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Dryers vs Automated Laundry Racks – Which Is The Better Option For Your HDB?

5 May 2023 | BY

A guide to lifesavers that rescue you from musty laundry.

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Raise your hands if laundry is your favourite chore – Jungkook can relate. However, though laundry can be a relaxing chore, the mercurial weather and unforeseen storms in Singapore are anything but. With that comes the pain of clothes that never dry right, and musty smells that just won’t go away.

That’s where dryers and automated laundry racks come in handy. But with so many options to choose from, which one’s the best for your needs? We weigh the pros and cons of dryers vs automated laundry racks.

Traditional dryers 

Bulky washer-dryer duos in the service yards of local households have increasingly become a common sight these days. And despite the protests of our mothers, who insist that sun-dried laundry is the best, they too have joined the dryer bandwagon.

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Those without the luxury of space usually opt for a 2-in-1 washer-cum-dryer. But those with more space should consider purchasing a dedicated dryer machine.

A washer-cum-dryer has a smaller capacity of 5kg, while a conventional dryer can take up to 10kg per load. Speaking from experience, this comes in super handy on days when you’re washing heavy duvets and bed sheets. 

Automated laundry racks

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Perhaps you have a strict mother-in-law who still insists on drying clothes the traditional way – under the sun and with bamboo poles. If that’s the case, introduce her to the automated drying rack, which is a good compromise between dryers and bamboo poles. 

 Though they’ve only started getting popular in the past few years, there are many brands that offer automated laundry systems. One notable and reliable brand is Steigen, a name that you’ll frequently encounter in BTO chats and Facebook groups dedicated to first-time homeowners.

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These racks are typically installed on the ceiling in service yards or laundry rooms and can be pulled down and pushed up easily. This makes it easy to hang your laundry – no more struggling with bamboo poles laden with heavy, wet clothes while praying that you don’t plummet down 10 floors. 

Automated laundry racks typically come with fans or heaters – or both – to facilitate indoor drying and prevent clothes from getting that dreaded musty odour. This is especially useful during the monsoon season.

Laundry racks that can hold at least 35kg are good enough for a family of four, but there are brands that go above and beyond that. Fancier models even come with features such as UV sterilisation and air purification. 


Dryer machines and automated laundry systems don’t come cheap, but if your budget allows you to invest in one, go for it because it’ll improve your quality of life. 

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Traditional dryers typically range from $1,000-$2,000, but high-end models can cost more. In the same vein, there are budget models that cost less than $1,000, like the Beko 7KG Air-Vented Dryer

The FISHER & PAYKEL 8KG Heat Pump Dryer (DH8060P3) ($1,900) is a hard worker that can dry up to 8kg per load, making it a good option for those who generate a lot of laundry – like gym enthusiasts, for example.

A more space-saving option is the LG Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Direct Drive ($2,068), a multi-tasker that can wash up to 8.5kg and dry 5kg. It can also detect the weight and softness of the laundry load, then optimise its washing pattern. 

dryers vs automated laundry racks - retractable system
Image credit: @1076sqft

As for automated drying racks, those from reliable brands can cost as little as $399, like the Homlèdj Automated Laundry Rack Model Petite. There’s a separate installation fee, which starts at $150. 

The tried-and-tested Steigen, is on the pricier side, but it’s not too expensive. The Flexi, Steigen’s basic model ($799) does not come with the brand’s signature solar heater, but it does help with lifting laundry loads of up to 35kg and comes with an LED light.

For $100 more, the Steigen Solar Mini offers solar drying and can lift up to 50kg. The prices listed are inclusive of delivery and installation.

Overall, after factoring delivery and installation costs, both dryers and automated laundry systems sit within the same price range. 

Winner: Automated drying racks. They’re cheaper, get the job done in a familiar way, and are lighter on your wallets. 


Dryers vs Steigen- separate control system for Steigen dryerImage credit: Steigen

Both appliances provide the convenience to dry your clothes indoors regardless of the time or weather conditions. 

Couch potatoes will appreciate the Steigen automated laundry rack, which can be controlled via the Steigen Connect app. Users can set profiles and configure specific settings based on their preferences. A portable remote control option is also available, offering similar functions and providing a fuss-free laundry service.

Dryers aren’t lacking in the convenience department either. The LG washer-cum-dryer mentioned earlier can be controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant if you have the ThinQ app downloaded. 

Winner: Both. If you get a model that can be controlled remotely, just get technology to do the work for you.  


Dryers vs Steigen- aesthetic dryersImage credit: Samsung Global Newsroom

Conventional dryers come with moisture sensors to adjust the drying time based on the dampness of your clothing, which helps save on electrical bills. Premium models such as the Samsung 9kg Front Load HeatPump Dryer ($1,849) are equipped with more advanced features including AI control, personalised drying cycles, and can even remember laundry washing habits.

Dryers vs Steigen- Steigen hanging systemImage credit: Steigen

Meanwhile, the Steigen laundry racks – except its basic model – come with built-in solar drying technology to nip bacteria, germs, allergens, and nasty odours in the bud. They also come with an LED light to illuminate your laundry area.

Winner: Both. With the multiple functions and luxury of customisation, you’ll never need to worry about time and weather when it comes to drying your clothes.


Dryers vs Steigen- stacked washer and dryerImage credit: Harvey Norman

Typical dryers come in white, silver, or grey. but in recent years, there have been efforts to create chio-er designs such as the TOSHIBA 10KG/7KG Dual Drum Washer Dryer ($2,388) and the LG 21/16kg AI DD™ Front Load WashTower Washer & Dryer ($5,499).

Dryers vs Steigen- ceiling-mounted dryers
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On the other hand, automated drying racks aren’t that obtrusive by nature – if it’s above your head and out of sight, then it’s out of mind, right? Still, there are brands that offer laundry racks that come in fun colours such as pink and champagne – take Goodwife for example.

Winner: Automated drying racks. They are mounted to the ceiling, retractable and don’t take up any floor space.

Dryers vs Automated Laundry Racks

The hybrid work-from-home arrangements may be disappearing soon, which means we’ll be away from home more often. This leaves us with less time to do our laundry – no more mid-day breaks to wash and dry our clothes in the name of getting inspiration. 

We can already picture overflowing laundry baskets. To prevent that from happening, it’s time to invest in a dryer or automated laundry system to make our lives easier, don’t you think? 

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