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Leedon Green Condo Review – Freehold Condo On Prime Real Estate Near GCBs & Singapore Botanic Gardens

25 August 2022 | BY

Leedon Green was launched a few years ago in 2019 and is expected to be completed in 2023 – there are still units available for sale.

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When it comes to residential districts here in Singapore, one of the more coveted regions has to be District 10, which comprises Bukit Timah, Holland Village and Tanglin. After all, it’s the happening neighbourhood; where the enclave of Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) are at, where top schools like Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and Hwa Chong Institution are located, and also where famous recreational spots like the Botanic Gardens can be found.

In case you missed it, enter Leedon Green – a brand new, freehold, private condominium that launched in the area, and is slated to be completed sometime in 2023. Based on our analysis, the condo holds pretty fair value for those looking to live in the much sought-after District 10, and without having to cough up obscene amounts of money for landed property.

An in-depth look at Leedon Green

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Leedon Green

For starters, Leedon Green is jointly developed by Yanlord Land Group and MCL Land, who are property developers known for high-end residential, commercial and integrated properties.

Sitting at a gross floor area of approximately 49,011sqm, the condo isn’t exactly the biggest, but is certainly larger than other condos that have launched this year, such as AMO Residence (31,699sqm) and Piccadilly Grand (36,679sqm). 

There are a total of 638 units across 7 twelve-storey blocks, and the condo estate is laid out in a funnel-like format, with the swimming pools forming the centre of the estate. Just like other condos, there are a mix of various unit types, ranging from 1-bedroom units to 4-bedroom ones.

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Leedon Green

The overall design concept is meant to be a luxurious, almost resort-like living experience, and this is manifested through the condo’s spacious and modern building design interspersed with greenery and water bodies such as pools and fountains. 


In terms of facilities, you have your usual lineup that’s almost part and parcel of every condominium: swimming pools, tennis court, BBQ pits, dining rooms and playgrounds.

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Singapore Property Website

While there’s nothing terribly surprising about the lineup, what did catch our eye is that while most of the facilities are listed under “Storey 1”, there are a handful listed under “Basement”. We’re not too sure what to make of it, but it could mean that the majority of the estate is actually on ground level while facilities like the tennis court are actually situated in like a small “valley” below ground level? 


In terms of units, Leedon Green offers your usual lineup of apartment types, ranging from 1-bedroom units to 4-bedroom units. Just to give a rough indication of the floor size of units, a 3-bedroom unit ranges between 958sqft-1,604sqft, and a 4-bedroom between 1,496sqft-1,744sqft. 

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Leedon Green

Special ground-floor villas

Those living in high-rise residential properties like HDBs or condos generally prefer to stay on the higher floors rather than ground or 2nd floor units. This is because of concerns over your usual household pests like rodents and insects, as well as the lack of privacy. 

In the case of condos, it’s common for residents to be walking around the estate and so you’d still get curious onlookers casting glances into your unit every now and then.

Leedon Green Condo (1)Image credit: Leedon Green

That being said, the developers of Leedon Green have attempted to zhng up the allure of living on the ground floor, by introducing special ground-floor villas for sale. According to the official condo website, each villa was designed to be a “seamless integration of indoors and outdoors, with expansive private terraces and patios” complete with high ceilings and an open-plan concept.

There are a total of 5 ground villas available, located at blocks 26, 36, and 38.

Leedon Green Condo (1)
Food plan of one of the ground floor villas at Leedon Green.
Image adapted from: Leedon Green


Undoubtedly, one of Leedon Green’s main selling points has to be its location. The condo is located at 26 Leedon Heights, which, if you take a look at Google Maps, is right next to the junction of Leedon Road leading out to the major Farrer Road. 

Of course, this would likely mean that the stacks closest to the main road (14, 22, 37, 37) are at the mercy of noise and dust pollution from the traffic along Farrer Road. 

If you’re familiar with the area, you might recognise this as the site for the former condo Tulip Garden, which went en-bloc in 2018.

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Google Maps

Sitting at what is essentially prime central area, Leedon Green has many connectivity and accessibility options, allowing residents to travel to other parts of Singapore fairly easily. For instance, nearby MRT stations such as Holland Village and Farrer Road are a short 10-minute bus ride away, alongside other bus options. 

For drivers, the main Farrer Road easily connects you to other estates like Bukit Timah and Queensway, and highways such as the PIE and AYE are also a short drive away.

It’s also a short commute away from our beloved Botanic Gardens, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Imagine being able to unwind after a long day at work or school with an evening stroll or run there, or to have a weekend picnic amidst all the lush greenery. Certainly a plus for nature owners!

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In terms of amenities, the closest cluster of retail and dining spots would be at the Holland Village, as well as the nearby Empress Road Market which is a short walk away. There are also some reputable schools not too far away, like St Margaret’s Secondary School, Nanyang Primary School and Hwa Chong Institution.

Indicative prices

Now comes the all important question – how much are units going for at Leedon Green? 

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As of August 2022, there are a handful of units available for sale. Given that the condo was actually launched a few years ago in 2019 and is expected to be completed next year, these would essentially either be remnant units or bounce-out units. Nothing wrong with that though! From what we know, a 2-bed-2-bath is going for about $1.7M, and a 4-bed-3-bath for about $4.487M.

Leedon Green – a freehold condo in the coveted District 10

According to reports online, the launch of Leedon Green was met with a decent amount of interest, selling out about a third of its units within the week. One of the other selling points of this condo is that it is a freehold, meaning that it’s not tied to, say, a 99-year lease, and so families would be interested to buy a unit to pass down to future generations and so on.

On the whole, we have to say that Leedon Green is a pretty good choice for a home, especially for those who want to stay in prime central locations but don’t have deep enough pockets for a landed property. Combined with its connectivity options and proximity to renowned places like Bukit Timah and the Botanic Gardens, Leedon Green is definitely one of the top choices for a home in the coveted District 10 region here in Singapore.

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Cover image adapted from: Google Maps, Singapore Property Website

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