Forrest Li’s Wife Spends $42.5M On A Gallop Road GCB Near Botanic Gardens

24 April 2024 | BY

There’s his and hers side by side on the prestigious Gallop Road.

forrest li's wife gcb

While you’re still out there manifesting a mini lottery win to afford the downpayment on a flat, Singaporean billionaire Forrest Li’s wife just splashed out a cool $42.5M on her home. She didn’t buy just any home, mind you━the tycoon’s missus purchased one of the most stunning homes on Gallop Road near the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Acquired a $42.5M GCB next to Li’s property

forrest li wife gcbImage credit: Google Maps

According to The Business Times, this property is right next door to the $26M good class bungalow (GCB) that her husband, SEA Ltd’s founder and CEO Li, bought in 2018. That property spans 15,100 sqft and is currently being redeveloped with a basement, pool, and attic. Ma Liqian’s latest acquisition, on the other hand, sits on 16,703 sqft of land and features a long driveway that’s fit for royalty.  

Ma’s GCB was previously owned by the children of Gordon Ku, a kidney doctor who founded the Kidney Dialysis Foundation.

haidilao gcbHaiDiLao’s GCB is on the same stretch of Gallop Road.
Image credit: K2LD

What you need to know about the couple’s new pads, other than the fact that they’re worth a fortune, is that they both sit in a gazetted GCB area. In Singapore, there are 39 of these prestigious neighbourhoods, with roughly 2,700 bungalows. Other rich and famous personalities who reside on Gallop Road include the Hai Di Lao family, in their 2 multi-million-dollar mansions.

Forrest Li’s wife buys a Gallop Road GCB worth $42.5M

Billionaires and their wives may be out there dropping millions on mansions while you’re stuck in a one-bedder the size of a shoebox, but it doesn’t cost anything to dream. No tea has been spilt on the interiors of the Li couple’s homes. However, you can expect multiple kitchens, dining rooms, a pool, a home theatre, and countless bedrooms. Stay tuned for more swoon-worthy updates.

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