7 Best WhatsApp Channels In SG For Homeowners To Follow For Life Hacks, Property Deals & Good Lobangs

21 July 2023 | BY

Here are the best local Whatsapp channels to follow to discover the best home & living life hacks, property deals and more.

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Back in the day, WhatsApp was merely an app for us to stay in touch with our loved ones overseas. Today, however, it’s evolved way past that. With features like status, communities, and now channels, it’s become more like a social media platform.

That being said, the channels feature can be pretty useful. It allows you to subscribe directly to channels of interest, so you can receive posts and messages from them directly. If you know where to look, it can be a treasure trove of information. Here, we’ve compiled 7 important WhatsApp channels you’ll want to look out for.

1. Uchify

First off is Uchify. Need we say more? Your channel for all things home and living, it’s ideal for both current and prospective homeowners looking to get more out of their spaces. 

Best Home Reno Whatsapp Channels - Uchify

This includes reno inspo, furniture lobangs, and even informative how-to guides, like step-by-step on choosing an ID so you can prevent yourself from getting scammed.

Follow Uchify on WhatsApp.

2. SG Property & Deals

SG Property & Deals is your comprehensive guide to the property market in Singapore. This includes prompt updates on new project releases, last-minute developer discounts, and price trends.

Best Home Reno Whatsapp Channels - SG Property & Deals

Think of it as a TL;DR for all things property. More than just basic information, you can expect to find price ranges including PSF calculations, location, information like nearby schools, and detailed breakdowns of unit configurations. No more scrambling to Google.

Follow SG Property & Deals on WhatsApp.

3. HDB Singapore

This next one is a given. You can’t talk about owning a home without HDB; I mean, duh. The HDB Singapore channel is your one stop shop for all things HDB. In addition to fun stuff like neighbourhood features, you can also receive BTO updates and take part in neighbourhood photography contests.

Best Home Reno Whatsapp Channels - HDB

Their “New Blocks in the Hood” series is also a way to stay on top of all the new construction being carried out by HDB, so you can be the first to know when a new playground or communal space opens.

Follow HDB Singapore on WhatsApp.

4. SG Adulting 101

SG Adulting 101 it’s where you’ll find everything you need to be a convincing adult. After all, most of us just fake it till we make it. 

Best Home Reno Whatsapp Channels - SG Adulting 101

Here, you’ll find everything from reskilling opportunities to stay at the top of the workforce, to motivational TEDTalks to keep your spirits high as you do. 

Follow SG Adulting 101 on WhatsApp.

5. SG Parent Things

A step up from adulting is parenting. SG Parent Things gives you the lowdown on everything child and baby. The content here offers a balanced mix of entertainment and utility.

Best Home Reno Whatsapp Channels - SG Parent Things

You’ll be kept up-to-date on all the preschool open houses, the latest kid-friendly events to keep your tykes entertained, as well as information on all the freshest sales so you can get the most bang for your buck. We don’t have to be the ones to tell you that kids are expensive, but sourcing the best deals definitely softens the blow to the bank account.

Follow SG Parenting Things on WhatsApp.

6. NEA Singapore

As an environmental agency, you can expect the NEA channel to offer info on anything under the sky and under the ground. More than just pretty sunset pics, the channel provides valuable tips on how to live safely and cheaply. Think posts like how to keep your home a dengue-free zone and how to keep energy costs down.

Best Home Reno Whatsapp Channels - NEA Singapore

This last one is especially pertinent to homeowners, as we all know how quickly the electric bill can add up. It’s also the first place you’ll hear about government-issued vouchers for homeowners, like the $150 refrigerator voucher that’s expiring at the end of 2023.

Follow NEA Singapore on WhatsApp.

7. IRAS 

Though IRAS only came out with their WhatsApp channel a couple of days ago, it already has nearly 10,000 followers, a testament to its utility. 

Best Home Reno Whatsapp Channels - IRAS

A quick look and you’ll see why – in addition to heartwarming posts like features of IRAS staff, you’ll also find posts that simplify accounting processes, and explainers that detail the benefits of using accounting software as opposed to filing manually. If you’re anything like most young Singaporeans, every tax cycle is just as much of a struggle as the previous one, but it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Follow IRAS on WhatsApp.

Best WhatsApp channels in SG to follow for adulting tips

And there you have it. 7 of the best WhatsApp channels you need to follow to live a more efficient and budget-conscious life in Singapore. 

If you thought WhatsApp was merely a messaging app before this article, there’s no way you still do now. In fact, for many of us, this may very well become one of our most used apps.

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