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We Ask 16 Singaporeans What Really Are The Best Standing Fans

7 February 2023 | BY

What standing fans are Singaporeans using? We ask them to find out just which are the best standing fans in the market.

We Ask 16 Singaporeans What Really Are The Best Standing Fans

Singapore experienced “winter” during the recent CNY holidays, where temperatures hit as low as 22 degrees as we enjoyed reunion dinner with our friends and family. Sounds amazing, until you remember that the chill weather was but a rarity. 

99% of the time, Singapore is hot and humid, but unless we’re blessed with bottomless pockets, we can’t be rolling on the A/C all day to quell the heat. That’s why we have fans to save the day. A good standing fan is not only affordable, but durable and effective in cooling the house down from the sweltering heat outside.

So, we’ve asked around and 16 Singaporeans have shared what the best standing fans in the market are.


best standing fansImage credit: COURTS, KDK

“I love my KDK fan that I got through importing from JB. The wind speed is very strong – I just need one fan to cool down my entire living room which is a pretty decent x square feet. The aesthetic wooden blades also fit in very well with my decor.”

Jia Min, 32

“My KDK fan at home has a strong wind speed, enough to cool the room down even on hot days. It’s also long-lasting, and it’s easy to fix and assemble when you’ve just bought it.”

Nicole, 23

“It’s quite a popular brand, and the one fan in my living-dining area can cool down the entire place, even with my house being sun-facing.”

Xavier, 24

Mistral MHV998R High Velocity Fan

best standing fansImage credit: @janaechua

“The best standing fan I have in the house is a Mistral one which is small but powerful. It’s quite small in size and in a minimalist white, which makes it blend in easily in any room. Yet, the gust coming from it is quite strong and can oscillate in any direction to cover the whole room. Also, quite affordable on Shopee.”

Zhe Hao, 36

best standing fansImage credit: Carousell

“I have been through my share of KDK standing fans and even different Dyson tower fan models, but nothing has impressed me more than the MISTRAL mimica. It’s sleek, minimal in design and packs a lot of wind power in it. The oscillation is also super customisable so that everyone in the house from the kids to the dog gets a nice gust of wind. Not the cheapest standing fan in the market, but one of the best in terms of offerings.”

Monica, 30

Morries Standing Fan

Image credit: Carousell

“Despite it being one of the cheapest where you can easily get it from places like NTUC, that doesn’t mean a Morries fan is not effective. In fact, the truth is otherwise. For around $60, the fan can last you for a couple of years, and it works well in your room to cool the place down before you sleep.”

Steph, 20

Iona 12 High Velocity Fan

Image credit: Alibaba

“While it may look small, the wind speed you get from an Iona fan is considerably stronger than in other fans, and is ideal for cooling down on a hot day. It also comes with a timer that you can set in the night if you sleep with the air-conditioner on but need some extra air circulation before you fall asleep. Plus, you can get it from around $50 on NTUC, making it a value-for-money choice.”

Anne, 40

Dyson PureCool Air Purifier TP00

Image credit: Sartech

“Although it’s not the cheapest, Dyson’s fans are still very effective. Especially since I work in a sound-proof room with no windows, its air purifying function is all the more useful, on top of keeping the place very cool and the air fresh.”

Yongjin, 19

Image credit: @kaownah

“Apart from its very iconic bladeless design, Dyson’s fans do a great job in cooling the living room down, as well as purifying the air around you. You don’t need to worry about dirt or small objects getting trapped between the blades, which can make the fan malfunction faster and cleaning hard.”

Jowee, 20

“My pick for an easy-to-use, affordable and no-frills standing fan for the home is the Dyson Cool Fan, which has gone through several iterations in terms of design and function. When it came to choosing a standing fan, I wanted one that was able to fulfil its function of cooling the room down and providing some air circulation, while also not looking too obiang.

This resulted in me getting a Dyson, not just for its powerful fan features but also its modern and sleek look that complemented my home decor. Maintenance is also a breeze (pun intended), as I don’t have fan blades to wipe down…just the filters at the bottom! It’s also quite portable, so moving it around the various living spaces won’t take the wind (pun intended) out of your sails. A great buy for any home!”

Marcus, 34

Xiaomi Smartmi Wireless Fan 2S

Image credit: @ourfookinhouse

“One thing unique about this Xiaomi fan is that it’s wireless and runs with a battery that lasts for around a full day’s use. This is ideal as you don’t need to keep re-organising your wires, together with all the other things in the living room, preventing unnecessary clutter.”

Gwyn, 24

Tefal Turbo Silence

best standing fans

Image credit: Shopee

“I think this brand is also quite popular amongst Singaporeans. It’s easy to move around, easy to clean, and like its name suggests, it’s not those noisy fans that give a “whirr” sound that can disrupt you especially when you’re sleeping.”

Peishi, 21

Vornado 660B (Black) 4-Speed Large Circulator

Image credit: Vornado

My partner introduced me to vornados and I’ve become a bit of a convert. Its small silhouette means it won’t take up a lot of space unlike traditional standing fans, and you can also easily place it on the floor or on a tabletop. As a “floor fan” option, it’s also a lot more chic and better looking than the traditional noisy floor fans y’know.

Also, hot air rises, cold air sinks. Placing a vornado on the floor means it circulates all the cool air around the ground up to where you are, whether you’re seated down working or on your couch watching tv.

Josiah, 29

Toyomi High Velocity Fan

best standing fansImage credit: Carousell

“My favourite is the Toyomi High Velocity fan. It’s as powerful as a factory fan; price-wise, I don’t exactly remember how much I bought it for but it’s sometimes on sale at supermarkets for $60-$70. Plus, my Toyomi is still strong after using it for a good 1 year.”

Jiacheng, 22

SONA 8” Turbine Circulating Fan

best standing fansImage credit: Amazon

“I’d reckon that most fans belonging to SONA are very solid. Some of my SONA have been lasting for more than 5 years; while it’s slightly more pricey, it’s durability and wind speed are great – trust me.”

Xinyi, 24

Booney Powerful Oscillating Air Circulator

best standing fansImage credit: Carousell

“I have this fan in my living room, which I think is the best one I’ve had in a long time. While I didn’t want to get it initially as it isn’t necessarily the most aesthetic in the market, it’s still proven to be very worth it.”

Jiaying, 20

Best standing fans in Singapore

Like it or not, life in the equator is such that we’d have to experience tropical heat all-year round. Apart from ensuring our homes are well-ventilated, have curtains to block direct sunshine, and an AC, fans are an essential. 

While the market is saturated with many options, the last thing you want is to spend money on a standing fan that isn’t effective or, worst still, barely works at all. That’s why we’ve asked our fellow friends for their input on the best options out there. Hopefully we’ll be able to tahan the 35°C heat together and remain cool in the face of it all.

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Cover image adapted from: @janaechuaAmazon, Modern Castle

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