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Tenet Executive Condo First Look – New Modern Development In Tampines For Families From $1.1M

17 November 2022 | BY

We take a close look at this executive condo’s ins-and-outs from the amenities to which stacks will face the sun.

tenet executive condo

On Saturday 12th November, over 5,000 prospective buyers flocked to the Tenet executive condo showflat in Tampines for a preview of the last EC launch of the year. The high level of demand was not unexpected with 2022 being a slow year for EC launches, and the floodgates holding back Singaporeans in the sandwich class were opened.

Uchify was also on the ground to check out the Tenet showflat, and here are all the details you need to know if you’re considering an upgrade from an HDB to an executive condo.

Tenet Executive Condo first look & details

tenet executive condo

Tenet is a 618-unit development situated in Tampines North – on Tampines Street 62 to be precise. No, its palindrome name didn’t come from Christopher Nolan’s convoluted movie from 2020. In fact, it’s a play on words to mean “Tampines East”. 


Location, location, location. It’s one of the most important factors when buying a house, and something to strongly think about if you’re considering putting down an offer for a unit at Tenet.

tenet executive condo locationImage credit: Tenet

Tenet will be located along Tampines Street 62 which is at the northern part of the mature estate. One of the biggest plus points of this location is that it’ll be a quick walk away from the upcoming Tampines North MRT station along the Cross Island Line.

tampines eco greenTampines Eco Green.
Image credit: TheSmartLocal

It’s also near the recently-revamped Tampines Eco Green Park for those seeking an oasis in suburbia. And as you know, Tampines is one of the most mature estates with plenty of shopping malls and amenities which means you’ll never have to leave its borders for your weekly Don Don Donki visit.

tenet loA view of Tenet’s location on Google Maps.
Image credit: Google Maps

However, a potential deal breaker might be the fact that Tenet will also be largely bordered by the Tampines Expressway. Yes, living right next to a busy road sounds like hell, but before you close this article and dismiss Tenet altogether, hear us out.

There will be a 50m buffer between the expressway and the executive condo, with another small buffer made up of the infinity swimming pool, tennis courts, and other amenities. Residents living in the stacks facing the TPE won’t exactly be subject to the roar of rush hour up close and personal, but it’ll still be something to consider in the grand scheme of things.

For budding families, there are also plenty of schools within the vicinity. Within the 1km radius there is Angsana Primary School, Elias Park Primary School, and Tampines Primary School, with Meridian Secondary School within the radius for the older kids. A wider radius would include schools like St. Hilda’s Primary and Secondary Schools, Dunman Secondary School, and Ngee Ann Secondary School.

giant hypermarket at tampinesImage credit: TheSmartLocal

If your priorities lie more towards living life to the fullest – a.k.a. shopping – you’ll be pleased to know that IKEA Tampines, Courts Megastore, and Giant Hypermarket are all a swift 5-minute drive away. The core of Tampines comprising Our Tampines Hub, Tampines Mall, and Tampines One are also not far from Tenet’s doorstep. At this rate, you don’t have to worry about the commute to Orchard for some downtime on the weekend.


Just like typical private condos, executive condos like Tenet have similar amenities for its residents to enjoy. The crowning jewel of Tenet looks to be the 66m-long infinity pool.

tenet executive condo infinity pool

Located at the top of the multi-storey carpark, the infinity pool has a slightly-curved shape that faces the Tampines Expressway.

tenet executive condo

While the views aren’t quite the same as that of MBS, having a spot like this to retreat to at the end of the work week is a vibe that can’t really be described. There is also a kids play pool located next to the infinity pool as well as a 50m-long lap pool and another family pool in the middle of the compound.

tenet executive condo family pool

If you prefer to stay relatively dry, you can also stay active at the tennis court or one of the two half-sized sports courts.

tenet executive condo tennis court

Cantilevered above the infinity pool is also a function space that includes a karaoke studio so you can sing to your heart’s content without getting a noise complaint. Within the space is also a music room with a piano, so students can practice in a safe space without worrying about disrupting their neighbours.

tenet list of amenities and facilitiesImage credit: Tenet

Car owners will also be pleased to know that Tenet has a 1:1 carpark ratio and every unit will have a car parking space. Of the 618 lots, 6 of them will be outfitted with electric vehicle charging stations. There will also be 5 accessible lots available.

Tenet Executive Condo bedroom types

Of the 619 units at Tenet, 59%, or 363 units are of the 3-bedroom layout. 210 of them are 4-bedrooms, with the remaining 45 units being 5-bedroom options.

