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Massive Jumbo HDB Flat In Anchorvale Listed For $2M, Touts 6 Bedrooms & 4 Bathrooms

6 May 2024 | BY

This is one of the biggest HDB flats to hit the market in recent times.

jumbo hdb flat in sengkang

It’s hard to imagine that only a year or 2 ago we were up in arms over the many million-dollar HDB flats being sold. Fast forward to May 2024, and the conversation has quickly evolved into the listing of  $2 million HDB flats. Recently, we came across another HDB flat with an asking price of $2 million. However, it might be worth considering as it’s a massive jumbo flat in Sengkang that boasts 2,400sqft and 6 bedrooms. Yes, it’s bigger than some condos.

For all the curious creatures who are wondering why this HDB flat can command such a hefty—and frankly, outrageous—price tag, here’s all you need to know about the listing.

Editor’s note: As of 8th May 2024, the listing has since been taken down.  The authorities are investigating it for misleading potential homebuyers as there are no jumbo flats in the block.

Asking price of $2M for 2,400sqft

jumbo hdb flat in sengkangImage credit: PropertyGuru

In late April 2024, many Singaporeans were outraged to discover that an HDB flat in Toa Payoh was put on the market for a whopping $2 million. There was barely any precedent for that price, as the previous record for a sold HDB flat was only $1.56 million, coincidentally also in Toa Payoh. An increase of almost $500,000 is more than just “inflation” being an excuse; you could almost buy another flat for that kind of money.

Around the same time, a listing for a jumbo flat in Sengkang came onto the market with little to no fanfare for $2 million too. On the PropertyGuru page, the flat in Anchorvale Link showed that the flat boasts a square footage of 2,400. That’s bigger than most jumbo flats, including the supersized ones that are in Woodlands.

It works out to around $833 psf, which is a lot higher than the average price of resale HDB flats of $578 psf according to data by EdgeProp. However, that’s still significantly lower than the average price of resale condos of $1,574 psf.

This listing also comes hot on the heels of the first $1 million HDB flat that was sold in Sengkang. The flat was an executive maisonette, which might explain the price, but it’s still a sign that even newer, non-mature estates are breaking that 7-figure threshold when it comes to sales of public housing.

6 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms in a jumbo HDB flat

jumbo hdb flat in sengkang - living roomImage credit: Andrew Nair/PropertyGuru

HDB flats that are above 2,000sqft are exceptionally rare, with most of them being limited to older developments that were built before the turn of the millennium. This is what makes this 2,400sqft jumbo HDB flat in Anchorvale all the more remarkable, as it still boasts a lease period of around 80 years. It’s situated on a lower floor, which might be preferred by larger families with young children or elderly parents, where safety is a concern. 

The interior also looks relatively new, with cove lights being featured in the main living areas and some of the 6 bedrooms. 

jumbo hdb flat in sengkang - bedroomImage credit: Andrew Nair/PropertyGuru

Along with the 6 bedrooms, the HDB flat has 4 bathrooms as well, which means that there won’t be a scramble to use the toilets when it’s rush hour in the mornings.

jumbo hdb flat in sengkang - bathroomImage credit: Andrew Nair/PropertyGuru

It is possible that the new homeowners would not need to do any major renovation work to this jumbo HDB flat. But with a blank slate that’s 2,400sqft in size, it’ll be a dream to transform it into a sanctuary that wasn’t thought of by the previous homeowner. Besides, if someone could afford to buy an HDB flat for $2 million, they can probably afford the fees associated with the renovation too.

Jumbo HDB flat in Sengkang for sale at $2M

If you’ve raised your eyebrows when looking at the headline, we’d say that your reaction was 100% justified. After all, public housing breaking the 7-figure mark—let alone costing $2 million—is just an indication of a bleak future for those who have yet to own their first homes in Singapore. But that’s a conversation better left for another day.

Those who are looking to upgrade their digs and treat their family to a bigger living space can enquire to check out this jumbo flat in Sengkang that’s going for sale at $2 million. One saving grace is the “Negotiable” text situated right next to the price tag.

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Cover image credit: Andrew Nair/PropertyGuru, Google Maps
Originally published on 6th May 2024. Last updated on 9th May 2024.

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