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Dark, Grungy Batcave Interiors Are This ID Firm’s Specialty, & The Results Are Wayne Manor-Incredible

2 July 2024 | BY

Here’s a look at some homes designed by Oblivion Lab, who specialise in dark & brooding interiors that would look perfect in a Batman movie.

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While light and airy Japandi interiors certainly do have their merits, there’s just something about dark brutalist homes that are appealing. Maybe it’s the striking nature of the raw materials, or the intimidatingly dark aesthetic. An ID firm who definitely knows the ins-and-outs of this style is Oblivion Lab, whose entire portfolio is shot after shot of these  chic, grungy interiors.

For aspiring Brutalist fans, here’s a look at some of the works in Oblivion Lab’s portfolio for some inspiration.

Dark & moody━Batcave-inspired executive maisonette in Hougang

Like its name suggests, this “Batcave” executive maisonette draws heavy inspiration from Bruce Wayne’s superhero hideout in that Dark Knight trilogy. 

Oblivion Lab - Batcave foyerImage credit: Oblivion Lab

This is most evident in the entryway to the home, which features skylights that gradually turn on and fade out, much like the underground garage in the movie. Additional features like the sculptural rock wall add to the cavernous vibes of the space.

Oblivion Lab - Batcave kitchenImage credit: Oblivion Lab

The homeowner couple, who run the restaurant Monzen@Gardens, also designed their kitchen around their experience as restaurateurs. One telling sign of this is the 2.4m kitchen island that also acts as a countertop where they often do prep work for cooking or baking. 

Oblivion Lab - Batcave kitchen 2Image credit: Oblivion Lab

The key here is the fact that it’s made of stainless steel, which is often used in professional kitchens because it’s easier to clean. It gets bonus points for how it adds to the raw, brutalist feel of the materials in the home.

Rugged industrial━Serangoon condo styled like an avant-garde art gallery

Oblivion-Lab - GardensImage credit: Oblivion Lab

A running theme in Oblivion Lab’s works is their explorative approach to the use of different materials. Much like the previous home, this condo in Serangoon features a mix of textures like stainless steel, microcement and stone that makes the home look like a dark and moody art gallery.

Oblivion-Lab - Gardens artworkImage credit: Oblivion Lab

This look is perfectly aligned with the homeowner’s passion for collecting art pieces. The display of his collection, in combination with the monochromatic colours and rugged materials of the home, encapsulates Oblivion Lab’s human-centric approach to interior design.

Oblivion-Lab - Gardens sinkImage credit: Oblivion Lab

Dark luxury━All-black 5-room BTO in Northshore

Oblivion Lab - NorthshoreImage credit: Oblivion Lab

In a departure from Oblivion Lab’s more brutalist spaces, this all-black home adorned in dark marble opts for a more elegant, dark luxury style. While it lacks the sculptural rock walls or microcement fixtures that the other projects have, the design still retains Oblivion Lab’s signature dark and atmospheric design philosophy.

Oblivion Lab - Northshore pantryImage credit: Oblivion Lab

Silver metal fixtures like the stainless steel coffee table and kitchen cabinetry create contrast with the home’s dark colour palette. Finally, strategically placed ambient lighting creates soft pockets of light, adding to the moodiness of the space.

Oblivion Lab - Northshore vanityImage credit: Oblivion Lab

While the other 2 homes could pass off as  Batcaves, this home with its opulent details looks more like it could belong to Batman’s civilian alter-ego, Bruce Wayne.

ID firm that specialises in dark, grungy, Batcave-style interiors

Whether the home looks like the dwelling of Bruce Wayne or Batman, it’s hard to deny the rugged elegance of each project’s dark aesthetic. If your appetite for dark and grungy homes has been whetted, you can take a look at the rest of Oblivion Lab’s works here.

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Cover image adapted from: Oblivion Lab

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