How To Save Water At Home: 8 Ingenious Water-Saving Fixtures & Hacks To Lower That Utility Bill

2 October 2023 | BY

From placing a weighted bottle in your toilet’s cistern to attaching aerators to your taps, these water-saving hacks will save you some money!

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) recently announced a surge in water prices by at least 18%, which will kick in over the course of the next 2 years. Although we may not know how hard the impact will be when this eventually kicks in, now, more than ever, is the best time to lessen your water usage and save your bank account from drowning every month. 

Here are 8 water-saving fixtures and hacks to help you prepare for the latest increase in water prices by helping you lower your monthly utility expenses.

1. Instal thimbles from PUB’s free water-saving kit

PUB’s free water-saving kitImage credit: @jemsina

Yup, that’s right. PUB is giving out free water-saving kits; all you need to do is submit a request on their website. Each kit comes with 6 thimbles that you can attach to your showers, basins, and sinks to reduce their flow rates.

By using PUB’s handy thimbles to reduce your taps’ flow rates, you can expect your monthly water consumption to decrease by a cool 5%.

PUB’s free water-saving kit insidePUB’s free thimbles are demarcated for use with showers or basins and sinks.
Image credit: @myclothesaretoosmallnow

Your kit also comes with cute stickers of PUB’s mascot, Water Wally, emblasoned with quick water-saving tips, perfect for teaching the little ones about the importance of saving water.

2. Switch to Tornado Flush toilet bowls

Tornado Flush toilet bowlImage credit: TOTO Europe

Toilet bowls are some of the biggest guzzlers of water in your household. If you’re using an older model from the ‘80s or ‘90s, chances are each flush uses up at least 13.2 litres of water.

To lessen the amount of water used, consider replacing your toilet bowls with Tornado Flush toilet bowls. Apart from using just a fraction (~3.8 litres) of what standard toilet bowls use, Tornado Flush toilet bowls are also quieter, meaning that you can say goodbye to alerting your whole family every time you need to answer nature’s call in the wee hours of the morning.

3. Place a weighted bottle in the cistern of your toilet

weighted bottle in cistern of toiletImage credit: Colorado River Alliance

Although Tornado Flush toilet bowls are fantastic water savers, they have a hefty price tag. If they are beyond your budget, don’t fret: simply place a weighted plastic bottle inside your toilet cistern. You can weigh your bottle down with a combination of water and rocks.

Despite it sounding strange, this will help you save on water costs in the long run as the bottle reduces the amount of water used per flush by displacing some water in the cistern.

4. Outfit your showers with low-flow showerheads

low-flow showerheadsImage credit: @bathroom_review

Switching out your shower head for a low-flow alternative can also aid in your bid to use less water.

Although having low-pressurised water flowing through your shower head might not sound appealing, don’t be turned off by the term “low-flow” as it doesn’t equate to low-pressure showers. Newer models use smaller openings and air to create the right amount of pressure for a satisfying shower to start the day.

Swapping out your showerheads for low-flow options will save up to 40-60% of water on your showers. Low-flow showerheads won’t also break your bank, with options on Shopee starting from $3.60.

5. Replace your taps with water-efficient taps

sink bowl

Day in and day out, you’ll use your taps to wash your face and hands, brush your teeth, and do the dishes. Given how much water flows out of your taps on a daily basis, you may as well swap them out for more water-efficient options.

When buying new taps for your home, look out for options with 3 or more ticks – these are the most water-efficient ones and will save you water and money in the long haul.

6. Identify leaks in your water fittings

water meterImage credit: PUB

Those pesky leaks in your water fittings may not look like much, but they can add up over time. In fact, a leaky tap can cause wastage of more than 11,300 litres of water in a year! And it doesn’t help that some leaks aren’t immediately obvious.

To look for leaks in your home, switch off all the water fittings and check your water meter. If you see the dial moving, something is leaking, and you should check over your taps, showers, and toilets. If you can’t find anything amiss, you may want to ring a plumber to check your abode to nip the problem in the bud.

7. Attach aerators to your taps

tap aeratorsImage credit: Shopee

If PUB’s handy thimbles don’t make the cut for you, you can affix aerators to your taps instead. Also known as flow regulators, aerators sieve the water and mix air into the flow. By doing so, they can help you reduce water usage by up to a whopping 60%.

You can easily find aerators for cheap on Shopee, with the most basic pieces starting at just $1.68 for a set of 3. You can also shell out more to pick up aerators that don’t interrupt your water pressure and can even be swivelled around 360° for more precise washing.

8. Skip the extra rinse on your washing machine’s wash cycle

washing machine efficiencyImage credit: Kezia Tan

With laundry gulping 15% of water usage in a typical Singaporean household, it’s time to look at how your washing machine washes your clothes. Apart from washing your clothes only when you’ve got a full load, you should also skip the extra rinse on your wash cycle, an unnecessary step that wastes precious water.

Also, make sure that your washing machine scores 3 or more ticks on PUB’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS), as high-efficiency washing machines could save you 30% more water.

How to save water & lower your utility bill 

Don’t end up paying for a more expensive utility bill just because you used too much water. With these fixtures and tips on lowering your water usage, you’re well on your way to preparing yourself for the upcoming water hikes.

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