We Saved $1.2K By Installing Our Own Mosquito Nets

15 August 2023 | BY

By spending $327 on mosquito nets from Shopee and setting aside 3 days for the installation process, Ying Hong and her husband managed to save $1.2K.

Singaporeans love a good high-floor apartment over a lower-level one, for reasons ranging from gorgeous window views to a lower probability of pest invasions. However, homeowners Ying Hong and her husband made the compromise of living on a low floor in exchange for their BTO’s ideal location – the latter which they knew was hard to come by.

Since the couple’s main concern with a low-level flat was the high likelihood of insects and rats entering their home, they were determined to find ways to deter the pests from invading their living space. Instead of engaging professional assistance, here’s how Ying Hong and her husband installed their own mosquito nets for just $327, saving them $1.2K in the process.

Bought mosquito nets from Shopee for only $327

At first, Ying Hong and her husband intended to get the mosquito nets professionally installed. However, after contacting a few companies and getting an average quotation of $1.5K, the couple abandoned their initial plan in favour of a more cost-saving approach.

shopee mosquito net installationMosquito nets from Shopee.
Image credit: Shopee

Choosing to DIY the installation, Ying Hong and her husband decided to purchase mosquito nets from Shopee for all the windows in their home, including the living room, bedrooms, service yard, and toilet windows – for a total of just $327.

In addition to being affordable, the mosquito nets from Shopee effortlessly blended into the couple’s grey luxe home aesthetic. “The store’s newest colour was grey, which matches the colour of our window grilles,” Ying Hong said, highlighting the seamless visual transition between the mosquito nets and her windows.

shopee mosquito netsMaterials like superglue (left) and magnetic strips and corner packs (right), provided with the Shopee mosquito nets.
Image credit: Ying Hong

Aside from the basic components – mesh, frame strips, corner packs, and magnetic strips – the Shopee parcel also arrived with pen knives, cutters, and superglue, equipping the couple with all the materials they needed to effectively install the mosquito nets.

Took 3 days to install the mosquito nets

“Installation is quite easy overall once you get used to it,” Ying Hong said. She explained that their seller was extremely patient, and also provided a detailed installation video.

The couple also gave us a brief outline of the installation steps:

  • Clean the windows before pasting the first magnetic strip down
  • Stick a second magnetic strip directly onto the first piece
  • Remove the red tape on the second magnetic strip, and paste the mesh onto the adhesive
  • Ensure the mesh is pulled taut before supergluing the mesh to the magnetic strip
  • Use the corner packs and frame strips to secure the mesh
  • Trim the frame and the mesh to achieve a clean look

installing shopee mosquito netsThe installation process.
Image credit: Ying Hong

Overall, Ying Hong and her husband spent 3 days installing the mosquito nets on all the windows in their home. Once they got a hang of the process, the only challenge was handling the superglue. “The glue can be quite hard to control. Try to squeeze less each time to prevent overflowing,” Ying Hong advised.

Saved $1.2K by installing their own mosquito nets from Shopee

shopee mosquito nets diyMosquito nets installed along the couple’s living room windows.
Image credit: Ying Hong

Ultimately, Ying Hong and her husband have no regrets about opting to install their own mosquito nets. Despite conceding that professionally-installed nets might have provided a more seamless outcome, the couple remains content with their cost-saving DIY effort – especially considering it was their first time dabbling in home DIYs.

“If you are on a budget and have the patience and time, this project is definitely worth trying out,” Ying Hong concludes, reflecting on the significant cost savings and encouraging fellow budget-conscious homeowners to give the project a shot.

For more of Ying Hong’s home, check out @puipui_home.

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Cover image adapted from: Ying Hong

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