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An Elegant Victorian-Themed Singapore Condo Renovation That Stuns with Marble and Detail

19 March 2024 | BY

We delve deep into this Victorian-themed condo, brimming with all the elegance you’d expect from a set of The Crown.

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With an extravagant display of chinoiserie, shaker cabinets, marble and black-and-white home stylings, this maximalist home is an encapsulation of Victorian elegance. You’re going to want to sit down for this one, as we delve deep into all the rich detailing you’d expect from a set of The Crown condensed into a Victorian-themed condo apartment.

Ornate living room with Victorian-themed design elements

living roomImage credit: Inspire 90s

The most extensive showcase of the modern Victorian style in this home has got to be found in the living room. There’s plenty to look at here, but we can start with the extensive chinoiserie. The richly detailed oriental patterns make up much of the real estate here, in the form of a framed wallpaper and a salmon pink rug. 

The shade of pink with its floral patterns serves to complement the blue-and-white porcelain stool, whilst yet another floral patterned lamp hangs from a corner to round out the oriental aesthetic.

Victorian-themed condo 3Image credit: Inspire 90s

Then you can look at the Victorian influences found here. The homeowners definitely spared no expense on this, with the heavily panelled drawers, the classical architecture elements like pilasters, wainscoting, and fancy Rococo-style flourishes. 

And resting above the TV would be rattan mesh wardrobes evocative of the black-and-white homes of Singapore’s colonial past. You could almost pretend that this is the residence of some wealthy East India Company merchant. 

That is, were it not for the bouclé lounge sofa, fluted panels under the TV console and a contemporary marble coffee table grounding it back to the present.

A functional, yet luxurious kitchen & dining area

dining roomImage credit: Inspire 90s

Decidedly more modern than the living room but no less opulent, this kitchen and dining area is actually what will greet guests first when they enter the home. And it certainly is no less impressive of a welcome, with the lit cabinets and the abundance of marble found on the flooring, backsplash and table. 

Victorian-themed condo 5Image credit: Inspire 90s

One must feel like they accidentally stumbled into a secret upscale boutique when visiting this home for the first time.

Victorian-themed condo 6Image credit: Inspire 90s

The dry kitchen area is generous, making it perfect for plating or finishing elaborate meals and drinks to entertain guests. The wainscoting and panelled cabinets continue here to keep the space thematically consistent. But you’ll also see gold handles and kitchen fittings that give the place an appropriately sophisticated touch. 

Victorian-themed condo 7Image credit: Inspire 90s

Victorian-themed condo 8Image credit: Inspire 90s

Being beside the front door, part of the wardrobe space is dedicated to shoes, a feature which the homeowners certainly made full use of.

mother-of-pearl cabinet knobsA close-up of the exquisite lacquered mother-of-pearl cabinet knobs.
Image credit: Inspire 90s

Victorian-themed condo 10Image credit: Inspire 90s

Behind the wired glass sliding doors, the wet kitchen is similarly bourgeois, though admittedly this time with a geometric tile flooring instead.

Master bedroom that could’ve come straight out of Pride & Prejudice

Victorian-themed condo 11Image credit: Inspire 90s

The master bedroom may not be quite as busy as the living room but it is still visually aligned with the rest of the home If anything, with the oak furniture and the chinoiserie framed by wainscotting, this scene is ripe to recreate a scene of forbidden romance from a Jane Austen novel.

Victorian-themed condo 13Image credit: Inspire 90s

There is even a bay window where you can wistfully look out into the distance, pining for the return of your Mr Darcy.

Victorian-themed condo 12Plenty of rich designs furnish this bedroom, including the chinoiserie, as well as some ornate handles for the cabinets.
Image credit: Inspire 90s

A Victorian-themed Singapore condo renovation

Singaporeans seem to be slowly moving away from the minimalist Japandi and Scandi styles in favour of bolder approaches to interior design. And whilst this is definitely on the extreme end of the spectrum, perhaps you might want to take a leaf or two from this Victorian-themed condo reno for your own designs. 

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