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Jumbo Flats In Singapore – 5 Popular Estates Where You Can Still Find Them

11 March 2022 | BY

If you have a multi-generational family or just want the luxury of space, consider a jumbo flat from one of these five estates in Singapore.

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It’s not at all surprising: HDB flats have been shrinking in size in recent decades, and we’re having to make the most of our new but undeniably cosy homes. Yet, some of us need more space. Perhaps we have a larger, multi-generational family or we simply want the luxury of having a spare bedroom.

Because of that, we’ve been toying with the idea of jumbo flats. They’re double the size, but not necessarily double the price – an ideal option if regular HDB floor plans are too cramped for your lifestyle. At these five popular estates in Singapore, you might get lucky in your search for a jumbo flat.  

What are jumbo flats & how are they different from HDB flats?

Jumbo flats first came about in the late 80s. There wasn’t much demand for 3-room and 4-room flats back then, so HDB decided to create adjoined flats – otherwise, known as jumbo flats, with walls knocked down between two adjacent flats. Since it’s roughly the size of two HDB flats, jumbo flats have proven popular for multi-generational families over time. 

As of now, there are only about 2,900 jumbo flats left in Singapore – most are in Woodlands, with others in a few select other estates. 

1. Ang Mo Kio

As one of Singapore’s mature estates, Ang Mo Kio is certainly a desirable neighbourhood to live in. They’ve got plenty of trendy F&B joints and good schools – all in a central area that’s relatively near to town and the CBD. Take this jumbo flat, that’s known for having reached a sale price of more than $1M during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

But once we take a look, we can understand why. Besides being spacious – it’s made up of two adjoining three-room flats – this jumbo flat has also gone through a thorough reno job. Its standout feature is that it also has a 6-metre terrace before the main door entrance, which used to be part of the common corridor. 

On top of using quality materials such as engineered wood flooring and branded appliances, its previous owners had also smartly renovated it to better suit their needs. As such, they combined the original four bathrooms into two large bathrooms – with the master ensuite showcasing a his-and-hers vanity sink. 

Sale price: $850,000
Size: 1,916 sq ft

2. Bukit Merah

Bukit Merah 1
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We’re loving the ambience of this Bukit Merah jumbo flat – it’s giving us absolute opulence with its glass chandelier and marble flooring. There’s also a floor-to-ceiling mural near the front door, vibrant with Moorish influences. Even the ceiling trimmings have been placed into careful consideration, with its intricate designs and arches.

Bukit Merah 2
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While it’s not large for a jumbo flat, standing at 1,141 sq  ft, the floorplan has both a squarish layout and open-concept design. All four bedrooms can fit double beds, and are described to have ample walking space. Since the Rumah Tinggi Eco Park is right next door, you can also enjoy scenic views of the greenery. 

Listed price: $540,000
Size: 1,141 sq ft

3. Woodlands

At 1,926 sq ft, this 7-room jumbo flat in Woodlands is the perfect abode for a large, multi-gen family – plenty of space here to WFH without getting on each other’s nerves. There’ll also be plenty of wind passing through these windows with its North-South facing, meaning that it’s constantly a cool temperature with no harsh sunlight. 

Woodlands 1
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The flat is kept in a well-maintained condition so if desired, you can pack your bags and move in pronto. But the beauty of owning a jumbo flat is that you’ve got ample space to play with – to create your dream home.

Woodlands 2
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There might be just the three bedrooms, but you’ve also got two spare rooms that are currently used as family and study rooms. The entire flat already boasts an open-concept layout, but you could take a look at your floor plan to see if these could be converted into an open area – perhaps a home theatre corner or library nook. 

See which walls you can hack by learning how to read your floor plan properly.

Listed price: $1,038,000
Size: 1,926 sq ft

4. Yishun

Yishun 1
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This 5-bedroom unit in Yishun is the very reason why jumbo flats are highly sought after – you finally have enough space to create your own cosy reading corners and walk-in wardrobes. It’s also a major plus that it’s a corner unit, so besides being more private, you’re also bound to get plenty of breeze. 

Yishun 2

The floor plan features both master and junior suites, both with ensuite bathrooms, making it ideal for those multi-generational households. The current finishings are also relatively modern, with a kitchen that is in prime working condition with a kitchen island and a stylish chimney hob. 

Listed price: $920,000
Size: 1,765 sq ft

5. Clementi

One of the best things about a jumbo flat is that having two adjoined corner units means that you have the HDB common corridor all to yourself. Take the chance to jazz it up or keep it simple, like this Clementi jumbo flat did. With two master bedrooms and separate entrances, it’s a solid choice for a family who wants to live together but still needs their alone time. 

Clement 1
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While this flat might lean towards“bare bones”, it’s perfectly functional and a godsend for those looking to do their own reno makeover. In fact, it might inspire you to check out these interior designers for a Scandinavian-inspired home. After all, it has a modern kitchen and four recently-renovated bathrooms – and we all know that those are the most exorbitant in any house renovation budget. 

Clementi 2
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It’s also just five minutes away from Clementi MRT and Clementi Mall. 

Listed price: $1,488,000
Size: 1,744 sq ft

Where to find jumbo flats in Singapore

Jumbo flats aren’t a common option in Singapore, but it’s one that makes sense for larger or multi-gen families. With more space, comes more flexibility – that way, you can easily design your family’s dream home. While Woodlands has the highest number of jumbo flats, popular estates like Ang Mo Kio and Bukit Merah do occasionally have some in the resale market too. 

Once you’ve purchased your dream flat, check out the following before you start renovation: 

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