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5 Loft HDB Flats On The Market To Snap Up As An Appreciating Asset

21 September 2023 | BY

Loft HDB flats are one of the most elusive properties in Singapore, but did you know that they also make for great appreciating assets?


If you’re anything like most Singaporeans, chances are you’re all too familiar with HDB flats. Even if you haven’t lived in one, you at least know about the different room configurations, maybe even the executive models. 

Still, unless you’re one of the knowledgeable few, you probably don’t know much about the elusive loft HDB flats. What most don’t know is that these unique flats make for great appreciating assets, especially with most of them going for over a million dollars. While prices of these properties have been creeping upwards, here are 5 loft HDB flats on the market to invest in.

92 Dawson Road – 4-room loft unit with balcony

92 Dawson RoadImage adapted from: Property Guru

Price: $1,100,000
Size: 1,044sqft
Floor: High
Remaining years on lease: 91 years

This 4-room premium loft HDB boasts a 5.4m-high living room ceiling which is almost double of a typical unit’s – the average HDB ceiling height is about 2.575 to 2.6m. This North-facing HDB unit also comes with a balcony that faces south which is said to be favourable in terms of Feng Shui.

92 Dawson Road Image credit: Property Guru

Aside from that, this HDB is located in one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Singapore with a Sheng Shiong supermarket a mere 280 metres away. In addition,  the unit’s location is only a 10-minute walk to Queenstown MRT. To make things better, IKEA Alexandra and Queensway Shopping Centre are about a 5-minute drive away.

View the 92 Dawson Road unit here.

91 Dawson Road – 4-room loft unit with partially unblocked views

91 Dawson RoadImage credit: Property Guru

Price: $1,188,000
Size: 1,022sqft
Floor: High
Remaining years on lease: 91 years

91 Dawson Road is another loft unit for sale. One of the main selling points of this unit is the partially unblocked views of lush greenery which you can enjoy from the balcony and other bedrooms in the flat.

The quiet, corner unit also touts good cross-ventilation so you won’t have to worry about an inflated utility bill with all that extra sunlight you’re getting in the living area.

89 Dawson Road – Newly renovated loft

89 Dawson RoadImage credit: Property Guru

Price: $1,200,000
Size: 1,044sqft
Floor: High
Remaining years on lease: 91 years

If you’re in the market for a tastefully renovated unit that comes with frills and built-in storage, then this modern contemporary Dawson loft unit will be worth its $1.2M price tag. The unit comes with elements such as an accent wall and ceiling in the living room, a monochromatic kitchen and a whole lot of storage in the bedrooms – one even sports a platform bed and built-in desk.

View the 89 Dawson Road unit here.

267A Punggol Field – Rare Punggol penthouse loft

267A Punggol FieldImage credit: Property Guru

Price: $1,220,000
Size: 1,603sqft
Floor: High (penthouse)
Remaining years on lease: 87 years

If what you’re looking for is the highest point in your HDB block, this penthouse loft is probably the way to go. Although one may think that $1,220,000 for an HDB seems extremely costly, the HDB measures a whopping 1,603sqft, which comes down to $686.21 psf – that’s cheaper than many of the other loft apartments currently on the market.

Punggol Field Image credit: Property Guru

Its location is nothing to scoff at either. Being a mere 5-minute walk from Soo Teck LRT, the unit has public transport literally at its doorstep. And the property is not just extremely close to one station – it’s just 700m from Sumang LRT and 700m from Punggol MRT and LRT.

View the 267A Punggol Field unit here.

90 Dawson Road – Partially-furnished loft with unblocked city views

90 Dawson Road Image credit: Property Guru

Price: $1,250,000
Size: 1,044sqft
Floor: Middle
Remaining years on lease: 91 years

This 1,044sqft unit in Block 90 may come unfurnished, but its rectangular layout and square rooms make it an excellent canvas for new owners to make the home their own. The 5.4M-high ceilings offer plenty of opportunity for dynamic decorative pieces, like hanging lights and floating shelves.

It’s currently listed for $1,250,000, which translates to a psf price of $1,197.32, but comes partially furnished and in good condition.

View the 90 Dawson Road unit here.

Loft HDB flats in Singapore

And there you have it – 5 listings of a type of unit you may not have even known existed before this. Whether it’s the serenity of Punggol or the accessibility of Queenstown you desire, the rarity of these loft units means they basically end up paying for themselves. If you hold on to them for long enough, they might even end up paying you.

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