Where Should You Put Power Sockets In Your Home? 10 Best Spots To Consider When Renovating Your HDB

18 July 2023 | BY

Here’s a list of the best power socket spots around the house to consider when if you’re about to embark on our reno journey.

Best Power Sockets HDB Home

Ask your fellow homeowners about their renovation regrets, and one thing that’s sure to come up is not having enough power sockets in hindsight. A relatable point even for those still living in their parental homes – we’ve all camped around a certain power socket around the house at one point or another.

We all have 101 appliances that require electricity around the house, but nobody really wants to have extension cords snaking all around their newly renovated home. If you’re about to embark on your reno journey, here’s a masterlist of all the electrical points you’ll want to consider for your home for maximum efficiency.

1. Kitchen countertop power track

Best Power Socket Spots - power line in kitchenImage credit: Line8

Air fryers, microwaves, coffee machines…the list goes on. The kitchen is one area of the house where power sockets are in high demand, no thanks to all the smart appliances in the market we just can’t live without.

Here’s a pro-tip: Instead of your regular power sockets, a better and more efficient solution would be to install a power track that runs along the length of your kitchen counter – ideally where you have the most open counter space.

Not only do power tracks look unbelievably sleek and come with a range of wall-mounted options in finishes like rosewood and marble, they pack a real punch – we’re talking up to 9 freely moveable power points along a 2m track. This way you can whip out any appliance anywhere on your kitchen counter without having to unplug and stow anything.

2. Home office

Best Power Socket Spots - power line above deskA power strip across the desk.

Image credit: Line8,

With work from home (some days) as the norm these days, most of us have taken pains to make sure our homes have dedicated home offices to get us into that productive groove. But no standard 2-plug socket is going to sufficiently power your PC, multiple monitors, printer and more without leaving a messy extension cord tangle behind.

Best Power Socket Spots - cable management Image credit: Casa Cannes, Maisonette

We recommend having minimally 3 sockets in the home office and potentially more if the room pulls double duty as a craft or recording studio. The trick is to first plan where your furniture is going to be, before marking out the spots that are closest to your cluster of devices. You might want to consider having these sockets at desk level as well to avoid having wires draping down the back of your desk.

Alternatively, you can invest in a cable management rack, most of which give you the option of attaching them to your work desks so they’re well off the ground and out of sight.

3. Behind the couch

Best Power Socket Spots - behind sofa carpentryInvest in custom carpentry to hide wires.

Image credit: Pinterest

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting on the floor to watch TV because the charging wire of your second screen won’t reach the couch, you’re not alone. Most homeowners make sure to have power sockets in the living room, but sometimes, these sockets are right smack where your couch is supposed to be, making them virtually impossible to use.

Rather than having sockets on either side of the living room wall, opt for a custom built-in ledge with power sockets for the convenience of lounging on the couch while having your charging devices within arm’s reach.

4. By the bed

Best Power Socket Spots - bed side outletsImage credit: The Local INN.terior 新家室, Jubilee Interiors

There’s nothing quite like huddling up in bed over a lazy weekend, scrolling endlessly through TikTok until you realise your phone battery is at 5% and the nearest power outlet is 10 steps away. That’s why bedside power sockets are a total game changer – you’ll never have to get out of bed to charge your Apple watch, airpods or phone ever again.

Best Power Socket Spots - convenient charging spotsImage credit: Crate and Barrel

Place them strategically at bed-level as in many hotels, or have them concealed under your floating bedside tables – either way we recommend incorporating some USB ports for a less bulky charging station.

5. Concealed behind the TV 

Best Power Socket Spots - behind TV wire managementHidden outlets behind the TV.

Image credit: NFM, Method AVS

We’ve all got an ugly tangle of wires hidden somewhere in our TV consoles that we’re not entirely proud of, but that doesn’t mean that the power socket sitch in your living room has to stay that way forever.

