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Parents Turn EC Bedroom Into A Gym For Kids With A $800 Rock Wall & Monkey Bar Set From Taobao

29 January 2024 | BY

This Taobao rock wall and monkey bar set are certainly fitting for a family with 3 boys – and best of all, it had only set them back by $800 .

HDB with rock wall and monkey bars

Playgrounds are to kids the way that IKEA sales are to homeowners planning their next renovation, but sometimes parents don’t always have the time or energy to chaperone their kids down the block and watch them climb the rock wall and monkey bars. This family of 3 boys though, got around that by taking the playground and bringing it home instead.

$800 rock wall and monkey bar set from Taobao

featureImage credit: @_studiowick, @mesahausstudio

According to Studio Wick, the parents living here aspire towards a “hipster camping” lifestyle, hence probably why they decided to pass their interest in all things outdoorsy on to their kids with this feature. Surprisingly, all 3 boys share this room, which consists of a bedroom, a study and a playroom area for them. 

To make this possible, the walls between two bedrooms were hacked down, forming this super large room for the kids. The rock wall and monkey bars were originally part of a more ambitious plan that also involved a rope and swing set.

Part of the design of this room was to have a glass door partition between the bedroom and this play area though, and Studio Wick eventually realised the kids could very much swing into the glass doors if they got a bit too rowdy. That and if they were to install the rope and swing set they had initially chosen, they’d need to drill into the newly laid vinyl flooring, something that they were averse to.

Studio Wick also thought that the choice of rock wall and monkey bars would still be relevant to the kids when they got older as opposed to the other two items.

rockwall and monkey bars 3Image credit: @_studiowick

Some readers might look at this and wonder why they did not have such a large home project done up in the living room instead. Well, the parents themselves already had plans for the living room, so there was no space in there. And it was also good to contain the boys in 1 room to give the parents some much needed breathing space outside. 

Part of the challenge of installing this feature was that the supporting structure for the rock wall and monkey bars needed to be deeply drilled into the walls so that they could serve as load-bearing structures. Studio Wick said it has sourced all its materials for this rock wall and monkey bars feature from Taobao. Including installation, it only set the family back by $800.

Fun yet functional design for the rest of the home

rockwall and monkey bars 4Image credit: @_studiowick

In an effort to keep the feature from looking too out of place, they had to ensure it borrowed design cues from the rest of the home. You’ll see a sprinkling of cute and quirky around the home from the likes of this pigeon mat, super-sized figurines and other collector’s toys alongside a set of four LEGO racing cars mounted on the wall.

rockwall and monkey bars 5Image credit: @_studiowick

Another notable design feature in the home besides the rock wall and monkey bars can be found in the dining area. Whilst the built-in cabinets and a bench were relatively easy to fashion in here, the big 1.6mx2.2m Crittal mirror needed to be carried up 8 floors because the entire box didn’t fit the lift. We love how the simple black frame of the mirrors adds a lot of depth to the space and ties the look of the home together. 

 EC with a rock wall and monkey bars for a family with kids

Whilst this is not the first rock wall feature we’ve had here at Uchify – we’ve already featured one in another condo and a maisonette – this set is arguably the cheapest we’ve seen so far at only $800. And the parents are probably going to get a lot of bang for their buck, with their family of 3 boys.

But for everyone else, features like these can be used for reference next time you do your own unique project as part of a home reno.

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Cover image credit: @_studiowick, @mesahausstudio


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