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November 2022 BTO Exercise: 9,500 HDB Flats Up For Grabs In Kallang, Queenstown, Tengah & Yishun

1 October 2022 | BY

Prices for the November 2022 BTO exercise are estimated to start from $190K in Yishun to $720K in Queenstown.

november 2022 bto

In just a couple of weeks, the November 2022 BTO exercise will launch. The last BTO exercise of the year will see 9,540 units up for grabs across estates from Bukit Batok, Kallang/Whampoa, Queenstown, Tengah, and Yishun.

This is almost twice the number of flats made available during the August 2022 BTO exercise, but for good reason. Three of the estates – Queenstown, Tengah, and Yishun – will each have more than 2,000 new homes built over the next few years.

Some of the estates like Queenstown, Kallang/Whampoa, and Yishun also have BTO projects from February and May 2022 in the works, so those who missed out on that round of BTO ballots can try again. Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming November 2022 BTO launch.

Bukit Batok November 2022 BTO – 790 units

bukit batok november 2022 btoImage credit: HDB

The last time Bukit Batok saw a BTO launch was way back in February 2021, when 1,124 BTO flats including 162 community care apartments were made available across 2 projects. This time around, there’s only one project that will be located on the corner of Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 and Bukit Batok West Avenue 5.

790 units will be on offer in a wide variety of configurations, including 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, and 5-room flats.

At first glance, the location is just a couple of minutes away from Bukit Gombak MRT Station and other facilities like Bukit Gombak Stadium and multiple parks. In fact, the BTO site would take over part of the relatively-abandoned Bukit Batok Hillside Park. At least the rustic “torii gates” will not be torn down to make way for concrete pavements.

bukit batok hidden parkImage credit: TheSmartLocal

Families who choose to make this their home base can also rest easy knowing that there are multiple schools within the 1KM radius. And coupled with the 5-room options, this will be a popular choice amongst young families.

Estimated price range

According to data from SRX, prices of these new BTO flats at Bukit Batok will range from $250,000-$530,000. Here’s a rough breakdown of their estimates:

  • 3-room: $250K-$290K
  • 4-room: $330K-$400K
  • 5-room: $440K-$530K

Kallang/Whampoa November 2022 BTO – 470 units

kallang/whampoa november 2022 bto siteImage credit: HDB

Kallang/Whampoa has quickly become of the most desirable neighbourhoods to reside in over the last few years thanks to its central location and development as a mature estate. The November 2022 BTO exercise marks the second time this year that the estate will be home to a new BTO project. It was also the most preferred site by Singaporeans according to a straw poll we conducted earlier this year.

This upcoming round will see 470 3- and 4-room units be developed in Kallang/Whampoa, specifically by the corner of Sims Avenue and Lorong 1 Geylang. More importantly, the flats will be right behind Kallang MRT Station. Judging by its prime location within a highly sought-after estate, the Kallang/Whampoa November 2022 BTO project might be classified under the Prime Location Public Housing scheme.

Looking closer at the proposed map by HDB, there is also a bus interchange slated to be built on the BTO site. This might be the first instance where a bus interchange is located right underneath a housing estate. 

kallang/whampoa november 2022 bto siteThe site of the Kallang/Whampoa November 2022 BTO project.
Image credit: Google Maps

Young couples who value convenience might find this to be “the one”. Families, on the other hand, might not share the same sentiment as there are no schools nearby, and the only park in the immediate vicinity is Kallang Riverside Park.

Estimated price range

According to data from SRX, prices of these new BTO flats at Kallang/Whampoa will range from $370,000-$720,000. Here’s a rough breakdown of their estimates:

  • 3-room: $370K-$480K
  • 4-room: $530K-$720K

Queenstown November 2022 BTO – 3,250 units across 3 locations

queenstown november 2022 btoImage credit: HDB

The second most preferred estate after Kallang/Whampoa is Queenstown. If this is a location you’re eyeing, you’re in luck for there are 3 sites and over 3,000 units for you to choose from.

The first project is along Commonwealth Avenue West and boasts 1,330 3- and 4-room units. The second is nearby at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue West and Ghim Moh Road with 960 units in 2-room Flexi, 3-, and 4-room layouts. The third project is by Queensway and will have 960 units made up of 3- and 4-room flats and community care apartments.

