8 Best Telegram Channels For Homeowners To Join For Firsthand BTO & Reno Tips

3 July 2023 | BY

These 8 Telegram channels have all the information you’ll need about BTO updates, reno tips, and more.

8 Best Telegram Channels For Homeowners To Join For Firsthand BTO & Reno Tips

Unless you’re not yet a homeowner yourself or live under a rock, you’ll know that there’s a whole community of united homeowners in Singapore on social media and even messaging apps such as Telegram.

Here are the 8 best Telegram channels we found catering to homeowners who want to learn about BTO updates, reno tips, and more. 

1. SG Adulting 101

SG Adulting 101

Even if you feel like a child at heart, it’s time to wear your big boy pants and pick up some #adulting skills, as the Millennials like to say. The Telegram channel @sgadulting101 provides an overview of everything an adult might need to consider or know more about, such as career advice, tips on investments, and home buying.

The channel touches on home and living topics, which comes in handy for existing or to-be homeowners. Guides such as where to find the best home mould removal services and a list of reno jargon to know are posted regularly. 

Besides that, @sgadulting101 also provides updates on the latest BTO exercises, giving a bird’s eye view and summary of new BTO launches. Similarly useful for prospective homeowners are the free reno cost calculators to help keep your budget in check. 

Join SG Adulting 101. 

2. Homeowners SG

Homeowners SG

If the channel’s name isn’t obvious enough, @HomeownersSG caters to homeowners in Singapore. The channel keeps subscribers up to date with the latest news, discounts and sales, and provides guides for home inspiration and organisation.

If you’re not an avid reader and the last book you touched was in primary school, when mandatory silent reading during assemblies were a thing, you’ll be glad to know that links on @HomeownersSG usually direct you to the relevant video tutorials. But of course, there are also articles where you can read and learn stuff like how to make your shoe cabinet smell good. Take notes, those with funky feet. 

Join Homeowners SG.

3. Singapore Renovation

 Singapore Renovation Telegram channel tabs

For those looking into renovating their nest, look no further than @sgReno. @sgReno is a one-stop shop that offers deals and reviews, along with a space where homeowners can chat and discuss their needs, problems, and solutions. 

The Telegram channel is neatly and conveniently categorised into 7 tabs – for example, if you have a question about smart appliances, fire your query into the ‘Smart Home’ subchannel.

Singapore Renovation - IDs, Contractors, Suppliers

With 13,021 members in the channel as of writing, there are more than enough enthusiastic and kind homeowners to provide their opinions, recommendations, and solutions. In other words, don’t be afraid to start a conversation or ask a few questions.

Join Singapore Renovation.

4. SG Property Deals & News

SG Property Deals & News

Those still on the lookout for a house will do well to join @sgbestproperty, where the latest condo listings and deals are posted regularly. Posts in the channel typically lay out the perks of the condos on sale, available units and their sizes, and the lowest sale price. The links at the end of each post will direct you to a sales team, where you will be provided with further details. 

Besides condo listings, the channel also updates followers on showflat previews. Do take note that, despite its name, @sgbestproperty only covers condo property deals. 

Join SG Property Deals & News.

5. SG Parent Things

SG Parent Things

Whilst we know that not all homeowners are parents, @sgparenthings is still a useful resource as they post promotions, sales, and bargains. This includes homeware sales and recommendations, so keep your eyes peeled for homeowner-certified products. 

Additionally, furniture sales are also made known here. Recent examples include a Spotlight storewide sale, as well as various warehouse sales that offer discounts on items such as bedding and kitchenware. These discounts can be as generous as 70% off, which will make the eyes of cheapo Singaporeans turn into dollar signs like Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants

Join SG Parent Things.

6. SG Home & Living – Uchify

SG Home & Living - Uchify

Head’s up for all kaypohs – @uchify_sg is the best channel to follow for those who love looking at people’s chio homes and hearing about interesting home-related perspectives, and we’re not just saying that because it’s us. 

@uchify_sg is a Telegram channel for the Singaporean online publication Uchify – which you are reading now. The website focuses on home renovation, interior design, modern living, and the property market in Singapore. 

Besides the latest news about the property market, Uchify also grants access into the homes of celebrities and influencers, horrifying rental stories, useful explainer guides, and product reviews.

Whether you’re an ARMY interested in RM’s $6.5M apartment or looking for reno hacks that’ll let you live smart, we promise that @uchify_sg will thoroughly entertain you and satisfy your inner need to get all up in other people’s home and living business. 

Join SG Home & Living – Uchify.

7. HDB

HDB Singapore Telegram Channel

With plenty of fake news regarding property spreading around, it’s useful to have official sources that let you fact check information. One such example is the official Telegram channel of HDB, @SingaporeHDB. On this channel, every single post tells nothing but the truth. 

From BTO exercise updates to home financial planning, @SingaporeHDB covers a wide variety of topics under the umbrella of home and living in Singapore. You can also expect interior design ideas, helpful infographics, and how-tos. 

Oftentimes, the channel also showcases beautiful HDBs homes and even holds contests where you can win attractive prizes, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Join HDB Telegram.

8. Singapore Build-to-Order Discussion – sgBTO

Singapore Build-to-Order Discussion - sgBTO

The whole process of getting a BTO flat may be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. When you have urgent questions about the BTO process, HDB should be the first resource to turn to for official help. 

But if you’re just feeling a little lonely or need moral support as you go about getting your own BTO, we recommend joining @sgBTO, a responsive community that welcomes everyone who is getting a BTO flat.

This Telegram channel is suited for posing trivial questions, exciting discussions, and deep analysis of BTOs. So fire away and make new friends in this community of homeowners. 

Join Singapore Build-to-Order Discussion – sgBTO.

Best Telegram channels for homeowners

Telegram isn’t just a messaging app – it is also home to numerous channels and groups where you can gather information, ask relevant questions, and seek support from others. For homeowners and would-be homeowners, these 8 Telegram channels on home and living are not to be missed out on.

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