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Bukit Timah Turf City: 5 Things To Know About The 20,000 HDB Flats That Will Be Built In The Future

25 May 2024 | BY

Don’t be too quick to say goodbye to the iconic Grandstand building just yet.

Bukit Timah Turf City

After 4 decades of waiting, Singaporeans will finally get another shot at buying an HDB flat in the Bukit Timah enclave. The URA announced on 23rd May that Bukit Timah Turf City will undergo a major transformation from a racehorse grounds to a sprawling estate with over 20,000 HDB flats and plenty of amenities to boot.

While Bukit Timah Turf City will take at least 20-30 years to be fully complete, there are already some details that might pique your interest. Here are 5 things you need to know about the upcoming Bukit Timah Turf City housing estate.

1. There will be up to 20,000 homes built on a 176-hectare site

Bukit Timah Turf CityImage credit: URA

Yes, you read that right: Bukit Timah Turf City will boast around 15,000-20,000 new public and private homes when the redevelopment of the area is fully complete. However, not all of them will be purely HDB flats, as the URA included the fact that private homes would also be included in this count.

Compared to Tengah, where around 42,000 homes will be built in a 165-hectare site, the density at Bukit Timah Turf City is considerably less. This decision might be because 3 Good Class Bungalow areas are flanking the estate, and building high-rise residential buildings next to a 2-storey GCB would look a tad dystopian.

In fact, it’s been planned that buildings near key heritage buildings and green spaces, will be on the lower side. On the other hand, buildings near amenities like MRT stations and are more centrally located will be on the higher side to keep land optimised.

2. It will take over the former Bukit Timah Turf City site

Bukit Timah Turf City GrandstandsImage credit: URA

Unfortunately, something has to give to make way for the new homes to be built, and this time around it’s the old Bukit Timah Turf City site. However, the government is considering 27 buildings for retention and repurposing, and one of them would be the North Grandstand and its modernist exterior.

3. There will be 4 distinctive neighbourhoods

Tinggi HIlls, Racecourse Neighbourhood, Stables Commune, Saddle Club KnollsImage credit: URA

While Bukit Timah Turf City might be the name of the estate, it will be split into 4 neighbourhoods, each with its own identity and character.

For starters, the Racecourse neighbourhood will be where the iconic Grandstands were, while the Stables Commune will take over the former workers’ quarters and horse stables. The Saddle Club Knolls to the west side of the estate is named after the former Bukit Timah Saddle Club, and Tinggi Hills to the north will overlook Bukit Tinggi and boast views of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

4. It will be a car-lite & pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood

Bukit Timah Turf CityImage credit: URA

Car-lite estates are becoming more commonplace in Singapore, especially in the newer generation of estates like Tengah and now Bukit Timah Turf City. To ensure that residents and visitors will still be able to get around the estate without too much trouble, there will be a “comprehensive pedestrian and cycling network” planned.

The estate will also be serviced by 2 MRT stations on the Downtown Line and the upcoming Cross Island Line, which will help with commuting without a car.

Since this will be a car-lite estate, there will also be fewer parking spots. On the bright side, the space that would’ve otherwise gone to idle cars would be used for public amenities, greenery, and more housing.

5. Amenities & recreational facilities will be within a 10-minute walk

Bukit Timah Turf CityImage credit: URA

With all this talk about “more amenities”, Bukit Timah Turf City would hopefully deliver on this promise. The estate has plans for “10-minute neighbourhoods”, which means amenities and community facilities will all be within a 10-minute walking distance for its residents. The said amenities will also be located close to the MRT stations so residents will be able to make the most out of their time.

Things to know about the new Bukit Timah Turf City neighbourhood

It’s exciting to see new estates being developed that aren’t on the far-flung edges of Singapore, especially since Bukit Timah is a prime neighbourhood that’s on the fringe of the CBD. However, since the announcement, there have been valid concerns voiced by netizens that the prices of HDB flats in the new Bukit Timah Turf City estate would command prices comparable to the district that it’s in.

Some people have also questioned whether or not the estate will be designated as a Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) where the Minimum Occupation Period is longer, and it’ll be less likely that these homes might be flipped for a profit. 

Either way, if you are interested in what the new Bukit Timah Turf City neighbourhood has to offer, you can check out the URA Bukit Timah Turf City Exhibition happening from 23rd May-23rd July 2024 at the URA Centre. More information can be found on URA’s website.

Cover image credit: URA

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