The 618 units will be spread out across 11 blocks with 15 storeys each. Each block also only has 4 units for a great amount of privacy.

tenet executive condo unit mix breakdown

During the launch of the Tenet showflat, we had a preview of how the C2b 3-bedroom unit and the D3 4-bedroom unit would look when furnished.

Tenet 3-bedroom preview

tenet executive condo 3-bedroom floorplanImage credit: Tenet

The developers are expecting a high demand for 3-room units, what with them allotting over 59% of the total units. To give potential buyers a preview of its size and aesthetics, they set up the 980sqft version of the 3-bedroom units. This is also the second-largest 3-bedroom class, with the penthouse being 1,152sqft. 

tenet executive condo 3-bedroom living room and balcony

The living room, balcony, and dining area immediately greet you when you step into the unit. One thing to note is that the living area is particularly lengthy as demonstrated by the long sofa that can hold both a coffee table and a mini, 4-seater dining table.

Similar to many other new developments, the walls of the bedrooms can be knocked down to create a bigger living space or a walk-in wardrobe for the master bedroom.

tenet executive condo 3-bedroomOne of the bedroom configurations.

However, the design feature that stood out to us was the study niche which is a staple in every unit.

tenet executive condo study niche

Rather than having the corridor be a canvas for prints and frames, the developers decided to make it a multi-functional space by creating a niche that can fit a full-sized study table. With work-from-home and hybrid arrangements becoming more commonplace, this design feature means that you won’t have to convert a bedroom into a study, letting you use that space for something else like a home gym or a future nursery.

Doors can also be added to turn it into a secondary storage space for golf bags, luggage, and other barang barang that can’t fit into the bomb shelter.

Aside from this 980sqft configuration and its larger, penthouse counterpart, other 3-bedroom options range from 893-958sqft. 

tenet site plan for 3-bedroom unitsAll the highlighted stacks are where the 3-room flats are.
Image credit: Tenet

Most of the 3-room flats are located on the outer rim of Tenet’s layout, and it’s the only configuration available if you wanted to have unblocked views of Pasir Ris (with the Tampines Expressway in between). There are a select few stacks within the inner-facing blocks, while two stacks – 3 and 7 at Block 71 and 73 – won’t have any neighbours directly opposite their windows.

Tenet 4-bedroom preview

The other unit that was available to view was the 4-bedroom unit, specifically the 1,367sqft option.

tenet executive condo 4-bedroom floor planImage credit: Tenet

Like the 3-bedroom showflat, this is the second biggest 4-bedroom configuration, with the biggest being the penthouse at 1,518sqft.

tenet executive condo 4-bedroom

What immediately caught our eye was the huge living room flanked by a wide balcony. The fact that homeowners can fit two sofas facing each other and a coffee table in between was something that really impressed us. This layout didn’t even eat into the dining area which was positioned right beside the kitchen.

tenet executive condo 4-bedroom living and dining room

However, this layout would only work with rectangular or squarish dining tables. Just like the 3-bedroom configurations, a round dining table would not give the illusion of more space, although it would be more conducive for dinnertime conversations and intimate gatherings.

tenet executive condo 4-bedroom balcony

Alternatively, you could relegate the dining area to the expansive balcony. With it spanning the width of the living room and one of the bedrooms, it can easily fit an outdoor dining set for those al fresco vibes.

tenet executive condo 4-bedroom rooms

In the 4-bedroom showflat, the designers also gave us a look into how combining two bedrooms into one would look like. As demonstrated, most of the middle wall separating the two rooms can be knocked down so siblings can technically share a room while having their own personal space at the same time. When they grow older, adding a divider can also be done easily.

tenet executive condo 4-bedroom master suite

The master bedroom of the 4-bedroom units is also a lot more spacious than those in the 3-bedroom units. Here, there is enough space even at the foot of the bed to install a vanity or a TV unit for Netflix and chill nights in bed.

tenet executive condo bathroom

The en suite of the master bedroom also has a lot of space and you won’t feel cramped when doing your morning routine. All fittings in the bathroom are from Hansgrohe, with the water closet and flush plate from Roca. The countertops are also made from quartz for that luxurious feeling without a huge incursion in costs.

tenet executive condo kitchen

The kitchen is also awash with neutral tones that can fit into most colour schemes. Just like the bathroom, the countertops are also made of quartz, while Bosch is responsible for the gas hob and cooker hood. There’s ample space for food prep, and plenty of sockets are available at arm’s reach for all your appliances like mixers, Ninja Foodi’s, and air fryers.

tenet executive condo 4-bedroom site layoutImage credit: Tenet

All of the 4-bedroom units are located within the inner side of the Tenet compound, which means that your views would most likely be that of your neighbours and their balconies. However, those staying at Block 71 might be subject to uninterrupted views as there is no block directly opposite the window.

