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9 Best Home Items To Buy From Don Don Donki From As Low As $2.90

11 January 2024 | BY

We visited Don Don Donki’s City Square store to bring you 10 home item recommendations for the next time you visit their stores.


Since its opening in Orchard Road, Don Don Donki has become a household name in Singapore, with people drawn to the wide variety of store items and Japanese specialities available. 

But looking past the incredible food, drinks bar and wafting smell of steamed sweet potatoes, we visited their City Square store to bring you 10 of the best Don Don Donki home items raved by homeowners and even the salesperson we spoke to on our visit.

1. Lenor scented beads ($14.90)

best-don-don-donki-home-items 2

Priced at $14.90, these beads function as a clothes perfumer for when you want your laundry to smell divine. They’re super absorbent, effective at eliminating sweat, and other undesirable odours during the washing process. Infused with aromatic oils, they offer a subtle fragrance without being overwhelming. 

In fact, the brand recommends that you experiment with mixing this with your detergents to create the perfect scent.

2. Awawa detergent pods ($13.90)

best-don-don-donki-home-items 3

This mega pack of Awawa’s detergent pods come at a relatively cheap price of $13.90. It does come scented, so it’s a great opportunity to pretend to be an amateur perfumer and mix these in with the Lenor scented beads above.

3. Lion fabric spot remover ($6.90)


Everyone loves a good party with their friends, but when the atmosphere gets a bit too excitable, you sometimes find yourself with a bit of spilt wine on your favourite shirt. If that mood dampener has happened more than you’d like to admit, you’re probably going to want to have this $6.90 fabric stain remover on hand for your next dinner party.

The dresser might be another place you’d want this nifty little item too, since it’s also good for dealing with wayward cosmetics.

4. Sawaday one drop bathroom fragrance ($4.90)

best-don-don-donki-home-items 5

There are few places you’d spend more time browsing Pinterest and playing mobile games than on the porcelain throne – you’d probably want to have it smell good at least. 

Sawaday’s $4.90 bathroom freshener promises to make answering nature’s call an olfactorily pleasant experience, with its bold claim of only 1 or 2 drops into the bowl before and after use to eliminate unwanted odours.

5. Pest killers from $6.90

best-don-don-donki-home-items 6

Most folks, especially when living on the lower floors of a HDB flat, know the pains of dealing with pests. And there is only so much you can do with a can of Baygon and a dream. Earth’s ant killer, priced at $6.90 provides a passive way for you to defend your homefront from these 6-legged invaders. 

The containers they come with are really convenient, allowing for easy deployment and cleanup as opposed to traditional sachets of powder that you’d have to clean up afterwards. Best of all, it’s designed for the insects to carry the bait back to their nests, effectively wiping out the source of the problem. The Earth brand also sells cockroach bait for $13.90, which functions similarly.

6. Jonetz cooling pillow ($5.90)

best-don-don-donki-home-items 7

Cool to the touch, this $5.90 cooling pillow from Donki’s house brand, Jonetz, might be the answer to those unbearably hot nights in tropical Singapore. Already quite pleasant without taking a trip to the fridge, this gel pillow is designed to be kept chilled for long-lasting effectiveness. 

With this, you might be able to say goodbye to those hopeless nights, constantly flipping your pillow in the vague hope of finding the cold side to rest your head on.

7. Jonetz waste oil treatment agent ($2.90)

best-don-don-donki-home-items 8

Most folks have moved on to airfrying nowadays. For those going old-school and sticking to traditional deep frying and dealing with oil disposal, the $2.90 waste oil treatment agent offers a practical solution. It’s basically a coagulant which you mix into the oil after cooking, which will make it cool into a solid cake. 

You can simply scrape it afterwards and dispose of it.

8. Hotapa vegetable wash ($11.50)


If you’re still stuck with using salt to clean your fruits and vegetables, you might want to get an upgrade. This $11.50 Hotapa vegetable wash uses natural ingredients to clean your food items of harmful substances like pesticides, waxes and other chemicals before consumption. It’s also got a vitamin C formulation to preserve the nutrients whilst doing so.

Hotapa also claims that this vegetable wash also doubles as a means to disinfect cutting boards, knives and other cooking utensils.

9. Hotapa laundry machine tub cleaner ($12.90)

best-don-don-donki-home-items 10

The last item in our list is yet another item from the Hotapa brand, this time a $12.90 laundry machine tub cleaner. These are designed to clean the mildew, yellowing and any odours from the washing tub. Beyond basic maintenance, these are also great to have around after a wash cycle filled with especially dirty laundry.

It is made of natural materials, and the tablets are, in fact, food-grade. So while not recommended, your little ones wouldn’t be in any danger should they accidentally swallow one of them.

Best Don Don Donki home items to buy

This list of the best Don Don Donki home items will certainly be good additions to your shopping list. They do have an official Singapore store on Shopee, but with the amount of unique items available at their physical stores, it never hurts to pop by to their hypermarkets and perhaps snag a snack or three on the way out.

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Photography by Brad Lee.

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