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10 Iconic Staub Collections That Will Make You Want To Convert To A Cast Iron Pan Fanatic

15 May 2024 | BY

They cost a pretty penny, but these Staub cast iron kitchenware will last you a long time, and come with a lifetime warranty.

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Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, and sometimes, the cookware makes all the difference. Case in point: cast iron cookware, which can admittedly be costly and heavy, but ask any chef and they’ll tell you that cooking with cast iron produces far superior nosh than non-stick. 

Treat your cast iron cookware well, and it will last you for literal generations; there are no better-known cast iron cookware makers than French brands Staub and Le Creuset. If you’re looking to make the investment, here are 10 iconic Staub collections that are sure to tempt you down this path.

1. Diamond Cocotte

staub - diamondImage credit: @staub_ca

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Staub has launched a limited-edition diamond cocotte, with faceted sides that resemble the gemstone. Even the knob on this cocotte is diamond-shaped; it comes in the colours White Truffle, Graphite Grey and La Mer, though Staub Canada’s Instagram page hints at more launches in the year to come. 

This diamond series is not available in Singapore yet, but you can purchase it on Carousell for $549.

staub - macaronImage credit: @staub_ca

The diamond series was launched in conjunction with their latest spring colourways on the stoneware collection. These macaron pastels are the perfect fit for any cottagecore kitchen, and can be purchased for $177.87 on Amazon.  

2. Dragon round saute pan Chistera

staub - dragonImage credit: @staub_usa

ICYMI, Staub released an exclusive dragon-embossed version of their 2.5-quart round saute pan━the Chistera braiser, which is a multi-functional pot that’s got straight sides and a flatter lid. This design launched last December, just in time for the Year of the Dragon, and comes in the brand’s Cherry and Cranberry red colourways. 

Especially auspicious is the brass knob that adds a gold touch to the beautiful centrepiece. CNY may be over, but you can still get your hands on this lucky pot at Williams Sonoma for USD$199.95 (~S$270.70). 

3. Cherry Blossom colourway

staub - cherry blossom, lilac, rose chiffonImage credit: @staub_uk

Launched in 2022, the Lilac colourway is also known as Cherry Blossom or Rose Chiffon, depending on which part of the world you’re in. Whatever the name, the speckled dusty pink collection is to die for, and comes in assorted sizes so you can collect the entire set.

It didn’t hit Singapore stores, but you can grab it off Amazon, with the 16cm rice pot priced at $199.20, shipped from Japan. 

4. Eucalyptus colourway

staub - eucalyptusImage credit: @staub_uk

Staub has been upping their colour game in recent years━another new shade that dropped in 2022/23 is Eucalyptus, after the 2021 launch of Sage. Both are green tones, though Eucalyptus is a more muted, cooler hue. 

Initially launched exclusively at Crate & Barrel in the USA, you can now order it from Lazada, Amazon, or Selfridges. Alternatively, you can find the range at Takashimaya’s physical store.

5. Citron colourway

staub - citronImage credit: @staub_usa

2024’s addition to Staub’s growing collection of colours is Citron: a cheery yellow shade that hit stores this March like a burst of sunshine, just in time for spring. It may be sunny all year round in Singapore, but we could always use a pop of colour in our kitchens

Check out the Citron collection on Amazon, available in limited selections; otherwise the full range is available on Crate & Barrel USA, though you would have to ship them in.

6. Lily collection

staub - lilyImage credit: @staub_uk

The fleur-de-lis, or flower of the lily, is the national flower of France, though it refers to an iris in reality. Nonetheless, the fleur-de-lis is a symbol of the French royalty, and is the inspiration behind Staub’s Lily collection. 

This was launched in 3 colours: Dark Blue, Graphite Grey, and Grenadine, though it can also be found in La Mer, White Truffle, and French Blue online. Other than the range of pots and pans, there’s also the Lily Trivet, to protect your table from the hot pans.

Shop Zalora for the Staub 24cm Marmite “Lily” in Grenadine, or Shopee for the 24cm cocotte in Dark Blue.

7. Vegetable collections

staub - pumpkinImage credit: @staub_uk

If you’ve got a glass display cabinet in your kitchen, statement pieces such as Staub’s vegetable-lookalike pots double up as excellent decor too. There’s the pumpkin cocotte, which you can buy from Amazon, and looks just like the real deal. It’s available in white and black too, in case the burnt orange shade doesn’t suit your kitchen aesthetic.

Unfortunately, Tangs only stocks the ceramic edition, but you can head to the departmental store to take a look nonetheless.  

staub - artichokeImage credit: @staub_usa

Have a whole vegetable garden in your kitchen, with their tomato, yellow paprika, orange-red pepper pots, and even an artichoke range. 

8. Twister cocotte


staub - twisterImage credit: @staub_usa

Maybe vegetable cocottes are a bit too wild for your kitchen━consider instead Staub’s 2023 launch of the Twister collection, with an elegant debossed twist pattern that features on the lids and external surface of these pots. 

This particular series can only be found in White Truffle and La Mer: both versatile colours that will match most kitchens. Find it on Amazon, shipped directly from Japan.

9. Staub x Minä Perhonen

staub - staub x mina perhonen oceanImage credit: Mina Herhonen

Japanese brand Minä Perhonen collaborated with Staub not once, but twice, with their second launch just released last month. Founded in 1995 by Akira Minagawa, the brand’s designs are created to withstand the test of time. 

staub - staub x mina perhonen forestImage credit: Mina Herhonen

The first collection, which launched in 2021, was Staub’s first-ever collaborative effort, and features motifs of forests and birds; the second is a “cocotte ocean” design, inspired by the sea.