Tenet 5-bedroom preview

With only 45 units available, it was understandable why Tenet did not choose to show a physical demo of the 5-bedroom units. Nevertheless, here’s what we can tell from the information gleaned online.

tenet executive condo 5-bedroomA sample of the 5-bedroom floor plan.
Image credit: Tenet

The 5-bedroom units start at 1,561sqft and can go up to 1,722sqft for the penthouse units. Do note that there are only 2 penthouse units available, and both are inner-facing units. The living and dining room of the penthouses also comes with a 5.2m ceiling height so you can have those lofty, airy vibes. 

tenet executive condo 5-bedroom stacksImage credit: Tenet

There are only 3 stacks where the 5-bedroom units are available, and all of them are inner-facing stacks.

Tenet estimated starting prices

tenet executive condo estimated price matrixImage credit:

According to estimates, prices of a unit at Tenet start from $1.098M for the 893sqft, 3-bedroom unit. This works out to around $1,230/sqft.

A 4-bedroom unit is estimated to start from $1.438M for 1,098sqft, averaging around $1,310/sqft. Meanwhile, the 5-bedroom unit is estimated to start at $2.078M for the 1,561 unit.

The full price list will be released on 30th November 2022.

Which stacks should you go for at Tenet?

tenet site planGreen-highlighted stacks are 3-bedroom units; orange-highlighted stacks are 4-bedroom units; blue-highlighted stacks are 5-bedroom units.
Image credit: Tenet

Aside from deciding on how many rooms you’d like to have for your future home, another major decision is which stack to go for.

All the blocks facing the Tampines Expressway will get direct sunlight in the day, whereas the blocks facing Tampines Street 62 will be drenched in light the latter half of the day. An inner-facing unit would be best suited for those who are averse to the sun.

If you want an outer-facing block, you’ll only have the option of buying a 3-bedroom unit. The units facing the Tampines Expressway also come without balconies, which might be a dealbreaker for those who desire an outdoor living space.

4- and 5-bedroom units are all inner-facing, although there is one stack where there isn’t a block opposite, so you won’t have to worry about neighbours peeking through.

Why you should choose to buy an executive condo at Tenet

tenet executive condo

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should buy an executive condo unit at Tenet, here are some reasons to tip you over the edge:

Pro: The facilities & bedroom configurations are perfect for growing families

With plenty of 3-bedroom units available at Tenet, budding families will be able to build their household in an environment that has it all. From swimming pools for leisure to music rooms for nurturing their talents, there’s little need to leave the premises.

Plenty of family-friendly amenities and attractions are also located around the area like Tampines Eco Green Park, One Tampines Hub, and even Downtown East.

Pro: Tampines is one of the most sought-after mature estates

Speak to any Eastsider and they’ll sing praises about why they love living in Tampines. The mature estate has it all and more, with upcoming developments like Tampines North MRT on the way. That’s not forgetting the close proximity to the IKEA Tampines store, the many shopping malls around Tampines MRT, and the short distance to Changi Airport for wanderlusting folk.

Pro: An executive condo is the perfect stepping stone for HDB upgraders

If purchasing a private condominium is a bit out of reach, an executive condo would make better sense for those looking to upgrade from their HDB homes. It’s the perfect sandwich option for the sandwich class, as ECs sit on subsidised land with all the trappings and luxuries of a built-up condominium.

The minimum occupation period (MOP) of ECs is also just 5 years, making them a great asset with a high potential resale value in the short-run as compared to Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) BTO developments.

Con: Next to an expressway

There’s no denying the elephant in the room: Tenet sits right next to a busy stretch of the Tampines Expressway. While measures have been taken by the developers to lessen the noise pollution that will come from that side, it’ll still impact at least a quarter of the units, especially those that face the TPE.

If you’re someone who might be affected by even the slightest amount of noise, then Tenet is definitely not for you.

Tenet executive condo review

With all that said and done, the Tenet showflat will be there for you to check out in person from now till 28th November 2022. Potential buyers will then have 30th November and 1st December to drop their ballot tickets, with the booking day following next on 3rd December 2022.

For more information, visit the Tenet website.

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