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This $350K Resort-Style Landed Home In Singapore Will Bring Those Canggu Villa Vibes To You

8 February 2024 | BY

In this $350K resort-style landed home, with cosy interiors and plenty of sunlight, it’s almost like you’ve never left that beachside vacay.

This $350K Resort-Style Landed Home Makes It Feel Like That Bali Trip Never Ended

Imagine yourself away from your office desk and instead on a lounge chair facing the beautiful, sun-kissed beaches of Bali. You feel that fresh sea breeze against your skin as you sip your orange mojito, wistfully hoping that this vacation would never end. For this homeowner though, they’ve made living in a resort-style landed home a reality.

This $350K reno by Comfort Home Interior is extensive, with plenty of surfaces changed and rooms reimagined, drawing references from Bali but also other influences from similar seaside locales from the likes of Australia and Europe.

Spacious patio with a beautifully designed fountain

This $350K Resort-Style Landed Home In Singapore Will Bring Those Canggu Villa Vibes To You Image credit: Comfort Home Interior
According to Comfort Home Interior, the homeowner wanted to create the “chill resort” vibe, one that functions as a calming sanctuary away from the bustle of the city. So a big part of that is to create an inviting entrance with a decorative water feature that greets you the moment you enter the home.

The beautifully designed arched alcove, natural stone facade and floral pattern tilings are evocative of the Spanish interior design style. The running water from the fountain is also meant to be a relaxing addition to the soundscape in the area. If you close your eyes here, you might almost see yourself resting against the backdrop of swaying banyan trees and tropical breeze at the treetop resorts in Buahan.

Bright and airy farmhouse kitchen with plenty of storage

Resort-style landed home 3Image credit: Comfort Home Interior
The kitchen is done in a wood-heavy farmhouse style – even the modern hood concealed to resemble a more traditional one found in rustic Mediterranean homes. The Julia Childs among us would be absolutely in love with the amount of storage and organisation built into the place. 

Here, they’ve made plenty of shelves, drawers, spice racks and even dedicated slots for recipe binders above the ovens. The more modern appliances like ovens are probably kept here as well to preserve the rustic look of this area. Arguably the best part of it is how neat they look when closed, creating a lovely timber frame backdrop to the kitchen space.

Resort-style landed home 4Image credit: Comfort Home Interior
When heavy cooking is needed, the kitchen can also be enclosed with a sliding door, appropriately made with dark varnished wood to match the theme.

Villa-esque cosy, yet chic dining and dry kitchen

Resort-style landed home 5Image credit: Comfort Home Interior

This homeowner has certainly taken that “romantic dinner along the Iberian coast” vibe back home, with a cobblestone wall facade serving as the backdrop against the sun-drenched dining area. The dining set is flanked by an arched Crittall window for plenty of light – as well as a view of the entrance, but also has these tasteful, irregularly-shaped lamps for a stylish Mid-Century Modern touch in the evenings.

Resort-style landed home 6Image credit: Comfort Home Interior
The dry kitchen itself is similarly aesthetic, this time with acrylic bar stools and a sleek stainless steel fridge to make the place feel more contemporary. The plentiful use of stone tiles is meant to evoke the warm resort style feel, which is especially important as the homeowners spend most of their time on this floor.

Curvy elements throughout the home

Resort-style landed home 7Image credit: Comfort Home Interior
You’ve already seen quite a few examples of this by now but the home is absolutely filled with curves and organic lines. This is a deliberate design choice by the homeowners, who absolutely love soft lines that help make the home feel soft and cosier.

You’d be surprised to know that this limewash staircase was originally a steel spiral staircase. Comfort Home Interior shared that the transformation took 2 whole weeks, plenty of plastering and then a layer of earthy limewash paint to complete the look.

Calming minimalist bedroom with hidden resort rain shower bathroom

Resort-style landed home 8Image credit: Comfort Home Interior

The bedroom is decidedly where the resort theme gives way to a slightly more minimalist, Japandi-style look. 

Resort-style landed home 9Image credit: Comfort Home Interior
That said, it remains suitably Bali-like in feel: the ID noticed the plentiful greenery around the home when scouting out the area, so they’ve installed a large window in the bedroom that opens it up to the surrounding flora.

 The bedroom en-suite is tastefully concealed behind a pair of false wardrobe doors.
Image credit: Comfort Home Interior
An interesting feature in this area is the hidden en-suite that is concealed behind false wardrobe doors. Although it does look good, this feature was mostly made as a utilitarian decision to make it flush with the rest of the wardrobe, as opposed to having to make a dedicated doorway for it.

This $350K Resort-Style Landed Home In Singapore Will Bring Those Canggu Villa Vibes To You Image credit: Comfort Home InteriorThis $350K Resort-Style Landed Home In Singapore Will Bring Those Canggu Villa Vibes To You Image credit: Comfort Home Interior

Inside, the bathroom exudes the sort of the luxury you’d expect from a seaside resort along Spain’s Marbella Golden Mile, with brass accents, sleek vanity sinks and even a curved shower nook. 

A $350K resort-style landed home in Singapore

Perhaps there is merit to the idea that “when you like your work, every day is a holiday”, but bringing that holiday back home for those work from home days certainly helps too. 

The $350K price tag may make this a rather big expense for many, but the IDs have mentioned that a large part of it is due to the amount of electrical and utilities rerouting that needed to be done so as to accommodate the smart home features of this home.

Homeowners looking to create a cosy and relaxed vibe similar to this resort-style landed home can definitely consider the use of limewash paint, cobblestone tilings and perhaps even the use of plaster to create curved surfaces found here.

For more reno inspiration:

Cover image credit: Comfort Home Interior

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