These limited-edition pieces can be found on Amazon, though the forest collection may take some deep-diving into the second-hand digisphere. 

10. Fondue set

staub - fondue potImage credit: @staub_uk

Even if you’re not into cheese fondue, Staub’s fondue set can be used for other purposes too, such as tempura, chocolate fondue, lok lok, or even hot pot. You’re not restricted to using this fondue pot on the included burner; you can also heat this up on the stove. The set includes 6 fondue forks, each marked with a different colour so you won’t get them mixed up with your buddies’.

Get the fondue set on Lazada.

Bonus curation: Animal knobs & decorated lids

staub - lidsImage adapted from @staub_uk and @staub_usa

For something more subtle, have your Staub pots come with embossed lids, such as the festive snowflake design, or a rooster━perfect for your chicken zodiac friends.

Get the Cherry red 24cm cocotte with Christmas snowflake lid on Shopee for $638, or the same with a rooster lid on Selfridges. We’ve spied one in La Mer at Takashimaya,  with a fish on its lid too.

staub - animal knobsImage credit: @staub_uk

Alternatively, jazz things up with Staub’s animal knobs, made in stainless steel or nickel-plated brass. Priced at around USD$30 (~S$40) each, these are understated glam-ups for your pots and pans, and you can cop them on Shopee.

What are the advantages of using a cast iron pan?

The most commonly found cookware that you’ll find in every household are non-stick versions, typically made with aluminium and coated with a non-stick layer. They heat up very quickly, and handle delicate cooking well━you can even skip the oil at times. However, the coating wears off with frequent use, so you have to replace it often. Its popularity has waned over the years since the chemicals that create the non-stick coating can contaminate your food and prove to be health risks.

On the other hand, cast iron is built to last. These pots and pans are great at holding heat in, which makes them the perfect vehicles for stewing, braising, and even making soup. Because they’re such great heat retainers, frying in them also produces beautifully crisp crusts on your food. They can often be found in gorgeous colourways too, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can just as easily serve food in them.

Here’s a comparison of cast iron versus stainless steel and non-stick cookware:

Feature Cast Iron Stainless Steel Non-stick
Material Iron Stainless Steel Typically aluminium, coated with a non-stick surface (PTFE or ceramic)
Durability Very durable, can last for a lifetime Durable, resistant to scratches and dents Less durable as the non-stick coating can wear off
Heat Retention Excellent heat retention, heats evenly Good heat retention, but may have hot spots Fair heat retention, can heat up quickly but may not distribute heat evenly
Versatility Versatile, suitable for most cooking; especially good for braising Suitable for browning, caramelising, and sautéing Ideal for quick-cooking food items
Maintenance Little maintenance required Relatively easy to clean, but may require scrubbing for stuck-on food Easy to clean
Cooking Surface Naturally non-stick when seasoned properly Needs mastery of temperature, or food will stick Non-stick properties allow you to use less/no oil
Price Costly, long-term investment Mid- to high- range, varies based on brand and quality Typically affordable, but quality can vary
Weight Heavy Moderate weight Light

Staub or Le Creuset?

staub - colour chartImage credit: @staub_usa

Then, you have the age-old question: should I get a Staub or Le Creuset? Both are heritage makers of enamelled, cast iron pans━Staub has been around since 1974, while Le Creuset was established in 1925. They’re both French-made, with highly stringent quality control measures and lifetime warranties. Each Staub cocotte, for example, goes through several rounds of close inspection before they’re packed and shipped out to retailers.

Staub rings in the till at lower prices than Le Creuset: the 22cm round cocotte retails for $498 at Tangs, as compared to the Le Creuset 22cm BIS round cocotte. This usually goes for $719, though there’s a current promotion on the range, so it’s priced at $339.

Staub has a textured dark grey or black enamelled interior, while Le Creuset’s pots are lined in smooth, creamy white. This makes it easier to see how your food is browning in a Le Creuset, but it also means that discolourations, scratches and such signs of wear and tear are very much more apparent in a Le Creuset.

Staub pots come with narrower handles, and a smaller knob as compared to Le Creuset’s wider handles and larger knob. It has to be noted too that the knobs on Staub pots can take much higher oven temperatures of up to 260°C; Le Creuset pots typically come with their classic Phenolic knobs that are only oven safe up to 190°C. 

Where Le Creuset pots are generally lighter than Staub, the Staub pots have a tighter-fitting lid━both the Staubs’ heft and lid mean better retention of heat, and less loss of liquid in the cooking process. Add to this Staub’s lid design, which features little bumps, that aids condensation and the return of liquid to your food. 

In summary: 

Aspect Staub Le Creuset
Price (22cm round cocotte) $498 at Tangs $339 at Tangs, U.P $719
Interior Textured dark grey or black enamel Smooth, creamy white enamel
Handle and Knob Narrower handles, smaller knob Wider handles, larger knob
Oven Temperature for Knob Up to 260°C Up to 190°C (Phenolic knob)
Weight Heavier Lighter
Lid Fit and Design Tighter-fitting lid with bumps that help retain liquid Standard smooth lid, not as tight-fitting

These Staub cast iron collections will ignite serious pot envy

Put Staub on your kitchen wishlist, because these cast iron cookware will definitely level up your cooking game. While you’re at it, you can clock in some weights time too.

For more kitchen content: 

Cover image adapted from @staub_usa, @staub_uk, Elektrosmets

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