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12 Best Practical Mother’s Day Gifts To KIV For Your Homebody Mum This May

4 May 2024 | BY

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day, think practical—from kitchen gadgets to plush sofas and chairs, these gifts are guaranteed to delight any homebody mum.

It happens every year without fail—you belatedly realise that Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and you have no idea what to get your mum. So, you begin to scour the internet for gift inspiration, but only come across items you’re not sure she will enjoy. 

Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. That’s why we put together this list of practical Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to be a hit, and won’t be relegated to a forgotten corner.

1. Modori cutting board ($88.80, U.P. $111)

Image credit: Modori

This Modori TPU cutting board will be perfect for the mum who’s perpetually in the kitchen whipping up delectable dishes for the family. It comes in a set of 4 different colours, which will prove perfect for mums who are particular about using separate cutting boards to cut meats, fruits and vegetables. 

GIF credit: Modori

The flexibility of this Modori cutting board will also allow your mum to safely transfer ingredients from the cutting board to the cooking vessel of their choice without fuss.

Shop the Modori cutting board here.

2. Staub mini heart cocotte (Pair of 2 for $99.80)

Image credit: @zwillingcookingstudio

Nothing screams “love” more than this adorable mini heart cocotte by Staub, which comes in a set of 2. Measuring 8cm each, this pot is perfect for both baking and serving with its adorable heart shape and vibrant colour. It’s also an excellent conversation starter when your mother proudly tells everybody at the dinner table that you bought it for her.

Shop the Staub mini heart cocotte here.

3. Philips HD9200 air fryer ($109, U.P $199)

Image credit: Philips 

Air fryers are an essential part of the cooking process nowadays, being a more convenient and less greasy way of preparing fried food. If she doesn’t already have one, the Philips HD9200 air fryer is an ideal model to gift your mother with.

It promises up to 90% less fat when air frying your food, ideal for the mum who is vigilant in taking care of her family’s health. With a 4.1-litre capacity, this air fryer’s basket fits a whole chicken; in other words, it’s perfect for families.

It’s also highly intuitive to use, featuring 12 different cooking functions, and is easy to clean based on extensive reviews.

Shop the Philips HD9200 here.

4. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 ($329, U.P $499)

Image credit: Xiaomi

If you find that your mother needs more help with cleaning rather than cooking, a robot vacuum is ideal for reducing the effort she has to put in to clean up after everybody. 

An affordable choice is the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2, making it an excellent gateway purchase in comparison to other pricier models on the market. It’s especially competent at cleaning homes with homes that have different elevations like door thresholds or thick carpets.

Shop the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 here.

5. Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 ($139.95, U.P $169.95)

Image credit: Click & Grow

For mums with a green thumb, the Click & Grow smart garden is an ideal gift idea. It’s a perfectly quaint and charming mini garden that she can keep on her kitchen counter, and easily care for. The bonus here is that it allows her to grow herbs for cooking, and it even comes with 3 basil seed pods ready for her to nurture.

Shop the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 here.

6. OSIM uPhoria Lite Leg Massager ($299, U.P $499)

Image credit: OSIM

Everybody loves a good massage, your mum included. That’s why we recommend gifting her with the OSIM uPhoria lite leg massager, especially if  you notice that she’s been complaining about achy legs of late.

The machine uses an array of specialised techniques, including tuina massage as well as reflexology techniques, to name a few.

Shop the OSIM uPhoria lite leg massager here.

7. KKPL floor sofa ($220, U.P $380)

Image credit: Robinsons

If you’ve noticed your mom’s increasing reliance on Salonpas back relief patches, this floor sofa by KKPL might be just the thing she needs. Thanks to its ergonomic design, sitting on this chair offers a more natural and relaxed seating position that won’t put any strain on her back.

Thanks to its considerably plush make, it’s also less rigid, alleviating tension in her back, neck and shoulders. 

Shop the KKPL floor sofa here.

8. DYVLINGE Swivel Armchair ($199)

Image credit: IKEA

With its vast collection of items, IKEA has always been a good place to shop for Mother’s day gifts, and the DYVLINGE lounge chair is no exception. In the same vein as the floor sofa, the DYVLINGE is popular for its therapeutic effect on the body, even being dubbed as an “anti-stress chair”.

With its short stature and soft cushions, this chair will prove to be an excellent gift for your mother when she needs a second to unwind.

Shop the DYVLINGE swivel armchair here.

9. Wells Home Café (~$1,380)

Meanwhile, mums who are fervent coffee or tea drinkers would love the Wells Home Café for the sheer convenience that it provides. Fittingly enough, having this machine truly feels like there’s a café in your very own home.

For one, it allows users to get their caffeine fix extremely quickly━it’s able to brew a drink in 60 seconds, and is compatible with Nespresso capsules. The machine uses 19 bars of pressure when brewing each cup of coffee, ensuring a pull of rich espresso without fail. 

There’s even a separate tea capsule drawer, so whether your mother is a huge fan of coffee or tea, this machine will be a gift that’s hard to top.

Shop the Wells Home Café here.

10. Ember Temperature control mug ($170.55)

Image credit: Ember

If she already owns a coffee machine, the Ember temperature control mug is another attractive gift for the coffee-loving matriarch of your family. It features an insulated mug and an electronic coaster that heats up the drink from the inside out, and keeps her drinks hot throughout the day.

Image credit: Ember

Your mum can even pick the ideal temperature of her cuppa using the linked app. 

Shop the Ember temperature control mug here.

11. Bask Silk Pillowcase and Silk Eye Mask Gift Set ($122.90)

Image credit: Bask

Too much caffeine could also lead to sleep deprivation, and if your mum has been hinting about her lack of sleep, you might want to gift her this silk pillowcase and eye mask set from Bask.

Made from 22-momme silk, the pillowcase not only looks luxurious with its lustrous sheen, but is also highly beneficial to achieving restful sleep thanks to its innately cooling nature. 

Image credit: Bask

As a bonus, the Bask silk pillowcase also promises to help prevent facial lines and creases so your mother can maintain her youthful appearance and health.

Shop the Bask silk pillowcase and eye mask set here.

12. Sterra Moon True HEPA-13 Air Purifier ($189 U.P $479)

Image credit: Sterra

Health goes hand-in-hand with beauty, and there’s no better way to ensure your mum is living healthily than gifting her a quality air purifier for Mother’s Day. One air purifier we recommend is the Sterra Moon. With its medical-grade HEPA-13 filter, it eliminates all manner of impurities in the air like dust and pet dander.

You can even top up an extra $50 to upgrade your unit with UV tech, which enables it to exterminate pesky viruses and harmful bacteria in the air for crisp air at home that your mum━and you━ will appreciate

Shop the Sterra Moon true HEPA-13 air purifier here.

Best practical Mother’s Day gifts for homebody mums

Whether you decide to get her a cutting-edge air purifier or a pair of cutesy heart-shaped pots, showing your mother the appreciation she deserves is the most important aspect of Mother’s Day━buy her a gift that will truly make her smile with our handy guide.

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Cover image adapted from: Ember, @zwillingcookingstudio

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