How To Soundproof Your HDB Flat So Neighbours Don’t Report You To Town Council

2 October 2023 | BY

For those looking for ways to soundproof your house – here are 6 ways to do so to avoid a visit from the Town Council

How To Soundproof Your House So Your HDB Neighbours Don’t Report You To Town Council

The worst nightmare for any considerate resident who lives in high-rise buildings like HDBs and apartments is becoming one of those noisy neighbours. Whether you love your karaoke session or often invite your friends over to hang out, nobody wants the Town Council – or the police – called on you. To avoid this noise problem and make life better for everyone, here are 6 ways to soundproof your home.

1. Use a draft stopper or door sweeps

Door sweeper Image credit: Amazon UK, Walmart

Draft stoppers are often used to prevent creepy crawlies like spiders and roaches from slipping through into our bedrooms. However, not many people know that this product is also a good and cheap way to soundproof their homes.

A draft stopper – a long tube stuffed with foam – can be found for as low as S$3.99 on Shopee and it requires no tools to install it. Just slide it under the gap at the bottom of your door and you’re basically done. You can then cut the excess away.  

If the door stopper’s design seems bulky to you, you can also opt for a door sweeper. These come in either a brush or a silicone seal from S$6.90. However, unlike a draft stopper that is one-size-fits-all, a door sweeper requires you to know the measurements of your door to avoid buying the wrong size. 

2. Weatherstripping gaps on windows

weatherstrippingImage credit: Airtasker

Another thing that you can do to soundproof your home is use weatherstripping. By closing the tiny gaps between your windows, this method is one of the cheapest as you can get the weatherstripping strips on Shopee for as low as S$2.18. It also doesn’t require much work to install this in your home so you can keep the noise out.

Aside from that, weatherstripping can also be considered as one of the unsung heroes of energy efficiency. By doing this, you can block the unwelcome draft coming into your home and help regulate the temperature.

3. Install soundproof curtains

soundproof curtainImage credit:

Soundproof curtains are an easy-to-implement solution to help reduce noise, especially for those who live in higher-density places like an HDB. These drapes also function as blackout curtains that can thwart the intrusive sunrise from disrupting your beauty sleep.

You can find said drapes from places like IKEA for $S69 and the installation can be easily done at home. Otherwise, you can call up a professional like coSOUNDancy or Singapore MTM Curtains who can provide consultancy as to which material of curtain suits your home best.

4. Hang up a tapestry or put up a gallery wall

tapesteriesImage credit: SHEK

Putting up tapestries on the shared wall with your neighbour is also another way to reduce noise as it limits the amount of noise that reflects off the surface. For as low as S$9.60, you can find tapestries with different designs on Shopee. However, do note that tapestries come in different sizes so make sure you measure your space beforehand. The size of a tapestry will also influence how much noise you want to reduce. In other words, a bigger tapestry may be needed to dampen out the most noise.

If you’re not a fan of the tapestry you can create a gallery wall with framed pictures instead. Not only does it function as well as tapestries in reducing noise, but it also serves as a great way to immortalise special moments with loved ones and give your home a more personal touch. 

5. Invest in acoustic panels

Acoustic panelsImage credit: Deco Stones

Acoustic panels are one of the most popular ways to combat noise pollution. Commonly used in work environments like studios and meeting rooms, the panels can also double up as a piece of wall decor as they come in many colours and designs. 

While you can put up the acoustic panels on your walls by yourself, there are a few companies like Enocoustic and conSOUNDancy that can install them for you professionally by helping you pick which material works best for the space you would like to soundproof.

As for the price for this service, it may vary depending on the soundproofing materials utilised, the size of the room, and the difficulty of the installation procedure. For a modest area like a bedroom or a home office, the price might range from $S1,000-$S5,000.

If you’re on a budget, you can opt to install the acoustic panels yourself by buying them on any e-commerce site. For prices ranging from $9.90 per 4-piece, you can soundproof your own space without breaking the bank. The installation process is also very easy as all you need is some double-sided tape or an adhesive spray. We’d also advise you to measure your space prior to buying the acoustic panels so any extra doesn’t go to waste.

6. Use sound-absorbing plants

sound absorbing plants Image credit: @plantidah.home

Calling all plant parents out there. Not only do your plant babies inject a healthy dose of life into your rooms, but they can also help reduce noise. Research done by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering has found that trees and plants have long been used to reduce the amount of noise distribution in densely populated areas. This works for indoor spaces too. 

Although all plants have the ability to dull noise, some of them are more effective than others. Plants like Begonia Rex, Boston Fern, Baby Tears, Ficus and Peace Lily are some of the best to help you turn down the volume in your house. However, for households with pets, do check that the plants you get are not toxic to your furry friends; you can find a list of plants that might be poisonous to pets on the ASPCA website.

How to soundproof your house

There are many pros of soundproofing your home especially, if you live in a high-rise and hold regular karaoke sessions with your friends and family. We hope these tips and tricks will help you – and your neighbours – keep the peace.

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