This Futuristic Singapore Condo Looks Like A Space Pod From A Sci-Fi Movie

4 August 2023 | BY

There’s a spaceship in Singapore – and it’s none other than this futuristic Marina One Residences condo with epic views of Keppel harbour.

This Futuristic Singapore Condo Looks Like A Space Pod From A Sci-Fi Movie

Back in the past, comic books were our way of imagining a sci-fi future. Now, we don’t even need blockbuster films. Just like this space-themed kids room, this all-white condo in Marina One Residences bears uncanny resemblance to the interior of Interstellar’s spaceship and is – we dare say – out of this world.

Designed by luxury design firm Jia Studios, the home doesn’t house an actual astronaut – well, as far as we know. Still, it bears strong sci-fi-inspired elements that surely make it look like it has done a few trips around the galaxy.

All-white “spaceship” interior with futuristic details

Only a small pop of grey and black is seen in the wall accent, possibly to represent the dark matter of the universe.

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

Die-hard minimalists may love their clean white colour palettes, but they still would be in for a surprise when they see the all-white interior of this condo apartment. The same shade of white shines across nearly every surface, including the floors, making it look very much like you’re stepping foot into a spaceship.

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

One key motif in this condo’s interior design is organic, wave-like curves, which are manifested in the custom-made sofa, tables, light fixtures and the wall accents found in the living room. These give a sense of fluidity that you’d imagine in the sci-fi world.

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

Organic lines and built-in lighting in the living room give the illusion of a white milky way, and subtly add dimension to the house.

Space pod-esque bedroom

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

It seems like 2023: A Space Odyssey is currently showing in this space pod-esque bedroom. Running in tandem to the living area, this room also boasts embedded LED lighting that creates a diffuse, surreal glow to the room.

Futuristic Singapore Condo

Likewise, a built-in bed frame is also included; not only does it account for extra storage space, it’s specially tailored to complement the otherwise niche spaceship look.

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

Like in many newly-renovated bedrooms these days, a TV is installed right in front of the bed for bingeing the latest movies on Netflix.

That said, what’s most interesting about the bedroom is its integrity to the colour palette – other than the TV screen, the black framed windows, and the view outside; the space still sticks to the all-white colour scheme that is the main blueprint throughout the home.

Futuristic Singapore CondoA second bedroom in the condo.
Image credit: Jia Studios

This is not the regular locker aesthetic you see in high school movies; these sleek built-in wardrobes have irregularly-sized compartments as seen in the distinct linear patterns that line the surface.

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

The same thing goes for the study. The room sports thoughtful built-in carpentry, and even a table, so there is very little need for additional furniture to break the spaceship theme running through the house.

Over in the bathroom, the lights and clean surfaces make the space resemble an aircraft lavatory.

Balcony space with view of Keppel Harbourfront

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

Akin to highlighting contrast between the spaceship and the galaxy beyond, the balcony space of the home is clad in all black, a 180° change from the signature all-white look inside. 

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

The unit being situated on one of the most prime of CBD lands means that the homeowner is treated to a panoramic view of the city, Marina Bay and Keppel Harbour daily.

Futuristic Singapore CondoImage credit: Jia Studios

Sci fi-inspired futuristic condo in Singapore

All in all, it looks like the owner went all out with his home reno to create a space that really is jaw-dropping.

Not only does the home’s prime Marina Bay location make it a world away from our usual heartland skylines, its spaceship interior has done a genius task of bringing the aesthetics of a sci-fi film set back home, while maintaining its warmth and cosiness such that it becomes a beautiful place to live in.

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Cover image adapted from: Jia Studios

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