This Sentosa Cove Home Is One Of SG’s Famous Dream Houses, Is Like S.E.A Aquarium At Home

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Completed in 2009, the Fish House in Sentosa Cove is one of the most iconic houses on the island with its impressive pool & underwater rooms.

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Singapore has become a haven for ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) wanting a plot of land to build their big bungalows and massive mansions. As a result, we’ve become very familiar with GCBs like Villa Otto and Sheng Siong co-founder’s Dempsey abode. However, most of these homes have only sprung up in recent years.

One of the most iconic properties in Singapore that spearheaded the path for these other grand mansions is the Fish House. Designed by Guz Wilkinson and completed in 2009 for Australian banker Stephen Fisher and his family, the house has been lauded by many international design publications since the first photos of it were uploaded online.

More than a decade later, the Fish House is still remarkably contemporary thanks to its massive wraparound pool, an underwater “fish bowl” entertainment room, and the fact that it only cost $2.4M to build – a steal compared to today’s prices. If you want to get some inspiration for your future Good Class Bungalow, here’s a peek into the famous Fish House.

Massive pool that cost $2M and holds 66,000 gallons of water

fish house sentosa coveImage credit: Stephen Fisher

Gizmodo named the Fish House one of the most relaxing houses back in the world back in 2012, and it’s not hard to see why. The wraparound saltwater pool immediately commands your attention with its unique curvature and infinity edges. 

One unique thing about the pool is that it flows between the interior and exterior of the house, taking an integrated approach to indoor-outdoor living.

curved tropical infinity poolImage credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

It’s also not just one of those plunge pools built solely for aesthetic purposes. Swimmers can traverse the 21m-long pool that goes up to 10-feet-deep for their daily water cardio.

jacuzzi at nightThe jacuzzi.
Image credit: Stephen Fisher

There is also a jacuzzi with contoured seating so the homeowners can relax and watch the boats go by in the Singapore Strait.

fish house at sentosa cove twilight facadeImage credit: Guz Architects

And when the weather makes taking a dip unfeasible, there’s always the verandah at the centre of the pool to keep dry.

The pool verandah was designed with an open concept in mind so that Stephen, his family, and all of their guests can jump into the pool from any part of the room. “This room is by far the most expensive in the house, it’s worth an excess of $2 million dollars,” he said in an interview. We’re pretty sure that includes the entertainment room below the verandah that will have your jaw drop a second time.

The underwater entertainment room that caught everyone’s eye

underwater entertainment room with u-shaped acrylic windowsWe hope that the homeowners have updated the TV with a bigger model.
Image credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

As above, so below. Just a few feet under the pool verandah is an entertainment room that Stephen says can easily fit 30-40 guests for a party. While that would be a tad claustrophobic, we can see why all those partygoers would want to be here. After all, how often can you say that you’re partying in an underwater room?

4.5-inch-thick acrylic windows that cost Stephen an estimated US$120,000 (~S$170,000) give the room a fishbowl-esque vibe. Except there are no fish, only humans.

Stephen also explained in an interview that the decision was made to have the steps of the pool shown prominently so there is some visual dimension. Otherwise, people in the entertainment room will only be looking at a blank wall with no perspective of how deep down they are.

Environmentally-friendly features like solar panels on the roof

solar panels on a green roofImage credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Being in the sunny isle of Singapore where summer reigns all year round, the decision to install environmentally-friendly features in their home was an easy decision. On the roof are thin bendable solar panels that generate energy and power for the house. The green roof also acts as a natural temperature regulator and can absorb any pollutants in the area.

fish house sentosa cove master suite and lawnThe master suite of the Fish House is surrounded by clear floor-to-ceiling windows for a panoramic view.
Image credit: Guz Architects

The many floor-to-ceiling glass windows also let in tons of light around the house, reducing the need to turn on indoor lighting till dusk arrives. And there are no privacy worries: the house is surrounded by plenty of foliage and greenery so neighbours and curious pedestrians can’t just peek inside.

Stephen Fisher’s Fish House in Sentosa Cove

The contemporary design of Stephen Fisher’s Fish House in Sentosa Cove has clearly stood the test of time, with pictures of the house taken in 2009 not looking one tile out of place in 2022. Plus, in hindsight, Stephen got the house for an absolute steal: he only paid $3.5M for the land in 2005 back when Singapore released Sentosa Cove plots for foreigners.

According to public records obtained by Uchify, the Fish House changed hands in February 2021 for $16M, which means Stephen made over 2.7 times the amount he spent on his Sentosa Cove home.

The new owner, according to recent searches, is a Malaysian billionaire in the hospitality industry – we hear he’s one of the 10 richest Malaysians. Word on the street is that he fell in love with the house. Well, as did many people, but he was the lucky one who could afford this house.

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Cover image adapted from: Patrick Bingham-Hall, Guz Architects

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