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We Ask 11 Singaporeans About The Best Cleaning Product They’ve Ever Used

26 April 2023 | BY

We’re sure that you have your own preferred cleaning products, but have you ever wondered what other brands are a favourite among your fellow Singaporeans?

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When it comes to cleaning products, those who do household chores will have a preferred brand or item that they subconsciously return to, again and again. From disinfectant sprays to sponges to dusters, many of these items are miracle workers and holy grails of cleaning that deserve to be shared. 

We sought out 11 Singaporeans to get their opinions on their go-to, must-have cleaning product

Multi-purpose disinfectants

best cleaning product - Walch
Image credit: @royston_licious 

“As someone who likes to ensure that my house is always free from germs, I have countless cleaning supplies. However, my personal favourite is my Walch disinfectant.

Despite being inexpensive, its quality is excellent and effective. As it is also multi-purpose, I am able to use it to disinfect my clothes, clean the floors, and clean the toilets.

I have also found that it is a pet-safe disinfectant. This is a relief since I own a dog, and the disinfectant will not harm my pet.” 

Jeannette, 50, Stay-at-home mother

best cleaning product - multi-purpose cleaning products
Image credit: Unsplash

“I do not have a specific favourite cleaning product but I do have a few brands that are constantly being used in my household. 

If I were to choose, however, it’d be either Magiclean or Dettol, as they are multi-purpose cleaning products. They are effective in cleaning many household areas such as kitchens and floors, ensuring that my home is always free from dust or grime. They also make my house smell really nice.”

Georgine, 45, Stay-at-home mother

“As it’s known to kill bacteria and viruses, I prefer using Dettol.  It makes my home feel cleaner, smells nice, and removes any odour from my home.”

Evelyn, 50, Stay-at-home mother

Melamine Sponge from Daiso

best cleaning product - Daiso sponge
Image credit: Lazada 

“The melamine sponge from Daiso has excellent cleaning ability – with one swipe, I can remove most of the dust or stains from various surfaces. 

However,  recently I’ve found that it is less worthwhile to purchase the sponge after Daiso changed the product design. Previously, the sponge was sold in the form of a long stick that you could freely cut into any size you’d like, whereas currently, it is pre-cut into smaller pieces. I also feel that this reduced the amount sold per pack.”

Helen, 48, Manager

Mould cleaner from Daiso

Daiso mould cleaner
Image credit: TheSmartLocal 

“Daiso’s mould cleaner shoots thick foam and works really well. At $2 a bottle, it is value-for-money as its effectiveness is comparable to more expensive brands.”

u/medicatedoil on Reddit 

“I use the bleach spray from Daiso when cleaning my toilet. I only need to spray the tiles and the sink, leave it for 30 mins, before rinsing it off. 

Using this mould spray, I can ensure that everything is shiny without having to scrub anything. The liquid is also able to get into corners and tough-to-scrub areas too, making cleaning much easier. 

The only downside is the strong smell of bleach. However, this dissipates quite quickly so it isn’t a major problem.”

u/QLevi on Reddit 

Kao Magiclean Bleach Spray

best cleaning product - Kao Magiclean
Image credit: imanabdulrahim 

“By simply spraying surfaces a few times and leaving it to soak for 20 minutes, I can get rid of mould in the toilet or grease on the kitchen walls with this bleach spray from Kao. 

Their spray pump is also designed to ensure perfect aeration for their liquid bleach mix.”

r/miasparagus on Reddit 

Bio-Home Multi-Surface Cleaner 

best cleaning product - Biohome
Image credit: @groceryowlsg 

“I use my Bio-Home Multi-Surface Cleaner daily – in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. For around $5, it effectively cleans the high-use areas in our home. 

It has a multitude of advantages, and as far as I can tell, there are no drawbacks. It cuts through grease effectively and leaves no residue. It’s also eco-friendly, safe for children and pets, and has a nice lemongrass and green tea scent.”

@c.afetayria on Lemon8 

White vinegar

white vinegar spray
Image credit: Unsplash 

“White vinegar can be so useful in cleaning various things around the house, such as wooden shelves and oxidised metal handles, as well as in removing stubborn stains. 

I feel that white vinegar or artificial vinegar is a safer alternative to bleach, especially when used in the kitchen near kitchenware.”

u/hellohappysrar on Reddit 

Scrub Daddy sponges 

best cleaning product - Scrub Daddy
Image credit: @scrubdaddy 

“While Scrub Daddy sponges are a little expensive, they’re really useful. I’ve tried a lot of sponge, such as the regular 3M or Scotch sponges, but Scrub Daddy has by far bypassed them in effectiveness.

It takes off stains and food residue easily without scratching my kitchenware, which is especially a relief for my non-stick cookware. It is also easily accessible and can be found on Shopee.”

r/erisestarrs on Reddit 

Mini feather duster

mini feather duster
Image credit: @rach.atelier

“My mini feather duster from Muji is such a helpful tool while cleaning. It helps me get rid of dust from surfaces easily, even in the tight spots around the house.

Additionally, it’s easy to remove the dusting portion and clean it in the washing machine, making it really convenient to use.”

@rach.atelier on Lemon8 

Singaporeans rate their fave cleaning product

There are plenty of cleaning products readily available in the market, but which ones are truly effective? These 11 Singaporeans have shared their evaluations, and we hope the next time you shop for cleaning supplies, some of these will come in clutch. 

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