These Homeowners DIYed Their Limewash Wall For Less Than $200, Shares Tips From Their Experience

23 October 2023 | BY

When limewash painting a wall, imperfection is often perfect.

diy limewashed wall

Limewash painting is one of the hottest interior trends that has gotten homeowners in a tizzy over recent years. But achieving that natural, textured aesthetic would cost you a whole lot more compared to just using normal paint. One workaround that plenty of homeowners have done is to just DIY limewash paint their walls at home.

The couple behind @ourkozykorner on Instagram was one of the homeowners who embarked on their own DIY project for one of the walls in their new BTO flat. Here are some tips that they’ve shared after their own experience.

1. Start with a layer of white paint as a base coat on walls with work done

Some of us might want a fresh coat of paint to revitalise the existing walls in our homes. But how do you go about transforming a navy blue wall into one that sports an off-white limewash coat?

“If you’re working on a wall that has some work done on it already, you should definitely start with a layer of white paint as a base coat,” the couple said. That base layer of white serves as a primer so your limewashed wall doesn’t have hints of blue leaking out in uneven patches. This also goes for walls with dried plaster over switches that have been relocated.

2. Follow the water-to-powder ratio exactly

When it comes to mixing your own limewash paint, it’s imperative that you follow the water-to-powder ratio listed on the package exactly as stated. This is where a measuring cup would come in handy, as the couple suggests using that rather than eyeballing how much water might work.

When the couple were mixing their limewash powder with water, they accidentally diluted it too much, resulting in their walls not getting the textured effect that they wanted. They had to re-paint their wall 4 times just to salvage the situation. It’s also easier to add water to a thicker mixture rather than taking water out of a diluted mix.

3. Use fewer coats for lighter colours, and more coats for darker colours

diy limewash wallImage credit: @ourkozykorner

Limewash doesn’t only come in the shade of off-white that we often see on Instagram; there are plenty of darker shades of limewash including black. To really get those deep, dark colours, you should paint your walls with several shades of limewash paint. Don’t be fooled by the colour of the wet paint either, as the limewash will lighten up once it dries.

4. Wait 1-2 hours before painting the next coat

It can be tempting to slather on the next coat of limewash paint immediately after you’re done with one layer, but the couple suggests waiting an hour or 2 for each coat of paint to fully dry before starting on the next one. This way, you can decide if you need another coat to achieve the colour you want, or if you can finally stop painting. “The wall may look too homogenous if there are too many coats,” the couple added.

5. Stir the mixture constantly to avoid pigments from settling

red streaks in limewash paintThe reddish streaks are a sore sight.
Image credit: @ourkozykorner

Like a cup of milo peng, your limewash paint mixture has to be constantly stirred to avoid the pigments from settling at the bottom of your pail. While the couple was painting, they noticed reddish-brown streaks appearing sporadically on the walls, likely due to the concentration of lime powder in certain areas of the brush.

But after they stirred the mixture more consistently, the streaks disappeared as the powder was dissolved completely into the water. This is also why it’s important to stick to the recommended water-to-powder ratio!

6. Don’t spend too much money on painting tools

diy limewash paintLimewash painting doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair.
Image credit: @ourkozykorner

While you should splurge on high-quality limewash paint, you don’t have to drop a ton of money on the tools you’ll need to do the painting. All that matters is you get a flat and broad paintbrush, a whisk, pail, measuring cup, plastic drop sheet, painter’s tape, and a ladder. If you want to save even more money, you could do what the coupe did and use a water bottle with a measuring label to measure the water ratio instead.

7. Bring an extra pail to wash your hands if you’re painting a new BTO flat

For those who are painting the walls of their new BTO units, the couple recommends bringing an extra pail to wash your hands in, especially if your water points and bathroom fittings aren’t built yet. You don’t want to start painting only to realise you don’t have a proper space to wash off all the paint and grime.

8. DIY only if you intend on painting a small area

diy limewash painting in singaporeImage credit: @ourkozykorner

As much as DIY limewash painting is a cost-saving endeavour, it’s also a time-consuming undertaking, and the couple recommends embarking on such a project only if you’re doing it for a single wall as DIY painting your entire living room would be too much time and hassle.

9. Don’t worry about the imperfections

Unlike regular paint, limewashed walls can afford to have imperfections and a little bit of mess. “Don’t worry about screwing up,” the couple reassured, adding that the nature of limewash paint makes it forgiving towards first-timers.DIY limewash tips

You’re not alone if you’ve had pictures of limewash-painted walls saved to your moodboard for some time but are hesitant to take the plunge. With these tips from the duo behind @ourkozykorner, you can also embark on your own DIY limewashing journey to save some costs for your home renovation.

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