bring you down. The MV visually depicts this theme with bold colours such as red, black, and white, as well as imagery of loud headlines.

We used two different AI tools to recreate the MV, and with the same prompt, both tools came up with wildly different interpretations. While DALL-E gave us an industrial-adjacent home with graffiti, Stable Diffusion produced a more contemporary look.

To replicate the blaring typography and showy colours used in the MV, we prompted the AI to use black surfaces or brick walls. We also asked for red highlights and graphic posters.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - MAMAMOO home gymImage credit: DALL-E, MAMAMOO 

Solar’s boxing scene was particularly memorable, which was why we asked DALL-E to create a home gym based on it.

This yielded an industrial home gym with large windows, exposed piping, concrete flooring, graphic posters, and the same purplish lighting seen in the MV.

The only thing that was missing were the exposed brick walls, but we’ll take what we can get.

Video credit: MAMAMOO 

Bad Boy by Red Velvet

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Red Velvet gothic styleImage credit: Stable Diffusion, SMTOWN

The rooms generated by Stable Diffusion based on Red Velvet’s Bad Boy features a modern style characterised by red and white accent colours with gothic elements. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise – the MV itself was dark, filled with bleak rooms and corridors, mannequins, and a spooky dinner party.

Mimicking the decor of the MV, the bedrooms made use of a bloody red starkly contrasted against a pure white. Even the chandeliers in the rooms drew inspiration from the one in the MV, with one of them being nearly identical.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Red Velvet creepy bedroomImage credit: SMTOWN, DALL-E

Using DALL-E, we asked for another bedroom to recreate the sleepover scene from the MV. White wooden chairs and mannequins, which were present in the video, were added as well.

However, it seems that AI image generators won’t be winning spelling bees any time soon – we requested for the words “Bad Boy” to be added to the rooms, but all we got in return were misspelt scrawls by a 3-year-old.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Red Velvet bathtubImage credit: SMTOWN, DALL-E

While Red Velvet’s Bad Boy does give off dark vibes, there’s also a “girl crush” element in scenes. This includes the one where Red Velvet lounges in a pink hexagonal bath tub, looking too cool for school.

We tried to get the AI tool to recreate the bathtub, but it gave us an odd bathroom that looks quite haunted. But we’ll consider it a win since it inadvertently captured the spookiness of Bad Boy.

Video credit: SMTOWN

Dalla Dalla by ITZY

K-pop inspired AI rooms - ITZY opening sceneImage credit: JYP Entertainment, Stable Diffusion 

ITZY’s Dalla Dalla MV opens with gilded walls and black marble floors. This hotel lift lobby-like backdrop led us to prompt Stable Diffusion to give us a modern luxury apartment.

Interestingly enough, the AI added elements that weren’t originally mentioned in the prompt. This included the use of gold for the bed sheets and sofas, as well as chandeliers.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - ITZY Tetris-style roomImage credit: Stable Diffusion, JYP Entertainment

“Dalla” in Korean means “different”, and some of the AI-generated homes we got were unique indeed.

To evoke the scene where ITZY danced in front of colourful buildings and atop light-up LED tiles, we added “Tetris” and “colourful furniture” to our prompt. The results were suitably colourful, and we think it’d be perfect as a backdrop for an ITZY MV.

Video credit: JYP Entertainment

Don’t Wanna Cry by SEVENTEEN

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Seventeen nature themeImage credit: DALL-E, SEVENTEEN

The MV for SEVENTEEN’s Don’t Wanna Cry was partially filmed outdoors, in front of looming mountains and by the seaside.

As such, we decided on a modern contemporary interior with neutral tones and brown highlights for the prompts. The result looks to be a cross between Scandinavian and coastal.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - Seventeen industrial themeImage credit: Stable Diffusion, SEVENTEEN 

Parts of the MV were shot in an industrial-style home with prominent brick walls and large windows. The AI tools were able to perfectly capture that, complete with house plants and furniture upholstered in neutral tones.

Video credit: SEVENTEEN 

Black Mamba by aespa

K-pop inspired AI rooms - aespa Y2K roomImage credit: SMTOWN, Stable Diffusion

Filled with bold neons and otherworldly flora, aespa’s Black Mamba MV seemed like the perfect inspiration for an AI-generated room. We also homed in on Ningning’s solo scene, where she was seated in front of giant monitors in a retro-futuristic Y2K room.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - aespa futuristic roomImage credit: Stable Diffusion, SMTOWN 

The cute bedroom based on Ningning’s scene made use of purples, greens, and white, as well as the glass tiles present in the scene. We can’t help but to be reminded of the vaporwave aesthetic, which was hot in the late 2010s.

Video credit: SMTOWN

Hype Boy by NewJeans

K-pop inspired AI rooms - NewJeans minimalismImage credit: DALL-E, HYBE LABELS 

The dance versions of NewJeans’ Hype Boy MV featured simple settings, largely because the focus is on the choreography.

Version 1 sees NewJeans dancing in a barren room with nothing but endless blue walls and a white tiled platform. As such, we used the AI tool to create a minimalist home with blue walls and a white tiled floor, and the results were pretty straightforward. But if we’re being honest, we’re reminded of the OMG performance MV – iykyk.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - NewJeans carnival themeImage credit: DALL-E, HYBE LABELS 

Version 2 of the MV, on the other hand, had more diverse settings such as an amusement part and a mansion. DALL-E mashed elements of the two – think wood panels, carved decor pieces, and carousels – to give us a surprisingly livable home.

Video credit: HYBE LABELS 

Luna by ONEUS

K-pop inspired AI rooms - ONEUS traditional themeImage credit: DALL-E, ONEUS 

ONEUS’ Luna MV paid homage to traditional Korean motifs. This was easily apparent in the hanok-style tiled roofs, carved wood panelling, and paper doors featured. Since the imagery is so distinct, the AI tools had no problem generating rooms that fit our prompts to a tee.

K-pop inspired AI rooms - ONEUS european decorImage credit: DALL-E, ONEUS 

The MV isn’t all oriental, however, as a memorable scene sees ONEUS seated on a platform surrounded by vaguely Grecian and European decor. DALL-E interpreted and translated these motifs into a blue-green room with numerous paintings, a chandelier, and full-length curtains.

Video credit: ONEUS 

AI-created K-pop MV rooms 

AI image tools may not always be accurate, but they make turning your ideas into reality so much easier. And even when it gets it wrong, the results are pretty hilarious. And with these results, who knows, you might not even be needing that interior designer to help you with your next home renovation project.

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