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This HDB Home Gym Looks Like An Atas CBD Gym For Homeowners To “Anytime Fitness”

25 July 2023 | BY

Zenith Arc transformed this new BTO flat over the course of 7 weeks into a haven that one never has to leave.

hdb home gym

Owning your own home means you get to do whatever you want. No one will bat an eye if you want to install a permanent aquarium or turn an entire room into a stunning home gym. Most people would wonder how. But more specifically, how much.

Designed by Zenith Arc, this 5-room BTO flat in Tampines features not only those 2 features mentioned above but also an open home office with tons of built-in carpentry. Here’s a peek into the home transformation that cost the homeowners only $70,000.

Creating a home gym with a full-wall mirror

hdb home gymImage credit: Zenith Arc

One reason why many homeowners build a home gym is the freedom to get a good pump in whenever they want in whatever they want. They won’t have to jostle with the after-work crowd and have no trouble finding dumbbells that have been racked in the wrong order.

For practical reasons, most homeowners just convert a spare room into a gym with a single bench and some weights. However, Zenith Arc helped their clients go all the way by converting an entire wall into a mirror – just like how actual gyms do it – so the homeowners can ensure that they’re working out with the right form.

And they also upgraded the bench into a full-size, all-in-one Smith machine so they can do more than just kettlebell swings and dumbbell raises. 

An open-concept home office in the living room

hdb home gym - study and home officeImage credit: Zenith Arc

It’s not just the gym that has impressed us. The open-concept home office located right behind the living room has also got us feeling all types of WFH envy.

What sets this home office apart is how everything here, save the digital peripherals, has been custom-built. The wooden desk, floating shelves, and full-length wall cabinets elevate the aesthetics of this home office. A permanent, built-in fish tank on the adjacent cabinet wall also gives this space some much-needed Feng Shui.

Semi-open concept kitchen

blue semi-open concept kitchenImage credit: Zenith Arc

After a long day at the home office and finishing off in the home gym, it’s important to fuel up, which is what the kitchen is for. The sapphire-blue kitchen sports a semi-open concept. This design ensures that all fragrances coming from the kitchen stay within the kitchen while the house can still feel open and not claustrophobic at all.

To achieve this hybrid look, Zenith Arc used sliding windows on a half-wall instead of a fixed glass panel. This allows the homeowners to easily transfer dishes, clean and dirty ones, between the kitchen and the adjacent dining room.

Designing a modern HDB flat with a home gym

hdb home gym by zenith arc in tampinesImage credit: Zenith Arc

Having a home gym and a home office available to you the moment you wake up sounds like a dream for many of us. For this one Tampines-dwelling couple, it’s a reality that was realised by Zenith Arc over 7 weeks back in 2019.

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