Those gunning for a wall-mounted wide-screen setup can consider getting their IDs to plan for a faux wall where power cables are routed to a small recess area for power sockets. This way when your TV is installed, it should conceal the sockets completely.

6. Service yard

Best Power Socket Spots - service yard power socketsPower sockets are located at an accessible height.

Image credit: @haus.954, @thelocalinnterior 

Don’t overlook the service yard as one place for extra power sockets. Apart from your washers and dryers, the service yard is often the place that houses your robot vacuums, automatic food dispensers and more. Adding more power sockets here will come in super handy especially if the yard will also function as a charging dock for all your appliances. 

With more power outlets, you can cater to charging your vacuum and even power a future dryer. One tip is to consult your electrician to assess and recommend the safest way to add more outlets. By making this simple upgrade, you can have a more functional and efficient service yard that can make your household chores a breeze.

7. Wi-Fi router spots

Best Power Socket Spots - extra wifi routersImage credit: TP-Link

No 21st-century household is completed without a wifi router or rather, routers in this case. But in order to feed the number of routers across your home, more electrical points need to be installed. 

Adding more power sockets near dead zones such as places with thick walls or corners of your home can be beneficial to improve the quality and efficiency of the wifi connection in your home.

8. Vanity table

Best Power Socket Spots - vanity power pointsElectrical points at the vanity table create hazard-free floors and convenient charging points.

Image credit:, Docking Drawer

Ladies, you might wanna save this portion of the article for future reference and perhaps convince your partner to install more power sockets in the vanity area. Aside from powering a Hollywood vanity mirror, there are so many more appliances that require sockets such as curling wands and mini-fridges to store your skincare serums.

If you have a slightly bigger budget for your renovation, we suggest getting built-in power points within your vanity drawers. Besides being convenient charging points, it also keeps your vanity surface organised and clean. Always remember that highly functional areas call for high demand in electrical points and you won’t regret spending a bit more to save yourself on unforgiving days.

9. Bathroom countertop

Best Power Socket Spots - bathroom power points near sinkPlan to locate power points near sinks and mirrors.

Image credit: @atmichelbathroomware, @squareroomsmag

There are quite a few appliances in your bathroom that require electricity: electric toothbrushes, hairdryers and shavers. Here’s a tip borrowed straight from the hotel industry playbook: strategic power outlets near mirrors and at a convenient height above the sink. Say goodbye to setting up charging stations outside the toilet and making countless trips to fetch your juiced-up gadgets. 

10. Beside your dining table

Best Power Socket Spots - dining area power socketsImage credit: Carousell, @gastroworldblog

Chinese New Year doesn’t have to be the only time to enjoy a homemade-steamboat meal or to test out the portable grill you got from that Shopee 10.10 sale. But the next time you do organise a gathering, one thing you don’t want is for your guests to be tripping over an extension cord and spilling the broth.

If you’re one to play host a lot, just make sure you plan ahead and have those electrical points conveniently placed near your dining table. That way you won’t have to frantically search for extension cords at the eleventh hour, or find a way to make the whole set-up look less ugly.

BONUS: On your balcony

Best Power Socket Spots - balcony areaImage credit: @tfthishouse, @sumofassg, @sumofassg

Having power points on your balcony is a game-changer. Imagine being able to effortlessly plug in your speakers, set up some cool ambient lighting, or even fire up a mini electric grill for an impromptu BBQ session. You’ll thank us later when you’re living your best balcony life.

Best power socket spots at home

When it comes to renovating your HDB and deciding where to place those precious power sockets, it’s all about strategic thinking and embracing the possibilities. Whether it’s ensuring convenience in the kitchen or setting the stage for epic balcony shenanigans, the choices are endless. 

Don’t be bound by convention – with the right placement of power sockets, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of your home, making it a haven of comfort, convenience, and endless possibilities.

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Cover image adapted from: Ngieng Spatial Design,, @alchemists_design

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