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6 Best Standing Desks In 2023 If You Want To Stop Backaches & Improve Productivity

29 May 2023 | BY

These standing desks will elevate your home office into a formidable workstation and help improve your posture at the same time.

best standing desks

It might have been a few years since working from home became the norm, but it’s never too late to treat yourself to a standing desk, especially if you haven’t already. This one upgrade to your WFH setup can dramatically increase your productivity as it shifts your posture and encourages you to stretch every so often.

Plus, your boss and your boss’ boss will be happy to hear that you’ll be able to continue to take meetings and work on your reports while staying active. If you’re not convinced yet, here’s our comparison between standing and sitting desks. But if you’ve already made up your mind, here are 6 of the best standing desks to get for your home office in Singapore.

1. Omnidesk Ascent (from $870) – Curved ergonomic table top and premium solid wood options

best standing desks - omnidesk ascent in woodImage credit: Omnidesk

While most standing desks have just one design, the Omnidesk Ascent has plenty available. For starters, you can opt for a curved tabletop that’s meant to provide better ergonomics as you’ll be able to rest your arms while typing or playing video games. An angled edge also helps prevent pinched nerves after a long Pomodoro session.

The Omnidesk Ascent also has different table tops to cater to different audiences. Those who want something minimalist can stick with their solid colour tabletop options, while those who want to add a little flair to their space can upgrade to their Wildwood Collection featuring solid wood options like pheasant wood, acacia, and walnut. Gamers can also opt for the Radiance edition which has a sleek RGB strip running all across the tabletop.

best standing desks - omnidesk ascent radienceThe Omnidesk Ascent Radiance.
Image credit: Omnidesk

The Ascent controller boasts a bright LED RGB controller that can hold up to 4 height presets so you can raise or lower the table with just one touch. The desk also comes with a built-in cable management system that helps you hide loose wires and stay organised. If you want more advanced control of your desk, the Ascent is compatible with their Omnidesk Life app that offers additional smart controls such as wireless control, setting sit-stand alerts, tracking your sitting and standing habits, and setting standing goals.

Once you’ve selected your desired configuration, you can select from a range of accessories to help make your setup even more organised and ergonomic with add-ons like floor mats, headphone and cup holders, light bars, and monitor mounts.

Frame colours: Black and white
Minimum height: 60cm
Maximum height: 125cm
Height presets: 4
Sizes: Small (122x76cm), Medium (153x76cm), Large (183x76cm)

Shop the Omnidesk Ascent

2. EverDesk+ Max (from $619) – Install wheels for portability

best standing desks - everdesk maxImage credit: Stella P./EverDesk+

Standing desks are usually stationary, but the EverDesk+ Max lets you install castor wheels ($59) on its legs so you can move it around your room for a change in scenery. And don’t worry, the wheels are lockable so your workstation won’t roll without your approval.

Speaking of legs, the EverDesk+ Max has motors on both legs, ensuring that it rises and lowers fast and quietly. It also has one of the lowest minimum heights, making it a suitable option for the vertically challenged.

cable managing tools on everdeskImage credit: EverDesk+

The tabletop itself also has a groove for you to tuck away all the cables you might need in a neat and tidy fashion.

Frame colours: Black and white
Minimum height: 60cm
Maximum height: 124cm
Height presets: 3
Sizes: Small (120x60cm), Medium (140x60cm), Large (160x60cm)

Shop the EverDesk+ Max 

3. Squirrey (from $428) – Alerts to remind you to stand

best standing desks - squirrey deskImage credit: 131 Support

Oftentimes we get too caught up in a certain task that we forget to take breaks. Squirrey standing desks will help as its controller has an inbuilt alarm to remind you to switch up your posture. If you have a routine you like to stick to, you can also customise when the alarms will go off so you don’t get disrupted during a crucial performance review.

Squirrey also offers multiple tabletop options across 5 colours – black, white, grey, oak, and walnut. You can also pick between a thickness of 18mm or 25mm.

Frame colours: Black, white, grey
Minimum height: 69cm
Maximum height: 118cm
Height presets: 3
Sizes: Small (140x70cm), Medium (160x70cm)

Shop the Squirrey on Lazada

4. Secretlab Magnus Pro (from $899) – Personalised tabletop skins

best standing desks - secretlab magnus pro Image credit: TheSmartLocal

One thing that Secretlab does a little differently compared to other standing desks by providing gaming-related desk mats. Whether it’s to support your favourite esports team or represent your most-played video game, these desk mats add a touch of personality to an otherwise plain, black desk. They can also be switched out if your allegiances change.

best standing desks - secretlab magnus pro pcImage credit: TheSmartLocal

The Magnus Pro also has gamer-centric add-ons including headphone hangers, a PC mount to keep your computer off the floor, and monitor arms to free up space on your desk.

Frame colours: Black
Minimum height: 65cm
Maximum height: 125cm
Height presets: 3
Sizes: Pro (150x70cm), Pro XL (177x80cm)

Shop the Secretlab Magnus Pro 

5. Desky Pedestal Desk (from $369) – Great for compact spaces

best standing desks - desky square pedestal deskImage credit: Desky

Not all of us have the luxury of space to build a feature-worthy workstation at home, which is where compact desks like Desky’s Pedestal Desk come into the picture.

At just 60x60cm, the desk will fit into any snug and cosy spot in your home whilst helping you retain some semblance of good posture with multiple programmable heights. If you’re really in urgent need of conducting business while doing your “business”, the desk can also fit into your bathroom. Just be sure to put your microphone on mute if you’re in a meeting.

Frame colours: Black, white, grey
Minimum height: 64cm
Maximum height: 128cm
Height presets: 3
Size: 60x60cm

Shop the Desky

6. IKEA IDÅSEN (from $819) – Mobile app to adjust height

best standing desks- ikea idasenImage credit: IKEA

IKEA offers more options than the stationary Micke and Malm desks. The Idasen desk is the Swedish furniture brand’s take on the sit/stand desk, and it comes highly recommended for its stability even when raised all the way to its highest height.

And instead of using a physical touch controller like most standard convertible desks, the Idasen uses a mobile app to raise and lower the table to your desired height.

best standing desks - ikea idasen in brownImage credit: IKEA

The table also comes in a neutral beige that is not usually associated with the typical sit/stand desks which are usually black, white, or grey.

Frame colours: Beige
Minimum height: 63cm
Maximum height: 127cm
Height presets: 4 on Desk Control app
Sizes: Small (120x70cm), Medium (160x80cm)

Shop the IKEA Idasen

Best standing desks in Singapore

If your boss is gracious enough to let you work from home, a standing desk will ensure your posture doesn’t go kaput before your productivity does. Whether you want a simple standing desk that fits in your tiny bedroom or a fully-loaded desk with as many lights as a rainbow, there’s a standing desk there waiting for you to get to work on.

What else to get for your work-from-home setup:

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