Each of these projects has its own pros and cons. For starters, 2 of these developments will be located close to MRTs like Dover and Buona Vista. All of them are also situated near park connectors, with 2 of them even right near the Green Corridor if that’s your go-to hiking trail.

queenstown lost ark trail on green corridorOne of the Queenstown November 2022 BTO projects will be right by the “Lost Ark” hike.
Image credit: TheSmartLocal 

However, the site near Alexandra Hospital can be quite isolated from public transit, and residents will be subject to the sirens of ambulances at any time of the day. And if history is any indication, all three of the projects might fall under the PLH scheme, which means a 10-year MOP.

Estimated price range

Another drawback that’s holding Queenstown back from claiming the most-preferred HDB estate is its eye-watering prices. Not only have resale prices in Queenstown been rising, but they’ve also broken the glass ceiling by being the neighbourhood where the most expensive resale flat was sold for $1.41M.

According to data from SRX, prices of these new BTO flats at Queenstown will range from $360,000-$700,000. Here’s a rough breakdown of their estimates:

  • 3-room: $360K-$500K
  • 4-room: $500K-$700K

Tengah November 2022 BTO – 2,070 units

tengah november 2022 btoImage credit: HDB

One up-and-coming estate that future homeowners should keep an eye out for is Tengah. The non-mature estate has multiple developments in the works, including the Jurong Rail Line and other amenities. The Tengah November 2022 BTO project is the largest individual project for this round of BTO launches at 2,070 units spread over 2 sites.

The majority of the units comprising 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, and 5-room flats will be located right by the future Hong Kah MRT Station on the JRL. With a completion date of 2027, construction works should be completed around the time the BTO project finishes, so residents won’t have to endure loud noises.

While some might think that Tengah is not as desirable due to the lack of shopping malls and other lifestyle amenities, keep in mind that the neighbourhood will have evolved by the time you move into the BTO. According to the URA Masterplan, the future Tengah Town will be the first estate to incorporate smart technology with the greenery in the area. In short, it’ll be a literal garden city.

The Tengah November 2022 BTO site will also be right next to Tengah Pond and a yet-to-be-named park, so residents facing the South will also get pretty waterfront views. However, there might still be some noise pollution as the PIE is right across the future parks.

Estimated price range

According to data from SRX, prices of these new BTO flats at Tengah will range from $240,000-$520,000. Here’s a rough breakdown of their estimates:

  • 3-room: $240K-$280K
  • 4-room: $320K-$390K
  • 5-room: $450K-$520K

Yishun November 2022 BTO – 2,960 units across 3 locations

yishun november 2022 btoImage credit: HDB

2022 has been a good year for real estate in Yishun. Hot off the heels of BTO projects in February and May 2022, the November 2022 BTO project will round up all the future developments in Yishun – for now.

There will be 3 different BTO sites slated for development in Yishun. But unlike the Queenstown projects, they are all close to each other along Yishun Avenue 1 and Miltonia Close. The 2,960 flats that will be up for balloting include a mix of 2-Room Flexi, 3-, 4-, and 5-room units.

One of the bright spots about this location is the proximity to Seletar Reservoir, which means easy access to greenery and the waterfront. 

yishun damImage credit: TheSmartLocal

Unfortunately, the downside to this location is the lack of an MRT station nearby. Yishun MRT is at best, a 30-minute walk or a 15-minute bus ride away from Yishun Avenue 1. This also means that the estimated prices of the BTO flats will be significantly lower compared to the other projects in prime areas.

Estimated price range

According to data from SRX, prices of these new BTO flats at Yishun will range from $190,000-$520,000. Here’s a rough breakdown of their estimates:

  • 3-room: $190K-$250K
  • 4-room: $280K-$380K
  • 5-room: $420K-$520K

November 2022 BTO launch exercise

november 2022 bto room breakdown

The November 2022 BTO exercise is the biggest one of 2022, and it’s very welcome in light of the rising resale prices across the country. More information will become available as November draws near. Keep an eye out for our reviews of the BTO projects so you can make the most informed decision, especially if you’re in the market for a new home.

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