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This Family’s Condo Has A Rock Wall For Each Of Their Kids’ Bedrooms, Cost Only $2K To Build

9 September 2023 | BY

Starting the kids young.

custom rock wall in condo

When designing a kid’s bedroom, most parents would revert to the typical features like bunk beds, a play area, and a feature wall with cute wallpaper. This family, however, took the bedrooms for their 2 children to the next level by installing a child-sized rock wall in both of their rooms.

Their vision was executed by the interior design firm DreamCatcher Interior and only cost them around $2,000. Here’s a peek into the rock wall design and why they chose to do it.

Building a custom rock wall in condo for $2K

custom rock wall in condoImage credit: Dreamcatcher Interior Design

Ever since the iPad was invented, children all over the world have been glued to the screens much to the chagrin of the parents who’ve made the mistake of buying them a tablet. Rather than give in to the dystopian future of raising “iPad Kids”, a term coined by TikTokkers, one set of parents decided to outfit the bedrooms of their 2 children with a feature that’s a lot more engaging and healthy: a bite-sized rock wall.

The interior designers told us that the parents wanted their children to have interests outside of staring at digital screens and studying. While bouldering isn’t what immediately comes to mind when we think of hobbies for kids at home, it is one of the coolest concepts to execute, and their children would be able to get some dynamic workouts in from a young age.

At the foot of both the kids’ beds is a rock wall that spans nearly the entire height of the bedroom. The width of the rock wall matches the width of the bed so any falls will be cushioned by the soft mattress and not the hardness of the floor.

custom rock wall in condo with pastel coloursThe second rock wall in the condo.
Image credit: Dreamcatcher Interior Design

Rather than just buy a generic rock wall from a retailer, Dreamcatcher Interior Design went the extra mile to customise a rock wall with colour-coordinated pastel rocks that match the pink shades in the rest of the bedroom.

Subtle details like the rope with hanging grips and rocks that go along the length of the perpendicular window were also added to maximise the space. It also provides an extra challenge for the climbing children.

pink pastel bedroomImage credit: Dreamcatcher Interior Design

The 2 rock walls cost the homeowners an estimated $2K to build, which is a steal compared to ready-made iterations that cost about the same amount and lack the customisation provided by the interior design firm.

pink pastel bedroomImage credit: Dreamcatcher Interior Design

Within the tight confines of the bedroom, the interior designers have also managed to make full use of the space with full-height carpentry and a built-in desk.

Kid’s bedroom in condo with custom rock wall

With bouldering and rock climbing becoming a major hobby these days, it’s no wonder that these homeowners want to start their children young. Having their own rock walls in their bedrooms also ensures that they can be supervised easily in case of any mishaps.

When their friends come over, they can also introduce them to the fun activity that is bouldering without having to spend money to go to a gym.

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Cover image credit: Dreamcatcher Interior Design

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