You Can Custom Order Intricate Japanese Zen Gardens With Self-Watering Systems From This Local Plant Boutique

21 June 2024 | BY

Anyone can have a garden at home, green fingers or not, with Soilboy on your side.

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We get it: easy as it may seem, not every one of us is able to keep a plant alive. That shouldn’t stop you from owning a plant, however, and local plant boutique Soilboy would like you to know that. All you need, they think, is an understanding of what your plant needs, and how to do it right━that’s where they come in.

Online business turned brick-and-mortar store

soilboy - storefrontImage credit: @soilboy

What started as an online business took off after Soilboy’s monthly launches saw healthy responses. A year later, the first Soilboy store was unveiled, where customers were able to physically see the plants before they decided to purchase them. 

It was also a space where customers could visit to inquire about plant care, and check out the various plants on offer in the shop; to inspire “a sense of curiosity about the greener things in life” is what Soilboy is about, after all.

Custom plant installations that resemble Japanese zen gardens

soilboy - custom planter 4Image credit: @soilboy

Beautifully pruned plants and ceramic planters that are designed in-house aside, Soilboy has made a name for themselves designing and setting up custom plant installations that you may have seen on the ‘gram. 

soilboy - soilboy x oblivion labImage credit: @oblivion.lab

Not only do you not need a green thumb, their installations are proof that you don’t have to own a bungalow-sized property to enjoy the respite of a garden in your home. 

soilboy - custom planter 1Image credit: @soilboy

True to their style, the installations that they’ve done up add delicate touches of green to each home, softening the overall look, and injecting a sense of tranquillity through a mix of both real and faux plants━subject to each design and customer’s needs.

Automated self-watering systems with rain sensors

soilboy - before afterBefore and after. A condominium balcony planter box.
Image adapted from: @soilboy

From conception to execution, each planter takes about 3-4 weeks on average, with prices dependent on factors such as the size and level of intricacy in the design, the plants involved, as well as the client’s needs and preferences.

soilboy - custom planter 3Image credit: @soilboy

With any plant that you purchase from Soilboy, you’ll walk away with a full set of care instructions and tips for your new plant baby. For their customised planters, you even have the option of installing an automated self-watering system so the whole installation essentially takes care of itself━even when you are away.

soilboy - custom planter 2Image credit: @soilboy

Inasmuch as plants need water to thrive, there is such a thing as overwatering your green friend━especially if your plants are exposed to the elements. To circumvent this, Soilboy’s plant installations can be swankied up with rain sensors that automatically adjust the amount of irrigation to suit current weather conditions.

soilboy - custom planter with outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting can be added to your planter so you can appreciate the display by night too.
Image credit: @soilboy

Switch things up with a Movable Garden at home

Creativity, as we all know, knows no boundaries, and the team at this local plant boutique certainly lives up to it. One of the custom projects they previously put together for a client was a Movable Garden, which as its name suggests, is mobile.

We imagine a Movable Garden such as this is perfect for those who love to switch up the orientation of their living spaces as and when they like━the entire planter can be shifted wholesale at pleasure, without having to take it all apart and put it back together again.

A refreshed space at New Bahru

Heads up if you’ve previously visited Soilboy at their old digs in Upper Thomson: you can now find them at New Bahru, AKA the old Nan Chiau High School campus in River Valley. With the new larger space, you’ll find a wider selection of the same pretty greens and pots in their signature minimalist aesthetic boutique. 

As before, you’ll also be able to attend classes such as the Variegated Juniper Shimpaku Bonsai Wiring Workshop and bring home your very own traditional bonsai. Keep an eye on their website for other upcoming sessions.

Soilboy is a local plant boutique for home gardeners

Whether you’ve got your home already set up, or you’re looking to add a touch of zen and greenery to your new place, Soilboy’s got you covered━even if you aren’t blessed with green fingers.

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