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This 3-Room HDB Flat’s Access Corridor Is Now A Minimal & Cosy Nook, Perfect For People-Watching

25 March 2024 | BY

Reminiscent of the apartments in Japan or Taiwan from your inspo boards, this 3-room HDB flat has a nook that’s perfect for people watching.

This 3-Room HDB Flat's Access Corridor Is Now A Minimal & Cosy Nook, Perfect For People-Watching

A cursory glance at this home might remind you of the apartments in Japan or Taiwan from your inspo boards, but this is very much a 3-room resale HDB flat. An exercise in Japandi with a level of minimalist order that will make Marie Kondo smile, this $85K home renovation simply drips modern urban cosiness.


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And just to sweeten the deal, the homeowners created a balcony nook out of the access corridor that’s just perfect for people watching.

floor planA comparison of the renovated floorplan (left) with the original floor plan (right).
Image credits: Three Haus Works

Transforming the access corridor into a cosy balcony nook

cosy nookImage credits: Three Haus Works

This foyer is peaceful, simple and with a great view of the surrounding cityscape. Being able to spend quiet mornings with a tea in hand, enjoying the scenery, the homeowners are very much living the dream here. The foyer is actually one of the more challenging aspects of the home, necessitating walling up the corridor and hiding the HDB block rails. 

3-Room HDB flat 4Image credits: Three Haus Works

The homeowner likes plants and it shows, with the amount of greenery here that adds life to this corridor area. Creating an integrated look also involved adding new walls for the door that leads to the rest of the home. One of the bedroom windows faces the balcony here as well.

Calming and just oozing with cool plant mom energy, this would be a worthy addition to the list of aesthetic access corridors we’ve seen here at Uchify.

Compact 3-room resale living room with lots of storage

living roomImage credits: Three Haus Works

The bedroom space was shrunk slightly to make the living room more spacious. The designer at Three Haus Works shared that the low ceiling in this home precluded the use of false ceilings to conceal ambient light. Their workaround was to create half walls to fit LED lights on instead.

3-Room HDB flat 6Image credits: Three Haus Works

The TV console is sleek and beautifully Japandi, keeping everything neatly stored away behind birch tic tac cabinet doors. This is actually the single biggest ticket item in the renovation, with $18K dedicated to the creation of this built-in storage feature.

Scandinavian-style white kitchen 

3-Room HDB flat 7Image credits: Three Haus Works

The kitchen and dining area preserves the palette of light, mostly off-white shades to keep the home bright. The open concept nature of the kitchen is deliberate, due to the compact nature of this apartment. This way, the homeowner has enough space for cooking as well as laundry work. 

3-Room HDB flat 8Image credits: Three Haus Works

3-Room HDB flat 9Image credits: Three Haus Works

Hotel-worthy bedrooms with thoughtful built-ins

hotel-worthy bedroomsImage credits: Three Haus Works

One of the requirements for the home is that the 2 bedrooms needed to be preserved from the original floor plan. And their transformation is almost boutique hotel-worthy, with comfy and relaxing simplicity of the home design really shining here. This one is a bit more feature-rich, with nice features that maximise the real estate like a built-in desk behind the headboard and sleek wardrobes.

One of the bedrooms even faces the foyer area, allowing you to look out and take in the scenery from the comfort of your bed. 

3-Room HDB flat 11Image credits: Three Haus Works

This bedroom is the more secluded of the two, with the windows facing outwards and away from the apartment. The minimalist shelves formed from the recessed space and floating shelves are a really nice touch that looks like it came straight out of a Pinterest board.

3-Room HDB flat 12Image credits: Three Haus Works

The bathroom continues the light tones in the home, but of neat design detail here is the use of stacked tiles to make the area feel taller.

A $85K 3-room HDB flat reno with a cosy nook

This apartment is not showy or overly elaborate, but instead manages to create a sense of homely comfort through a mix of gentle lighting and simple design. And if you’re looking for something minimalist without ending up the usual Scandi or Japandi designs, perhaps this one is something you’d like to reference.

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Cover image credit: Three Haus Works

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